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need a coil pack...


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g'day SAUers,

in need of some freindly assistance for my miss-firing R32GTSt...

Was hoping that someone would have a spare, WORKING coil pack lying around that i could come over and try a swap to see if it fixes my miss problem. If it does $50 is yours for it (i'm quite certain/hopeful it will)

or alternatively if someonw has a spare, WORKING coil they just want to sell

problem is i need it asap as i'm moving to QLD in mid jan (15th), so please reply here is you can help me out before i move

thanks heaps,


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well here's an update...

firstly, uLa is a CHAMP and lended me all 6 of his coils :D:)

i tried them all in varying cylinders and even put all 6 in at once - still the same problem :)

where to now?

anyone got an rb20 AFM that i could borrow ASAP to try??



PS: uLa i'll call you in the next day or two and bring your coils back around...

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