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  1. mlracing

    Depends what OP is trying to do I guess.. around the world I'd say more people would be into the old slow (but sounds cool af with triple carbs) Skyline than an RB swapped basically S13 underneath..
  2. mlracing

    What's wrong with the L series that's in it?
  3. mlracing

    those bumpers haha
  4. mlracing

    Probably could've been summed up in an email ?
  5. mlracing

    Japan are into them already, HKS does some gear for the new Swift
  6. mlracing

    Hey best to check here - That shows you the different options available for suspension and the pricing. MCA is quite strict on the pricing so ours is the same however we have free freight nationwide so can save you a bit on that
  7. It's different seeing pictures online vs in person though. Like you most of the time I think it looks pretty poo in photos but seeing some in the flesh and visiting Liberty Walk to see stuff there, it does look pretty cool in real life if for no other reason than it's a bit crazy
  8. They definitely look very aggressive with the kit on, they also have 3 different styles now and some have been moulded on.
  9. mlracing

    Nice, USB install tidy as
  10. mlracing

    For sure, no worries we can supply BC as well if you have any requirements in future for bits just be in touch.
  11. mlracing

    Toyo owns Nitto so would make sense some of their tyres are similar I guess
  12. mlracing

    R33 Type M bumper
  13. mlracing

    Sent message
  14. mlracing

    What specifically? We have arms in stock yeah but not coilovers from Megan. But can do coilovers from other brands no worries