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  1. Nismo 3.2ish

    Know what you mean but I am not going to break it anytime soon and at 76 , F it I want to finish It , just wish I knew what I wanted at the getgo, but I think there are many blokes doing work on their cars and the goal posts just seem to keep moving But I had no idea I would go this far , it just gets in your blood like herpies and just keeps coming back when you think it over 😂
  2. Nismo 3.2ish

    Yeah mate , as you know I have been tossing it around for a long time and can’t help myself, must do it , have to feel the difference when I press the peddle, like an Fn drug 🤪
  3. Nismo 3.2ish

    There will have to be new pistons to go with the new work, it will have to be done properly especially with the Vcam in the car, I already have 1mm OS valves i decided that if I am going to pull the donk down, get it all done at the same time Wouldn’t do it if I did not have E85 close by now 👍
  4. Nismo 3.2ish

    As you know I am thinking of doing some headwork ( never ends lol) wondering if anyone has a 3.0 or 3.2 Lt that has has the compression increased up to 10.5 ish , mine is down to 8.1 for whatever reason during work on the stroker build ? Maybe also done some port & polish work? Back to back Dyno runs would be great I will stick with the 8374/1.05
  5. Nismo 3.2ish

    Without the head work you have done and slightly higher CR 9.1 ish , would the 1.45 still give you what you want or just lag it to much for what you like in a Street car Guess without some sort of comparison it would be hard to know how much difference it would make .
  6. Nismo 3.2ish

    Paul , you have had the 1.45 on for a while now and at first you were sort of thinking about switching back to the 1.05. You have had a few runs now and one today with Dan , have you made your mind up yet ?
  7. I had the 2500 Elite Pro to run the Vcam , to replace the Haltech R34GTR Platinum Pro as would not do the what I was going to do with my car without add ons , sold them and put the Emtron KV8 in.
  8. Nismo 3.2ish

    Did a great job painting the motor :)
  9. Nismo 3.2ish

    Always wondered why my CR was down to 8.1:1 after my stroker build. Thinking of going to 9.5:1 and might clean the head up, maybe even a P&P . Anyone have results for increasing the CR from factory , up to 9.5 , maybe back to back Dyno runs on the same Dyno ?
  10. I got jumped on from the getgo because I wanted response , said cannot be done , go buy a V8 . I got a pretty good result and not a word from the stirrers , LOL Pauls car is great , plenty of power with good response , win win
  11. You have nailed it Dan Love his car
  12. Gone into secret mode , he is too shy to post results , Fn girlie boy :)
  13. Nismo 3.2ish

    I am not sure if this is the sort of inspiration you are looking for Ewan, but I will try and find the right words to inspire you ? "If you don't finish it , I will get a few of the boys to come and kick your arse!" Hope this helps as we all want to see it finished
  14. Nismo 3.2ish

    Had another drive early today, the difference on my road with the RS4s Vs AD08Rs was very noticeable , there is a section uphill that tried to kill me a couple of times and tried send me into the cow paddock with the crappy ruts , hit it up to see how the RS4s felt and no problem . Its nice to be able to get a little spirited without fighting for your life , LOL There was never a problem in the twisties with any tyres I had on the car, just on straight line driving when the surface was shit. Highway driving , city driving NO problem It was embarrassing having some one behind you even in a 60- 80 zone on a shitty straight stretch of road and having to continually adjust the steering to keep it straight , shit , the mighty Tiida is a dream to steer in comparison but I am a happy camper with the 275 RS4s but missing the adrenaline rush when the car wants to go where it wants to go , LOL
  15. Nismo 3.2ish

    Both these tyres are getting pricey, but? I Have the AD08Rs 265/35x18 on for a few years , they have been great and needed new tyres. Talking to the boys and they said have a look at the RS3 or maybe the RS4s Did a little web checking and the RS4 were getting some good early reviews , so I looked into the prices etc. The price for the 265/35 AD08Rs were around $390 from the place I bought them originally ( a few years ago they were offered on SAU for $200:( ), I was thinking of going to the 275 or 285 on my 10" rims as the 265 looked stretched, but my major concern was I was already tramelining on these shitty roads near home and wobbling all over the place even at 60klm ish on the shitty bits and I thought if I went wider it would be worse. I bit the bullet and went 275/35 X18" RS4 at $340 each , even on the way home I noticed the difference. Went for a run this morning on the same road the 08Rs were moving around and the RS4s were much better. Did a run through some twistiesas best you can and found them very good, road was a little wet at times but seemed OK, they were quieter and a little better ride (N2 used) They seemed a little heavier going into the corner but maybe that was because my 08Rs were lite on tread the last few months and now I just put new tread on the road?? BUT , I have no idea how they track/hillclimb , for what it's worth, I would buy them again!
  16. Nismo 3.2ish

    where are they Pat , nothing to see ?
  17. Nismo 3.2ish

    Had the Coppermix twin plate for a few years, great to drive, engages up top , good for my short legs, lol Now have the ATS Carbon triple plate, engages early but as easy to drive as the Coppermix twin , not an OFF/ON clutch , easy and smooth and handles my torque easily. 2 very good cluthes
  18. I am a bit pissed and know a lot of you blokes are pretty good t this stuff , me hopeless The final tune will be in a week and I would like to see if anyone can guess the results The run in tune at 15psi was 314awkw on 98 pumps, the car has been built for response, at the final tune the cams will be dialed in for response. Builder Is CRD Parts RB26 Head RB30 Block Nitto 3.2 Stroker kit UE 260 10.8 custom cams, springs and retainers Supertech 1mm OS Valves PT6262 CEA turbo ID1300 injectors Splitfire pack Haltech R34GTR ECU and flex fuel sensor Walbro 460LPH pump ( not sure if this will do the job) Custom 3.5" exhaust Thats the best I can give you Have a guess at 20psi on 98 and E85 25psi on 98 and E85 My Guess , well I would like 400awkw and 435awkw 425awkw and 465awkw Please do not put shit on me, just guess or go elsewhere
  19. Nismo 3.2ish

    Bit late Ben, the saga continued. haha The car had to go back to the shop the day the boys picked it up on the 2nd December, the water line to the Turbo was to too close to the exhaust and sprung a leak , then when testing the car on the Dyno a part in the Vcam tossed it in and they had to wait for the part from Japan before they could start on the work. Then the new part from HKS was wired differently and they could not work out what was going on as it also mixed the signal up on the crank trigger , bit too technical for me , Fn nightmare ! It wasn't until Xmas eve to be exact , got to the shop at 2pm and then the fun started with the electrical problems. They finished the car at 8pm that night Xmas Eve , bloody legends to work so late on it , then 330klm back home , got onto the last leg and a RBT got me when I turned onto the old country road around midnight , he was sitting there waiting for party boys to sneak down the back way, but all good and a nice cop , I treat them with respect and they do the same Edited, made a mistake on PSI Put the Dyno Graph results on the Borg Warner EFR thread and no one said a word , I thought it was a pretty good result and showed the EFR 8374 worked well at lower revs on this type of build but apparently I was the only one that thought so, hahahaha The car drives mad under 5000rpm and I guess 760 Derived Nm @ 4000rpm it should , it keeps going to 8000 , the limiter is @ 8400rpm and very linear all the way from 3000 to 8000rpm , makes it seem slower until you see the speedo. Just keeps pushing you back into the seat All the best for the New Year
  20. made up a hose and chopped up a milk carton , some thin aluminium and joined them all to make a funnel. The milk carton is pliable and can be sort of molded around the drain hole and it worked pretty good and only a few drips got away, next time I will put a tissue under it and all good
  21. the drain plug is in a situation were it is hard to undo without it going everywhere as you cannot get anything under it , I will have to have it pulled and and do as you suggest, Would have been easier if the drain hole was not just about flush
  22. Do not understand exactly what you mean, got a pic ? I was thinking that I will have to have the catch can taken out to do it properly. Use a butterfly tap , attach a hose to it, with the hose going low enough to miss all the other parts so I can put a container under it. There is no room to do anything where the drain plug is , I made a funnel with a long hose to drain it , but hard to catch it all when the plug comes out and shit went everywhere , I did catch most of it but, yuk!
  23. My catch can drain plug is a pain to undo and empty, it just pisses out and hard to stop it.Now there is a servo with E85 it fills up pretty quickly. I was hoping to pump it out from the top but it looks like there are baffles where the lines come in on top, I do not want to stuff it and I do not know the configuration of the baffles and just do not want to drill through them Any suggestions ??