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  1. mlracing

    So far Kenmeri hasn't quite got that same value, hopefully able to find one for a reasonable price still. Not a GT-R though.. those are definitely price up there ! 240K in Australia still cheap compared to world market
  2. mlracing

    Sadly since Yahoo removed RSS feeds I don't really get the time to just sit on there and sift through cool stuff anymore Occasionally things pop up so if something interesting comes along I'll post up
  3. mlracing

    Wow, didn't realise it was injected when I first saw that.. wonder why
  4. mlracing

    Could probably easily spend similar amounts of money though
  5. For those that did not know, we are the Australian distributor for Megan Racing. We've just landed a shipment which is mainly suspension arms. There is a bunch of stuff for Nissans and we can do deals for SAU members of course. Go to and have a browse around, any queries or anything in particular you're after just let me know.
  6. If you've been thinking about doing some cooling upgrades NOW is the time to get on it! Don't wait until summer when it's too late, sort your cooling system now at We have 10% off everything in the cooling section! (excluding COBB) Radiators, intercoolers, thermostats and all the rest. If it's not listed, just ask and we'll add it. No gimmicks, no codes, just add to cart for discount to apply automatically, easy! Go to now to get yours!
  7. mlracing

    BMW M3 is perfect then
  8. Good question 255mm I think they are
  9. mlracing

    I just play deathmatch in CS haha, run in fire, die, rinse and repeat
  10. mlracing

    Pretty hard playing with 200 ping vs people at netcafes with 10
  11. Well I had to take my big brakes setup off my Crown (6 pot 380/4 pot 356) so I thought I'd upgrade the Hako ones.. After a little bit of custom modification to the dust shield or whatever it is this happened.... That's an 80s Hilux (reproduction) 4 pot caliper. These fit on without any modications whatsoever, exact same bolt holes and fit around the disc fine. There's also one advantage of having the brake disc mount behind the hub.. miles of clearance! Thinking I'll probably need to get custom lines made up to match the new to the old but otherwise, success. So a decent up grade from almost 50 year old twin pots to 4 pots. Also I plan to just remove that heat shield thing from the hub anyway or cut it off properly when I finalise the install on these so it won't be all super cutty.
  12. I like setting easy goals because then it makes you feel good when you complete them. For my brief time back in NZ I decided I needed to get the car running with the triple carbs as when I left for Aus I had just got it running but it wouldn't idle and was generally not going well. Since buying the TA22 in Aus which also has Mikunis on it I've learnt quite a bit about tuning them and setting them up which I've been able to transfer to the Skyline. So when I had a bit of spare time I started by checking the pilot jet settings which were waaaay off. No wonder it didn't run well. Fixed those up, cranked it over for a while to get the gas to go through (mechanical fuel pump) and with some dodgy choke opening and throttle fiddling the car started. Took it for a burn up an down the road and considering I spent only a couple of minutes with synchrometer it works really well. Idle is a little high at around 12-1400 at the moment but it sounds good when the carbs are on song ! One thing I haven't checked is the timing so I've purchased a timing light to do that sometime in near future. Aaanyway novel over, here's some photos of stuff. Another one of the tasks I wanted to do is install a choke cable (or starter wire) for the triples. The one that was for the OEM single wasn't long enough and as I found out it anyway the previous owner just used one which was for a twin carb setup and cut one of the wires off! Mine is kind of janky and sort of works but it's not really that good. Maybe not required now that I've sorted out the basic jetting but it's something. Mainly has issues on the right side where it goes into that first holder. Needs a better mount somehow. So being that I just took the car out for it's maiden voyage on the triples there was of course teething issues. One of them involves this pipe here. The brakes worked pretty much as well as they did before (to my knowledge) however the brake pedal was pulsating kind of with the motor. I'm informed this hose should have a one way valve in it so have now purchased one and should be here next week. And a parting shot for your time. Also a quick walkaround if you're on Instagram -
  13. Oh I totally forgot to update this..
  14. mlracing

    Hm yeah I can probably help with the dash mat
  15. mlracing

    Like kind of under spat things?