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reading wiring diagram for ecu..??

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Hi all....

Anyone who has the know-how would kindly pls. show me how to read a wiring diagram for an R33 ECU.

Reason being...i just purchased a 3' tacho with shift-lite and would like to hook it up...i have done my research and found some info but not enough... i would appreciate if anyone who has done this before kindly help out.

its for an R33 Gtst....i know what wire to hook up but i dont know which one is the #7 wire from the ECU...i tried counting from the bottom pins up to 7 pins but it didn't make sense coz the diagram reading it should be the 4th pin to the right or something.

How to read this ?

it would be handy if someone could point out what colour wire is the tacho wire ?

I appreciate the help.

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