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  1. JDMgirl90


    R33 heart tail lights ♥️
  2. Champion! This is great. Not only did I fix my window, I also found out what the rattling noise was that has been annoying the shit out of me, which turned out to be 3 pens and $4.30 change inside my door ?
  3. Thank you [emoji4] I'm happy with the looks for now but I'll eventually look into getting a tough looking body kit. Power wise though, I think about 350-400hp on 14psi should be enough for me. Definitely happy to own one of the best cars ever [emoji1] I really know what true love feels like now haha
  4. Hah! Shhhiittt I only just realised I had a typo on my original post [emoji23] it's a 93 model not 95.. what a f**kin idiot I feel like right now [emoji23]
  5. Thank you [emoji4] Will get onto the motor work next [emoji847]
  6. New wing and it looks muchhh better! [emoji1] And just a photo of my wheel cause thems the dishes I like to wash [emoji12][emoji12]
  7. I had the same issue with my 33 every time it would rain. It turned out that the pod filter wasn't sitting right and was actually sucking in water. I moved it down and haven't had a problem since.
  8. Not to everyone's liking but I'm happy with it and that's all that matters. ??
  9. Thanks ? Yeah sure, I've attached a picture. I will have to send an updated one in a couple of weeks, I've got some tein coilovers on their way and a set of wolf s1p, so I'm pretty excited for that ?
  10. Thank you! ? Haha yes, I have read many forums and seen comments saying the question they've asked has already been answered. I will be sure to use the search function. ?
  11. Newbie Hi everyone, Im Sammy and I'm from Queensland, Australia. I am a car enthusiast and want to learn as much as possible. I own a 1995 r33 GTST, which is pretty well stock at the moment apart from the fmic I finally had fitted just today. ?? I have joined this page so I can learn, ask for advice and make race car friends. Please be nice and friendly ?
  12. JDMgirl90


    R33 heart tail lights ?
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