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  1. mlracing

    Yes definitely. What are you after specifically? Welcome to fire a message over
  2. Hey not too bad behind those arches actually. Most of it's still there haha
  3. mlracing

    Welcome, another NZ here
  4. mlracing

    Easy mate, knock it out in a weekend
  5. mlracing

    So sadly since Yahoo killed RSS feeds I haven't had much time to sift through but I came across this just now.. R34 GT-R V-Spec II dry carbon bonnet 😮
  6. mlracing

    Never heard of em but S-Tunes are all good
  7. mlracing

    I had a look at our usual suppliers, and some others.. and in Japan as well but couldn't find anything specific for Stagea Just a few interior bits. Perhaps might need to get one from another model and trim to suit ?
  8. mlracing

    Custom Tomei cams? I wasn't aware Tomei did custom cams to people on ebay. .. but we can supply Tomei off the shelf
  9. mlracing

    Nice, might see it rolling around. Not far from where I am.. also a Kiwi in OZ haha
  10. mlracing

  11. All looks pretty normal for one of those doesn't it? lol
  12. Could be much worse though
  13. Everyone loves carbon goodies right? I saw a post that was active a while ago about carbon add-on parts and it seems like it's gone dead so I'm here to tell you we can supply carbon bits too. We're talking things like radiator panels, interior add-ons, canards, gurney flaps, mirror covers, headlight vents, front lips etc (shipping dependent). These are made in China and we will be sourcing from one of two well known suppliers of which we've dealt with in the past. Items are available for 32/33/34 as well as 35, Silvia, Z, and of course other makes/models too. So if you're after any carbon trinkets for the finishing touches post here or send a message over, or email [email protected] and we can see what we can do for you.
  14. True.. they have about every other kind but not that one T_T
  15. mlracing

    Yeah that'd be about right for front, rear you should be able to go a bit wider That's what 15x 8.5 -6 looks like on the back with Watanabes