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  1. That looks awesome but the oil filter housing/cooler has always boggled my mind in these cars. When you fit the JHH kit, does it come with the side to put the filter on also? Do you need to use a different filter and did you need to change the stud that it mounts to (does the JHH screw on to say an RB25 block if you just remove the stock cooler) I hate to be a pain with all the questions but this does my head in haha.
  2. Hahaha yes please I told Johnny the other day but I went full retard and uploaded the tune I sent him originally the other day instead of the modified one. I'll take it out this week sometime and upload the proper one lol
  3. Got a GU Patrol for 4WD fun times. I'm going to keep the Skyline and sell the Pulsar. I drove the Skyline the other day and holy crap its so weird to get used to Johnny also helped touch up my tune but I'm yet to load it up (will do it this weekend!)
  4. Bought a new car and I'm seriously contemplating selling the Skyline as it's going to get neglected
  5. Changed my brakes finally today thanks to @Dose Pipe Sutututu for hooking me up with the final pieces I really took my time with the brakes to make sure they were done properly and I was happy with them. I also ended up with Motul RBF 600 @admS15 - I steered away from the lower spec Penrite. I didn't think the handbrake would be as effective as it is with the new pads but I proved myself wrong when I ripped it and it locked up perfectly. RDA recommend taking it easy for about 500kms so I won't know how great the brakes are until then but my initial impressions are that they are nice and quiet and very bitey. Been having subframe issues too so I'm going to chuck a set of lock washers in the lower part of the bush to fix it up.
  6. Decided to not sell them based on a few reviews from a few blokes on the R33 FB page. Please close this thread
  7. Thanks for your replies guys, its complete subframe bushes. I put them in a few months back at my mates workshop. Unfortunately I didn't think of measuring the crush tube but I would dare say that is the cause (nuts tight down) I'm thinking of chucking the lock washer/collar in the bottom between the washer and the bush to push it hard against the body which should eliminate the gap. The part number was listed for a few different nissans so I would take a guess that you're right @hardsteppa Thanks for your input guys, I might even call superpro in the morning and run it past them
  8. Subframe bush issues Hi All, I just noticed an issue with my subframe a few months after installing it (i'm led to believe its been like this since installed) - When I jacked up the diff the subframe moved upwards to the body revealing a 10mm gap between the bushing and the bolt at all 4 corners. If I lower the diff while the car is on stands you can see the subframe hangs with the same gap but up the top. The bushings used are Superpro ones and there are no lock collars installed. I'm not sure if I'm missing something but surely there shouldn't be this gap. For what it's worth this is an R33 GTST and I know someone with an R32 GTST with the same problem. Can anyone please help me work out why this is like this? I've put some pics below to help show what I mean
  9. bump it up!
  10. Project Mu Brake Shoes Hi All, For sale is a set of project mu brake shoes (D1 Spec) I bought these from RHD Japan under the assumption that they were the normal shoes but they are a higher temp spec and I don't think they will suit my needs as such. Part number is IS200A (D1 Spec 50-450 Degrees) I paid $240 for them but will take $180 for a quick sale - Will ship at buyers cost - Located in Blacktown NSW - Note they have been opened for inspection only
  11. Possibly in the wrong section but welcome to the forum
  12. A bunch of stuff came today for me Brake shoes Brake shims HKS AFM delete pipe before/after polish I also found a paint shop that I trust with my car so I will be getting the entire front end resprayed in a few weeks for around $1200.
  13. So, 8 months on I still have these tires but had to replace two as I had a puncture in one and opted for a smaller size in the front to stop scrub. Definitely a great tyre in the wet but I'm struggling to see their greatness in the dry. I've noticed that when they haven't been warmed up they aren't anything special. I know that you can't always get the best of both worlds so I've updated my review below Dry Grip: 7/10 (lower) Wet Grip: 9/10 (Same - still great) Value for money: 8/10 (reasonably priced and competitive with RE003) Wear: Great! Still on my original set 8 months on and they are around 70% (the front are still near new since being replaced) I'll try RE003 next time they have a sale on I think.
  14. I don't really know what I plan on doing with it to be honest but may as well get the RBF for the sake of it just in case I do. Also put my seats back in tonight, it seems my drivers seat is ripping like they all do Might be getting some new seats sooner at this rate. I went to a particular Skyline wrecker recently, they wanted $1500 for two GTR seats and over $2500 for the full set, front back and door cards which I thought was a bit ridiculous so I'll look elsewhere or just get some other seats for wider gentlemen such as myself.
  15. Waiting for my PMU Brake shoes and brake shims to come in next week while I'm on holidays and also waiting for braided brake lines to come from Johnny (thank you again!!!!) then I'll press on with my brake upgrade/service. Tossing up between a few different fluids either Penrite RBF (315 Deg) or just Super Dot 4 (275 Deg) then I'll be all done My mate bought some Recaro's for his car recently but they needed a clean so he rented a carpet cleaner and we cleaned them up. While doing that I pulled all my seats out of my car and did them too. This is the result from my seats only