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  1. Thanks gents, I'll sus it out
  2. What happens if you disconnect the emanagae?
  3. Castrol LSX 90
  4. Stock sway bar information Hi All, Can anyone please tell me the size for stock R33 sway bars, both front and rear? I'd like to replace the d bush and the end links at the same time but not sure which bush it needs due to not knowing the diameter. Thanks in advance! Edit: I did google around but had no success (or I'm blind)
  5. Agreed! Get the kit from Kudos if you're in Aus
  6. Mate had this happen also after he hit a Kangaroo
  7. Take the manifold off, then drill/tap the snapped ones out and get the others out while you're there. Replace every stud while you're at it
  8. Spotted DS08EY KR4 R33 on GWH tonight at Eastern Creek
  9. ^^^ what VXSR said, get a cheap kit off ebay and use that. I followed @Dose Pipe Sutututus guide from Trak Life and it went smoothly. It took me loner to change my camber arms than it did to get the hicas joints out. I used the eBay kit and a battery impact and it did it with ease.
  10. No pictures for today but a bit of an update. Following that weird stalling issue from last week, it sort of started again today but I noticed it after I gave it a few blips and put the clutch back in because there was some horrendous traffic in the Blue Mountains earlier today so I came home, ripped out the fuel pump and cleaned it all up, redid some of the pump wiring and cleaned the filter on the pump which was quite black. While I had everything out of the boot, I thought I would get rid of the HICAS dash light using @Dose Pipe Sutututu's guide (Thank you Johnny!) then put everything back together and cleaned it up. I'll be pulling the turbo off within the next few weeks and sending it to Tao to get CBB installed then book it for a retune at JEM
  11. Image links look like they are broken @Dose Pipe Sutututu or does anyone else know which wires they are or have the original images? Edit: Scratch that, the website is half broken. I've reuploaded both to imgur and shared below. Credit to original sources
  12. So after Photobucket messed up my whole thread, I decided to use imgur. One day I may get around to re-uploading every picture but for now I can't be bothered. I found a neat steering wheel up for sale and picked it up today. For a 20 year old steering wheel I would say it's about a 9/10. Old vs New below
  13. M35 turbo position sucks as it is, i couldn't imagine trying to cram another one in there.
  14. Funny that you posted this as I was just watching this video the other day. I think it looks great but who can be bothered to pull out their entire dash
  15. Thanks Gents. I appreciate the answers.