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  1. I saw this pop up on my FaceBook feed yesterday while I was at work and saved it for later. Great video with good explanation of what to do and how
  2. Great news! I just saw your post in the RB dyno results page and quickly came over here to check what the fix was. Response still looks great too.
  3. Looks good mate, I hope things work out well for you @Dose Pipe Sutututu is a great man and definitely an asset to the community. Helped me a lot in the past and may help with my Launch Control soon
  4. I would take a stab that the tablet has USB
  5. Baffled Sump by the look of it? I always liked the prospect of the HOR extended sump but I read its a pain in the ass and can only be fitted with the engine out. Lucky you're already there
  6. Nah I used an Ebay elimination kit, replaces everything. Put the fuse back in, it will more than likely power the sensor on the steering rack that defines steering effort.
  7. I removed my Hicas with an elimination kit, didn't cut any wires whatsoever and I haven't had any issues at all. Did you remove anything besides the hicas rack? Did you cut any wires? Try disconnecting the battery, leave it for 10 minutes and pump the brakes a few times to get any residual power out of the system. Connect the battery and try again
  8. Keen for pictures as I have a haltech PP and have been looking for display options!
  9. Spotted neat KR4 R33 on Fairford road tonight with a 400R style rear bar.
  10. Good work with the subframe and diff - I pulled my subframe on the weekend and it was a PITA even with a hoist so mad respect to you for doing it with stands and a jack.
  11. Let me start this post with - NEVER AGAIN. I will never ever do this again. Even with a hoist it was still incredibly time consuming. The only real issues I had were that my center bearing for the tailshaft has seen better days, the subframe bushes were very hard to get in, forgetting the reciprocating saw and I kept losing nuts and bolts. Luckily enough we were in a shop with buckets of spares. Subframe out For anyone who knows me, I have a twin who rocked up to help Fronts Back Rear diff housing Changed the diff housing gasket but didn't get any photos of it and it was boring, The underside of the car is also filthy so I need to get under there with some brushes, truck wash and the pressure washer later this week. A big concern for me was leaks and after a 20 minute drive I parked it and checked for leaks with none present. Next on the list is brakes all around at a later date.
  12. I had these previously in my R33, My aligner pretty much said chuck them in the bin because they are a pain in the ass to get right. For the extra hundred or two you can get adjustable length arms that work great
  13. Serviced the car today, plugs, oil and filter. Found why the car was probably misfiring Its hard to see in the pic below but the plenum is full of black carbon gunk, I'm not sure what affect this will have on the car but surely can't be positive Is it worth removing the plenum and runners to clean them up? I want to do the subframe tomorrow hopefully. *touch wood* I hope it's not a massive job.
  14. Ugghh that's disappointing. I wonder if it would be worthwhile adding a washer to the top side too?
  15. Saw the video on Facebook today, sounded awesome! Looks much better with the new wheels too. I ended up ordering the subframe and front and rear diff bushings like you did with yours the other day - have a mate at a parts shop who got it for half price. What ended up happening with your bushes that fvcked out for the front of the diff, did you find out why that happened?