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  1. looking for nismo gauges for r34 gtt im looking for both sets of nismo gauges the main cluster in a manual type and the 3 pod cluster, for a r34 gtt skyline. if anyone has them or know of someone that has them a are able to help get them to Canada that would be awesome
  2. taz2069

    its kinda in a place where its hard to get at the fenders the ways its packed away right now probably take a day or two to get at it
  3. taz2069

    should have put r34
  4. taz2069

    side marker lights what bulbs are in the side marker lights
  5. tomie has finally got their turbo for us neo rb25det guys http://www.tomeiusa.com/_2003web-catalogue/000_expreme/each-product/each-product_img/rb25_outlet/rb25_arms_yokoku_b-e.jpg already talked with them should be ready around august some time
  6. taz2069

    has anyone swapped to a tremec t56 and which bell housing did you use http://www.rodshop.com.au/index.php/bellhousings/holden-rb30/gm-tremec-t56-to-rb30-rb20-rb25-rb26.html or https://www.holley.com/products/drivetrain/bellhousings/bellhousing/parts/RM-7011
  7. taz2069

    thanks for the links for the tremec t56 which fly wheel is used for a neo rb25det and which shifters are available
  8. taz2069

    can you guys throw up the link for the parts required for a manual swap
  9. taz2069

    the toyota 6 speed getrag is just to expensive for just a swap as its around $8000us. for the build i plan on doing down the road it will be perfect, and by the time i import the used 5 speed box it will be around the 4-5k, im looking for something i can use without costing crazy money until i do my build.
  10. taz2069

    The problem with the 5 speed swap is the transmission is getting hard to get a hold of in and around Canada because all the 240's the s14/15 and Silvia guys are converting their cars to the 5 speeds from the r cars because it's a better trans And I would prefer something in a 6 speed setup as I do lots of highway driving
  11. just wondering which transmissions are a good swap option? i have been hearing about using the trans from a 350/370z as well as the 5 speed swap and the getrag swap. all im looking for is to change from my auto trans to a manual. what do you guys have for options if they are not listed here?
  12. by law in Canada you do not need daytime running light unless it is a 2007 or newer if its 2006 or later its to original manufactures spec. and anyone who tells you differently is trying to milk you for money. i only know this cause my family has imported a few cars over the year from the states.
  13. taz2069

    front bar part # k6020-aa107
  14. taz2069

    just cause i am a super nice guy the part numbers from nissan are g6850-aa107 k6040-aa107 these are the side skirts and rear bar for the altia kit as soon as i have the part number for the front bar ill post it
  15. Well right now I only have a stock automatic transmission and I have to keep that in mind when buying parts until I get either a stock 5 speed or get the v160/161 getrag. the arashi is a good price at 950 Canadian shipped to me. I don't really have a budget for upgrades just what ever will work with this transmission for now. And my mechanic prefers Japanese built equipment and I trust him in that regard as he has built lots of high horse power skylines over his many years