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Increase in boost from exhaust

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Just a quick question.

Why does boost increase with an exhaust change. I realise this frees the turbo up and can therefotre spoolup quicker.

But the wastegate is contolled by pressure in the inlet manifold. So if the actuator is set to 7psi then it should stay at 7psi right...with an exhaust it should just have to dump more exhaust gas. It might get to peak boost earlier but should nt exceed what the pressure the wastegate actuates at.

I must be missing something.


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Whats the boost hitting ?

The engine is breathing alot easier when you fit a front mount the boost will change again. - to compensate for the better breathing that the exhaust side already has.

Once you have both intake & exhaust breathing properly it should be fine from standard actuator.

It would only increase a little if you had a boost controller - bleed valve as such.

With the standard actuator it shouldn't. - but if it does as long as it doesnt go over 10 psi i wouldn't worrie to much.



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