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  1. Mandatory drag racing photo Got what I came for The new tyres are fantastic, they grip so well when they have a bit of heat in them. My mates got a lot of photos and videos of my runs and my mate in his MPS but I'm yet to get them. Used my gopro to record a few runs too so once they are edited I'll post. I think where I lack now is no launch control, I was slipping the clutch about 5-6k for launches and that seemed to do pretty well all night.
  2. So an update on this, a mate with an R32 and the same issue called Superpro and they said we need their pineapple kit too KIT201K which is a PITA. Doesn't make sense that you should have to - nonetheless, I purchased and installed now the subframe sits normally again with no more subframe knocking.
  3. Thanks Pog, Will get it retuned eventually. Going this weekend for a paint quote hopefully Took some pictures tonight of the subframe spacer thingos for those interested also put the MT ET Streets on and changed plugs in prep for tomorrow.
  4. Just spotted you were having idle problems, I've been hunting mine for a while. What was the symptoms of your bad idle? All the time, under load, after driving a while, hot, cold etc? RE Insurance, IDK how it would be for you being under 25 but I'm over 25 and with Shannons. They want $980 for 12k cover, should probably up it though.
  5. No pics but I put my subframe spacer thingos from Superpro in my 33 tonight. Was a bit of a PITA especially because one set has a split in them and when you torque the subframe nuts down it bows them out and they open up a bit. My brother had the idea to cable tie them shut, install then cut the ties. Worked well and when I went for a drive I noticed a massive difference now the subframe wasn't hanging (everytime i hit a bump you could feel it banging around same with driving) Overall, I'm not impressed with superpro stuff, this is three separate products that haven't been all that great. Drag racing on Wednesday with one of my mates, not planning on beating anyone but would love to see me get 12.9 with the MT ET Streets on. Tomorrow afternoon I'll be raising the rear suspension to fit the tyres, checking all my diff and axle bolts, changing spark plugs and putting the tyres on so expect some more pictures then.. Edit: Also up for a tune and smoke test soon. It started doing weird stalling shit again this morning and I was thoroughly unimpressed especially since I was running late to work (drove it today to see if there was any issues before Wednesday)
  6. Got me some GTR Wheels with MT ET Streets
  7. WTB Sydney: R32 GTR Wheels with or without tyres. Looking for without preferably because they will be getting MT ET Streets.
  8. Yeah they are all the way tight. Lol you have awesome results for a Chinese cooler lol. Mine definitely is good just laggier than I want. Tao recommends PWR core so I may look at that too.
  9. Sell me your goodies
  10. Hahaha thanks for sharing tyre sizes. Are they just called Mickey Thompson ET Street? When I searched them they came up with a few different models. Good luck with the 10s!!!
  11. All i can say is LOL.
  12. All i can say is LOL.
  13. Thats what my thoughts were to be honest but I don't really have any choice. Can see the whole subframe lift about 10-20mm when you jack up the diff/subframe. Running stock mani with return flow Hypergear ATR45SAT 3" all the way back. Tao recommends upgrading to a good cooler (what are you running???) and getting the ball bearing upgrade for the turbo which should bring boost on around 500rpm sooner which would be awesome. Message me when you are pulling all the gear off and we can discuss
  14. Hey mate sorry for not replying sooner, I've been pretty flat out lately. I can take some pics in the morning. I didn't have any issues but they sent @klutched the wrong one and were adamant that it was right until we sent them a photo of mine (they also tried saying my car is a S1 hahahaha). I haven't done a lot with this car lately besides drive it around. I'm not sure if I mentioned it previously but I discovered I still need pineapples with my Superpro subframe bushes. Both Me and a friend have the same issue where the subframe isn't hard against the body of the car. He called a manager at Superpro and he said we need Superpro KIT201K to go along with the bushes which I think is a bit shithouse. Since getting my Patrol I've probably neglected this car more than I should but I started a job which allows me to have two toys. Break one, fix one, repeat. I'm looking to get a more responsive setup and open to suggestions if anyone wants to share their input. I'd like 300kw on 98 and more on e85 obviously but power closer to 4000 would be nice. Was supposed to go to get the respray quoted last weekend but forgot and ran out of time before the shop closed so I'll go this weekend probably. Lastly, looking for some drag tyres and GTR wheels (@jmknights93?????) so I can go get some more runs in at the drags. Thanks for reading! no new pics yet until I actually do something useful with my car lol
  15. Hey Klutched, What size tyres are you running on those GTR wheels? Think its about time I get my shit together and go run some good times.