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  1. Don't know about you Bob, I have 10.5 Lt sump , it is a street car and I do not do long races where I would think this is a major problem waiting to empty the catch can and maybe running it back to the sump may be the best option for your car's motor internals , I don't know. Then totally change the oil after the race, but I doubt if you use E85 you would leave the contaminated oil in the car and race again and again , oil is cheaper than a rebuild, but I do not know? I do have flex tune but use E85 100% atm I can only go on my limited experience , I emptied the catch can and drove the car 330klm to Sydney to have some work done on it . Had the head ported, cams modified and the CR up from 8.1:1 to 9.8:1 , the car was tuned and I am sure there were lots of 7500 ish rpm runs on the Dyno before it was done, drove it home 330klms and loading it up as I went, did another 300klm through the hills , then a mate came up and gave it heaps for 120Klms and it used up about 1.2Lts plus some water in the mix. So I had 9.3 Lts of uncontaminated oil left in the sump and for me, I will take a loss of 1.2Lts of crap that is not going back into my sump , than having it returned. Maybe I am being too careful Bob , but I have spent a shatload on my motor and think I am doing the right thing , but ???
  2. I personally do not see the sense of taking a chance that a contaminant from the catch can going back in my oil to save a couple of $s Before the build the sludge that came from the catch can was brown ish gunk , E85 has a water content I think and mixing with the oil could change the colour . This is what first made me think I had an oil leak as the oil on the garage floor looked like oil and when I emptied the catch can this time , it looked like oil but probably had a small amount of water mixed with it as I am sure some water came out first. Probable be some condensation in the mix as well , but ?
  3. Not an answer to your problem and not sure if this will be of help/interest to anyone Since my last motor work the catch can is filling up faster after some runs than it did before and I thought I had an oil leak as there was oil under the front of the motor. The overflow used to go to the back through a tube and leak out if I didn't empty it, not ideal. I guess the tube is not there or has been disconnected somehow. About to have it checked out. Being on E85 I am not sure if I want the contents of the catch can going back into my sump ? Now I just make sure to empty the catch can and of course the problem stopped. Top the oil up when needed and all good Maybe some of you have this problem , my catch can is a pain to empty because the nut is pretty well flush with the catch can and when you undo the bolt it makes it hard to catch all the oil and it can be messy , so I just ordered a valve to make it easy as it sits out away from the catch can and I will be able to get a funnel under it, maybe I will be able to put a hose on it once I have a chance to see it.
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    Yeah mate , they did a good job finishing off the last of my list. Would have been a lot easier and cheaper if I knew what I was doing when I started it, lol not much on vids and most are boring from inside the car, there is nowhere to hide in a small town, you definitely do not attention 👀
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    Here is Pauls impression below of how the car is running now after a fair test run , around 120 Klms Booked in for Thursday for the final tune Piggaz Rank: RB30ET Members 1,151 8,619 posts Gender:Male Location:Sydney Car(s):RB28 97' V Spec Series 3 Real Name:Paul Awards Report post Posted 22 minutes ago I drove this peach a couple weeks ago while up holidaying in Pete's home town. Pete has mentioned that the old and new graphs don't show much difference. Throw the sheet in the bin is all I can say. It was stonking before this round but its halarious now. Doing the 120 km belt through "The Lakes Way" which is Pete's little playground was interesting. There is not a corner in the whole joint that you need 1st, 2nd or 3rd gear. There was a sign posted corner that was 35 kph that I did in 4th gear. just as I straightened the wheel it was turning tyres. You honestly couldn't fall off song in this thing if you tried. A choice of 3 gears in every corner. Use odd gears or even gears. Anything from 3000 RPM and its ON. Not just 'coming on"... full noise, MFD blinking red shit. Being in such a tall gear all the time you need to recalibrate. 3000 RPM in 4th and feed it on, you think you're ready to change gear, look down and you're at 5500 RPM. In 6th, it has 24 psi by 2700 RPM. It’s a joke. As a street GTR, it would be bloody hard to beat this thing. Can turn tyres in the first 4 gears without much effort at all. Tyres are not motorway spec junk either. 275 RS4's with a Quaife front diff and the transfer case mod done. If you're not happy with it Pete, time to sell it because it does its thing so bloody well! You could quite easily get away with a 9180 on it and still be sweet. I know we have both spoken about it a zillion times, it aint for you. It does need brakes though. The thing doesn't stop AT ALL! Perhaps a set of decent pads (Endless CC-RG's) would go a long way here. The torque steer might need to be addressed too. It's quite scary. Here is to the tadpole. The black tractor of the Mid North Coast! Quote
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    The car drives as I always wanted it too , just took a while to get it there. No 9180 for me , 460 AWKW and lots of torque is more than plenty for a streetcar , well for me, not you, hahaha. I thought you headed to Sydney when you went for the drive and I was about to call the cops and report it stolen.. lol I will do the brakes soon. The car was really scary from the moment I bought it , tried to kill me a few times heading for the bush. But better tyres and all new bushes helped a lot , it's a lot better now than it was. Not sure what to do about the torque steer , had it for a while now and I think the crappy road doesn't help, getting used of it . Might speak to the boys when I go for the tune next week. Maybe do an alignment when I am in Sydney Glad you had some fun in it :)
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    Come a long way mate , expensive learning curve but all done at last 😎
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    Here is the run-in tune , going down later this month to finish it. thought I would post it and see if there will be much of a difference after the next tune . Do not expect much of a change , just a bit more . The results were emailed to me and I was not too happy when I compared the both Dyno runs , but the scaling was different for this tune. But the car runs better everywhere than the Dyno suggests. Need your bum in the seat to appreciate it. Paul was up last week and took it for a drive , well more like a 120Klm romp, blew 3/4 of a tank and he was reasonably impressed with the way the car runs now .
  9. Nismo 3.2ish

    Didn't go for the fancy gear, getting the car going hard is expensive enough LOL , but I love a nice looking motor, your cars engine bay looks amazing , it's done right and I would love to have it, a little jealous LOL Had the first chance for a bit of a run this morning , the car drives better than the Dyno indicates , it is better from the moment you press the peddle from what it was. Looking at the 2 dynos Graphs the old tune looks better under 3850rpm but I can assure it doesn't drive better. Should be interesting to see how it goes with a little more boost when they do the touch up tune , I don't expect much, if any improvement under 3000 but it is already coming on at 3000 ish pretty hard and impressive up from there. Good streetable ride and a shatload of fun.
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    Yeah Matt , end of the day it's what you want from your car. It's all fun but an expensive exercise 😬 Here is the latest Dyno , bit hard to compare because you need same scaling setup on the printout to compare BUT it drives better. As you can see it is hitting 24 psi and dropped off a little mid range but will be tuned again after some Klms have been clocked and a bit more boost added Having trouble downloading Dyno ?
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    But there are many blokes like myself that have spent much more then they would insure the car for anyway. If the market is saying you can get $100k for something you have paid $50k , good for you, thats what it is worth Just because you have n R34GTR doesn't mean you will get $100k for it, it has to be in pretty good condition inside and out to get that type of money and not flogged under the hood. I think they should take each car on it's merits and insure them based on the condition and type of car it is. I have a worked R34GTR that is just about new underneath from the radiator to the tail pipe, ALL mods are high quality, not thrashed and in good condition inside and out but I doubt they give a shit as they have probably been told from above to do what the company dictates, the end :(
  13. Nismo 3.2ish

    I am similar, haven't even had a speeding ticket for a long long time, garaged, country town and in a safe area and this year it is up 16% Methinks they will keep doing this until they drive us elsewhere ????? They do not seem to understand that these cars are not just being trashed by boy racers (they can't afford them)and the prices are going through the roof when I first got the car I could have insured a new $150,000 GTR about the same price a $45,000 R34GTR through other companies:/
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    couple of tricky bends there for the first time doing it
  15. Nismo 3.2ish

    Looks like you have got your finger out, about time , looking good 👍
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    Looking forward to see how the 9180 1.05 runs on the 2.8 Lt with the Vcam Has the Vcam step 2 gone from 8.7 mm to a 9mm lift or did you mod it? They are taking mine to 272 both sides , should be interesting to see how smooth they run with the Vcam and the smaller 8374 / 1.05 and if it runs out of puff earlier
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    It’s ALIVE !
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    So it’s true how they made copper wire , a Scotsman and a Dutchman fighting over a penny
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    Yeah, priorities like food and shit can get in the way is it mandatory to be a tigh arse if your Dutch , I thought that was a Scottish thing😂
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    If you haven’t got the time but you have some spare $$$$$$$$s lying around, take it to someone before it goes up in smoke , lol hope you work it out 👍
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    Had a test run in the RX8 , thought they had a hive of bees under the hood Did you have to do to the motor and what supporting mods to get this result ? I would imagine you blew a few donks trying to get it right and I bet it cost a bit on R&D to get the motor to perform for 2 years without going POP! Hope you didn't kill too many drivers to get the end result LOL
  22. Nismo 3.2ish

    It really gets going ,👍 13B is such a small motor and it weighs less than half of the RB26 motor 9180 on that, MAD , how do they stand up to high revs under that power?
  23. Nismo 3.2ish

    just found and old thread, some interesting thoughts on grouting the block Guess there are plenty more, for and against.
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    Like everything, there seems to be different options on grout fill, some do it if the car runs over 400awkw to absorb a bit of the twist I guess , read where some do it because of the harmonics , something to do with the vibration. I have no idea but if it’s the right type of filler ?? 4” dump to 3.1/2” to tail, pretty quiet system, less noise , less notice and that’s how I like it. With the new cam sizes I was wondering about it being a bit lumpy but with the Vcam it should be ok , small town , don’t need attention 😎