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  1. It's no secret Nardi make some of the most iconic and high quality steering wheels in the world. What you might not have realised is we've been selling them for over 10 years. We've been able to negotiate some lower purchase pricing for these which means better deals for you! Some up to 20% less than what they were before. For anything Nardi, contact us today! Or simply buy online at
  2. Nismo Juke is not new, has been around for ages in Japan. Ugly as, the Nismo leaf is funny though
  3. mlracing

    Still hear the odd RB though haha
  4. mlracing

    Japanese companies (presuming that's where they came from) also no longer hold much stock of anything
  5. mlracing

    Hm only ones I can find are from Eibach which are around 1" drop
  6. Awesome work on the rear tubs
  7. mlracing

    Actually if you put ITBs on a NA RB it sounds pretty similar to L series
  8. AH true most the ones I know are Hako parts. These guys do side steps and some chrome bits for kenmeri - but not much else. Could be something on Yahoo but seems like you have the sides sorted already
  9. mlracing

    A'PEXi N1 Evolution dampers, yeah probably could use replacement.. so slide in my DMs we can sort
  10. Cheaper to do repairs/new parts locally than getting repro parts in from Japan?
  11. mlracing

    Depends what OP is trying to do I guess.. around the world I'd say more people would be into the old slow (but sounds cool af with triple carbs) Skyline than an RB swapped basically S13 underneath..
  12. mlracing

    What's wrong with the L series that's in it?
  13. mlracing

    those bumpers haha
  14. mlracing

    Probably could've been summed up in an email ?