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  1. 21,000 or 121,000 rpm ? Getrag would not be very happy with that idea ?
  2. Changed coils to Audi R8 NGKs dailed cams back to 0 deg IN and 0 or 2 deg EX to try stop lifting head knowing we where going for 30psi Tested rear turbo feed and got more the 10psi vacuum (test gauge only goes to 10psi) @19psi boost, should be good gains left there still on 275/35/19s engine bay
  3. Ok interesting, did you remove the bung from the feed that goes into the side guard ? what have you changed on the intake, just airbox or intake pipes as well ? I still run stock airbox and stock piping and curious of what parts create how much restriction
  4. Good to see SAU never changes lol I did type Bs to type Rs on a 2.6 with -7s, both sets dialed for response and both sets made same topend power but the type Rs hit full boost about 800rpm sooner I can't comment on V stock cams as I never used them in my 34 but the stock cams in my 32 dialed for response easy smacked the 34 for bottom end but when you take into account stock turbos and 4.11 diffs it's not comparable in the slightest The Type Rs on a 3.0 with RSs went [email protected] and I have since gone EU 260 cams and Audi R8 coils and .5mm over size in piston with .2 increase in CR, latest graph below I am interested in your graph of pods V airbox for a R34 as we have hit a wall with boost and my tuner believes it's an intake restriction I think dialed in the type Rs will give a better result then stock but the best question is will the result be worth the expense
  5. Bathurst in November? Is that the regularity event or speed weekend ? Regularity is sold out Speed weekend I want to get to
  6. The auto conversions are still 4WD, each to their own, I don't mind dragging to see what improvement the latest mods have made and for some shits and giggles but track is life Come on Piggy get this thing finished already, there are tracks that need tearing up
  7. You would need to find out exactly what the revs are for us to know but going off the speed it looks like it was dynoed in 3rd or maybe 4thMy 4th goes [email protected] but then it is a little bit longer the factory
  8. Depends what split dumps they are, I have split dumps on both my cars, 32 on stock turbs makes 291rwkw at 19psi and the 34 with GT-RSs on a 3.0 made 435awkw on 24psi
  9. I had a mate go through a similar issue, oil in water but no water in oil, 2 head gaskets and a rebuild later it turned out to be a cracked head If head comes off get it pressure tested
  10. My FC does all that except the trigger wheel, it doesn't have to use one, and 650km+ out of 60l and [email protected] from stock turbos, what an absolute POS it is lol
  11. So what your saying is the Haltech leaned your engine out for no apparent reason then cut your engine, ok got it
  12. Oh mate, if your think Haltech anything is the tits you might want to spend some time on google
  13. A fancy list of can dos does not make it a good ecu People are seeming to miss what makes a good ECU, and that is running the blood engine the way the tuner wants it to run when the tuner wants it to run in the direction it is supposed to be running
  14. Lol, I'm shit stirring , I see someone get touchy about someone saying something about something they have I like to poke a bit I did say won't though, not can't, if a tuner told me can't tune a Haltech I'd aboutface and leave quick smart lol
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