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  1. Place next door to us in Mt Waverly sold for 1.4 mil on the weekend.. big property but shit house
  2. Actually we stopped selling them as they weren't fitting as well as OEM and had too many complaints.
  3. The secret is out! Well it wasn't really ever a secret and we've been selling a heap of NRG parts. Favourites include their very popular quick release systems and short boss options for a huge variety of vehicles. Peruse the range online, only at www.moonlightracing.com.au. Finance available and cheap nationwide shipping!
  4. Can confirm Havoc is pretty sweet
  5. Never heard of them.. what were you trying to get ?
  6. Yeah but by the time/cost they get to NZ probably cheaper/easier just to get em folded locally
  7. Work of art this is.. I'm just about to take the plunge on the Hako, both side sills are rusted through underneath some fun Japanese body work so probably end up same as this
  8. Just a note, most arms will be suitable for more negative but don't often allow for positive adjustment.
  9. Just a reminder that we sell Whiteline products! Whiteline has been in the game a long time and know a thing or two about what they do. The prices are pretty good too so you should totally check it our catalogue at www.moonlightracing.com.au to get some Whiteline for you. Don't see what you want on there? Just ask us and we'll add it. Afterpay, Zip Money and Paypal available as well as low price flat rate nationwide shipping. Get yours today!
  10. That company makes some cool lights, we've imported a few S15 ones for people and they seem pretty good so I'd guess these would not be so terrible either
  11. Can still buy em brand new. If you are interested, send me a DM
  12. The king of Nissan coil packs now available at Moonlight Racing Australia! If you've got a Nissan (in particular RB/SR/VG/VQ) you should definitely know the Splitfire brand. These coil packs are tested and proven to be a grand improvement over other available options. Be sure to buy yours today from us! We offer various payment options, great service and cheap shipping nationwide ! Shop now at www.moonlightracing.com.au
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