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  1. Not heard much about DGR but we sell stacks of D2, BC and Tein to provide some other options for you - http://www.moonlightracingaustralia.com/suspension/coilovers-shocks.html?vehicle_compatibility=503
  2. In light of recent events, we are offering free shipping on all items! Whether you live in the middle of the desert or order 50 of something, free shipping! Check out the ever-growing range today at www.moonlightracing.com.au
  3. Three simple letters that have made such a huge mark on the tuning industry. Some of Japan's most awesome tuning developments and vehicles have come from HKS and as a result the products made are always phenomenal. Utilising our extensive network both here and abroad we're able to bring you the entire range of HKS gear. Be sure to check out the extensive catalogue at www.moonlightracing.com.au If you can't find what you're after just get in touch and we can work with you. Finance available and cheap nationwide shipping!
  4. Our Black Friday promotions are on now! From now until 2nd December we have the entire range on special with brands like K-Tuned, Blox and Ultra Racing getting a bit of extra special treatment. No codes needed and time is limited so get shopping! Only at www.moonlightracing.com.au Finance available.
  5. Here are some shops https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?msa=0&mid=1a3SKY9h9huhFINX41UB2zOyl4W0&ll=35.966186311932375%2C137.65077700000006&z=8
  6. You can't use those bolt in silencers anymore, get a shop to put in some inline mufflers or get a proper exhaust
  7. We can supply from Japan ! Email info@moonlightracing.com.au for what you're after and we can have a look around for you
  8. Have been previously, I think 2017 was the year I went. Pretty interesting to go every now and then
  9. Pretty neat place, if not a bit out of the way. I'm told you can do guided tours but have yet to work out how. Presumably its only in Japanese.
  10. Place next door to us in Mt Waverly sold for 1.4 mil on the weekend.. big property but shit house
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