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avcr installed

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well, i finally installed my avcr yesterday. after weeks of searching for topics on how to do it and the best one being on a GTR. so hooking it up to the rb20det sil was going to be a challenge, wasn't as hard as i thought it was. it was running standard 6psi so i have bumped it up to 9psi,till i get a new exhaust, and what a difference it has made. i love it. all the boys up here want one now. and it give's alot of the import boys a run for their money now. just got to wait for the week of speed for the drags! and i know the interior needs some lovin. photos of the whole process taken, so if you need any help installing your own, give me a hollar

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hey just a question...how does the AVCR works ? would you set up the boost manually ? would you be able to set boost levels depending on gears ? and would you still need boost gauge if you have one of this AVCR since you can set it up to a certain boost pressure..i mean you would be able to view it on the LCD screen right ?

im thinking of geting myself one.

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