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Right, I wonna get a full kit on my R33 but have some issues.

I love the Veiside rear bumper, not sure about the skirts and absolutly hate the front bar. Im not a wing fan of any kind so im going for the little stealth drift wing.

Right now im thinking;

Trail or Jun front bumper

Veilside rear

400R or Veilside skirts

Drift wing

What do you all think?

Trial Front


Jun Front


Veilside Rear


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agreed, not a fan of the veilside stuff but the rear bar is better than others.

was thinking of a JUN kit myself but decided i don't like small things like the way it curves around the wheel arches.

i'll probably end up making a custom rear bar and getting 400R skirts and a Trust front bar <3 the Trust.

haven't seen a full trust kit though i'd be interested in seeing what that looks like

i'd go Trial front, 400R side, Veilside rear.

no spoiler at all for me though... not a towel rack fan.

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I think that a "Top Secret" front bar, "Jun" sideskirts and a "Veilside" rear bar would be a great combination. I know u havent mentioned the top secret front bar but i think it is a great bar and is worth having a look at.

If u want any pics of the top secret front bar, just check my gallery :)


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I think that a "Top Secret" front bar, "Jun" sideskirts and a "Veilside" rear bar would be a great combination. I know u havent mentioned the top secret front bar but i think it is a great bar and is worth having a look at.

If u want any pics of the top secret front bar, just check my gallery :)


YES very nice, I agree with the choice.....very agresive and looks the natural part for the series2, wouldlike to see it on the serie1......

been told that it is designed for GTR and is 1inch wider on both sies than GTST...(Xspeed told me so) , in fact I tried to find one in PErth and nobody had one.....

Think it is known as Trust Grex front Bar......

I had to go with the Jun front bar.......


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What you guys should know that most people around town have mould from JP.

The fibreglass versions are very thin.

And things you should look for:

Is the metal bumper under, to see if the extrusions and styles will fit on it? As in most cases the shops will crop the metal components off. Reducing the metal bar to nothing. In case of the accident you will have your front mount, mounted in your teeth.

Also you have to check against your original that the two front mounting clips are 500mm wide not 51///as per my Jun bumper. :)

And if the tension is greater on one side under the lights (where the two screws are) than return the entire thing back. Most fibreglass cracks are in that area, and the main reason for that is the speed. The speed at which they make the bumpers. No support in the bends.

Make sure the Fglass is smooth and that there are no rough areas. These areas will crack first as the Fglass will tension the dents under hard driving.

Final word,

Always wanted to have a nice kit on the car. I even designed my own and attempted to make it. Not everything is good product out there. So if something isn’t broke, don't mess with the perfection of mister Nissan :P And be careful of shops making and selling shit.

I learned the lesson the hard way!!!

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Ok, ok, where can i get a Top Secret one from! That looks wayy cool. Its not an original is it?, that would cost an ass load. Anyway anyone know of them being in perth and how much they are?

You are correct. I went all around town to find one. Nobody had one.

Think only Fiber vision can do one, cose they do custom kits. They are in Welshpool somewhere...... Xspeed had a car done 4 years ago in red with the same bar.

Was told it had to be cut down 1" on both sides as it was designed for wide body on GTR.

Original front bar, just the front wind dam would set you back 2k....cose it has to be imported...... Fiberglas I don't know about 600 like the Jun one non-painted....

Good luck, Tell me if you find one.

FiberVision was closed one friday when I went shoppin :)

no CURE!!!


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