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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a software or documents for the exploded parts of the R34 GTR to find the part needed more easily and quicker (like on rhdjapan or nengun) Thanks in advance
  2. OK thanks for the explanations So it was an accessories belt that was too tight everything is running fine now
  3. Thanks for your reply, Yes I follow the manual and also some online topics like this one. https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/397602-how-to-replace-a-timing-belt-202526-pics/ However there is no indication on how to measure it whereas for the accesories belt they are (see attachment). And I'm looking for something more precised than 1/4 turn since it looks like I set it wrong using this approximative method... They are refering to a tension of 200N (sorry N not Nm); I'm not talking about the tightening torque of the bolt Best regards New Bitmap Image.bmp
  4. Hello, I changed my timing belt but I think I tight it too much (I can twist the belt at about 45 degree like it seems to be) however I heard it singing or maybe that's the accessories one anyway I found the timing belt deflection for the accessories belt but not for the timing one. I only found that it must be tight to 200nm...how can we check that with the tensiometer ? I look into the R32, R33 and R34 manuals but always this info... Best regards
  5. Hello, I'm wondering if someone used one of those kit ? https://www.nengun.com/behrman/headlight-repair-lens-kit-r34-skyline Is it identicall to OEM ? Best regards
  6. Hello, I'm looking for a R34 GTR: - 1x cam cover - 1x headlight driver side or just the glass - 1x engine fan - 1x original exhaust - 1x original air duc - 1x original air filter Best regards
  7. Hello, My engine fan is cracked all the way so looking for a replacement. When looking online I got 2 references 21060-5L300 and 21060-75T01 ? both are same or ? Best regards
  8. thanks for your reply, you found the service manual supplement 1 not the wiring diagram WD9E-R34AJ0; have a look on the first page of the document you found you will understand I'm looking for torques and engine diagrams so I think it will be fine with r33 and r32 docs
  9. Hello, I'm wondering if there is somewhere an engine service manual for the R34 GTR or should it be enough with all the documents I have below ? So far I have R34 service manual (230) and supplement (200) R33 engine manual (490 pages ) R32 service manual (800 pages) I'm looking also for WD9E-R34AJ0 which the wiring diagram for the R34 GTR, I can't find a link or even a place to buy it ? Thanks for your help
  10. yes I order the plastic one (same reference ) end of is okay thanks for the help !
  11. Just for information I found some on aliexpress They look OEM I will buy and see Thanks for all
  12. So end of the story the bearing blocked and then the axe broke. I guess the axe can't be bought individually and I will need a new one ? What about buying an used one and changed the bearing ? (cost less) Thanks for your rapidity and advices !
  13. I didn't noticed that thanks! Okay I will remove sensor and see
  14. I didn't find the edit option... When cranking the engine the ring of the cam sensor don't move so I will remove completely the sensor and see what's behind. Do you have an idea what can be the root cause ? (it looks like mechanical issue ...) see attachment
  15. I think you pointed it out !! I don't have 20 but 11 ! one long and one short in fact ! 11 corresponds to 11 - Crank Angle Sensor/Camshaft Position Sensor I will investigated that thank you so much !
  16. My GTR was build in 08/1999 Well I'm sure it's 20; two long blink followed by a pause of like 5 seconds and then again 2 long blink. Yes I know for the multimeter but that's only what I've got for the moment...but I should see at least some variation on the voltage which is not the case; I measured 0V continuously. I will borrow a scope and try again. I don't get any information on the ADIC Like I said before removing it I got 55 and after removing it I got 20 Can you elaborate choyda ? Thanks for the help I really appreciated it
  17. Hello, So I bought a relatively stock R34 GTR and after 500kms (all was working fine) the engine just shutdown on the highway. The engine is cranking but refuse to start again. So in the correct order, I checked using the supplement service manual: -no engine light at any moment -fuel pump (I can hear it when I switch on the key and the fuel pipe gets hard) -checked all the fuses next to the throttle pedal and also in the engine bay -self diagnostic give me error 55 (so no malfunction) -I have 12V to the coil ignition on the power pin of this coil -I don't have an oscilloscope however when cranking the engine I must see like 0.06V to 0.09V on the command of the coil ignition using a multimeter but I got 0v on each command of the spark plug -wiring of the ignition coil is okay (continuity test) -There was an aftermarket ignition control box (adic siccle advanced ignition control) connected to the ECM; so I removed it however after doing so I got error 20 ? (the orignal hairness seems to be intact !) -I open the ECM but didn't find anything bad (bad soldering, blow components ...) So this investigation supposed that the ECM is not working properly ?! Question : -what is error code 20 ? -if the ECM is working fine; what are the causes that avoid it to command the ignition coils ? There is also an aftermarket alarm I normally desarm it (using the key fob) code alarm PF7600 I don't think there is a relation to my problem but I mention this. Thanks for any hint
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