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  1. I am a bit pissed and know a lot of you blokes are pretty good t this stuff , me hopeless The final tune will be in a week and I would like to see if anyone can guess the results The run in tune at 15psi was 314awkw on 98 pumps, the car has been built for response, at the final tune the cams will be dialed in for response. Builder Is CRD Parts RB26 Head RB30 Block Nitto 3.2 Stroker kit UE 260 10.8 custom cams, springs and retainers Supertech 1mm OS Valves PT6262 CEA turbo ID1300 injectors Splitfire pack Haltech R34GTR ECU and flex fuel sensor Walbro 460LPH pump ( not sure if this will do the job) Custom 3.5" exhaust Thats the best I can give you Have a guess at 20psi on 98 and E85 25psi on 98 and E85 My Guess , well I would like 400awkw and 435awkw 425awkw and 465awkw Please do not put shit on me, just guess or go elsewhere
  2. Nismo 3.2ish

    This wasn't a build thread, wasn't intending to do all this work, like a DH I got carried away trying to get what I wanted , pretty close now and after this LAST lot , it will be all done and dusted . The 9180/1.05 should be mad , guess it depends what you are after. Mine is falling over around 6000 but still has plenty pushing it to 8000 for me , hard to use more than 6500 anywhere on the street, no need to rev the shit out of it. Nuke surge, twin Walbro 460s and a 460 p/u , -8 through to a Plazmaman rail , flex fuel system , ID1300 injectors and a shit load of sensors keeping an eye on everything that moves on the car, lol Vcam allows more low end through to running out of puff, very linear car to drive. Can't wait to see how this last lot makes the car drive, not expecting the world but it should be noticeable all the way through to limiter
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    I can only go off what the builder said about the section they would hand port , they have a very good reputation in the game and have turned out some special cars. I figured while it was on the CNC , let it do the lot? Do you have a build thread , 1.05 or 1.45 a/r, if I ever went bigger I would go 9180/ 1.45 , but there’s not much chance of that 😂 When will your work be finished , like to see the results i was hoping for a Xmas present but doesn’t look promising atm , so 2019 😢
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    I have no doubt porting done properly is a positive mod, it always has been. Pauls car is mad! Mine may not show the portings full potential because of the 8374 on a 3.2 , it will be falling over around 6000 , it does that now , my tuner will get the best out of it and should be a ton of fun and interesting to see the results
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    It is half CNC port and remainder hand ported. The throat of the port was done on a CNC machine and the remainder of the port is hand ported , cuts down a bit on cost Vs gain ? Have 1mm OS valves etc already . Pistons are from CP-Carrillo in the US , will get a few pics as it goes together . Don't know what size gasket yet, they are going thicker to allow more CR should it be wanted in the future :/ What Turbo/s are you running. What else are you doing? Doesn't seem like too many blokes do porting on their cars, guess it's because of "cost Vs gain" , other mods probably get them going going better at lower costs , well ?
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    Both cams going to 272 / 10.5 , could go to 11.0 Going 9.5:1 CR , they are going to use a thicker gasket , in case higher CR is ever wanted Pistons coming from the US in a week or 2 and the head is out being ported Hopefully get it back this year , LOL
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    That’s a long way for a tune 2500klm , where do you live, Alice Springs? I would definitely make sure that I did my homework, hope you get it right 👍
  8. Nismo 3.2ish

    Turbo speed 121, 000 😂typo I did edit it and 128,000 and 5% , but ? how have you been ?
  9. Nismo 3.2ish

    No worries , that problem was fixed 3 years ago , time flies , LOL I am just having some head work done ATM
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    Not years of abuse , they just pulled the motor down and everything is still in good condition and they can do the work ASAP Save you some reading time and getting to the main problem I had When the 3.2 stroker was built the head studs were upgraded to ½” and the head stud holes were drilled ~5mm deeper than standard causing a number of them to pass into the coolant jackets around them. A total F up and they wouldn't take responsibility for causing it , I had taken it back 3 times and they did nothing but bullshit to me. So I went elsewhere to have it sorted. Problem found, problem fixed , so easy now ,LOL
  11. Nismo 3.2ish

    Thats a bit harsh , it's not the same motor anymore , their work has been sorted, LOL Motors down and seems everything is in good shape to go ahead with the work.
  12. Nismo 3.2ish

    I cannot imagine driving the car the way it was , well except to sell it :) I think everyone thinks I want a V8 response , NO! I want the best from what I have and this work is the end of it, love it. With some early power you also do not attract the wrong attention by not revving higher in town , mine is pretty quiet, but ? I doubt he will take it over 10:1 and from what was said I will be OK if I don't go mad
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    hahaha , I am done , just wanted to see what this work will do. I know it's also not your preference on how to build these cars and I totally understand why. Look at it through my eyes, I am 76, I don't want a Fn 35 and can afford to do this work. I really like the R34GTR and it will be my last car in my life, it's the first time I have ever done anything like this and the car is getting better with each modification, well "MY" better :/ Through the hills I rarely go much under 3000rpm except on tight 35kph corners uphill and 3rd takes care of that and don't carpet it coming out of the corner , it wants to kill you , Mick has no idea what I do in my car , I drive with no one else with me :) Honestly , why wouldn't anyone not want to have a skyline that takes off from idle and gets going within another 1500rpm and then is mad up until you want to change gear , it's limited to 8,400rpm. There was still more to go with the turbo speed with the last tune, I think he stopped at 21,000 rpm and I think the 8374 is recommended to run up to 27,000 rpm and I believe the 8374 gets pushed even faster by some blokes :/ , so I am about 20% ish under the recommended top turbo rpm speed , more to go. Shit if I want to go to a 1000HP , bolt a 9180/1.45 and off you go , might leave the Getrag on the ground , LOL So lets see what happens , I know I will LOVE it and stuffed if I know why it upsets some people ??????????????
  14. Nismo 3.2ish

    Well , good one Mick , you must be on the 8th longneck by the time you got that off your hairy chest , lucky you lol I am under no illusions of what you and your friends have thought ever since I started to make my car and that's OK it's your opinions. I also respect your knowledge about cars and modifications. I also know what your saying about the motor not being built for what I want out of it , but I do not care, look how it runs now, 150kw by 2500rpm , it's so shitty, lol Start with the $ and sense dig , I spent a shitload, but how much is my car worth now :) What about the money you have spent on your car to date and how much is it worth now , I think I will come out OK with my work and $ return , loose money , sure will , enjoy the money I am spending, sure do , will I enjoy it after the new work , sure will. If I sell it and someone wants a different result , bolt on a bigger turbo , tune and there you have a 800HP + at minimal extra cost with all the internals to support more!. While you have been playing around with yours for years , I take it you , like me were not happy with what you had and willing to wait 3 or 4 years to get what you want, that"s great and I am happy you finally have it back on the road. I have been driving all but 15 months ish over the last 5 1/2 years and loving it :) When driving to church and Woolies I have no need to go over 2000rpm because I can , it doesn't labour in any gear at 2000rpm and it will be even better soon and I will love it even more, who gives a flying F what you think about what I do with my car. I do drive it, regularly and every time up to 7000 but I don't need to go there after 2nd or 3rd because I have a shitload of grunt, oh I am not on a track or racing anyone , so what's your problem with this. E85 , if they close it down I have 10 X 20 Lt cans and servo where I can buy E85 is about 80 minutes away. Pop the cans in the mighty Tiida and off I go. I will be able to drive it on 98 and when and if I do I will take it easy, if I want to have fun and getting low on E85 I will go 50/50 and still have fun Internet haters may have pissed me off at the start and started me off , but then I really started to like what I was doing , so you blokes that don't like what I am doing , go plait your crap :) Mick , you cannot tell me that I will not be happy , I am happy with the way it runs now , just want to be happier :) Put the Banana back on trickle charge and crack another longie, then go suck a stiff one mate :)
  15. Nismo 3.2ish

    That’s what we expect from the work being done. Not sure what cam changes will be made yet, but they know what I want so I assume it will help. Some think differently about the higher CR helping , it’s going to be better before boost , I would think this would get the turbo excited, but as I haven’t done this before , I can only guess what will happen. I will have to wait and see when I get my arse behind the wheel when it’s bolted back together I have always found that driving the car is different to what the Dyno indicates When it’s done I think I will try and get an extra Dyno run from 2000rpm or less in 4th just for fun to see how it goes , if it is possible? hard to know if it’s going to get more top end at the same revs or if it will roll over earlier with more power. Already down from 475kw to 445 , must be the only bloke going in the other direction hahaha Doesnt matter to me , but interesting ?
  16. Nismo 3.2ish

    That's about it in a nut shell . I couldn't have said it better :) I am quite aware that most think I am nuts on SAU and that's OK , but none of them have driven this car as is , I think "some" would change their tune if they did. Running around 150KW by 2500rpm is not too shabby, This car keeps going in a linear power build from idle. Doesn't knock your block off but pins you to the seat. There may be a tweek of the cams , high comp cam springs and whatever helps while it's down The higher CR will make it sharper to boost , not sure what CR we will go for , maybe 9.5 - 10 ish , that's to be decided. Will it make it come on boost a bit earlier ?, I don't know and from what I have read on SAU , maybe not , so I guess it is a perfect time to really see what it will do where it counts, on the road. It will also be interesting to see if the power increases up to where it rolls over now . Hard not to put the 1.45 on but I have to feel how it runs with the 1.05.
  17. Nismo 3.2ish

    You got it Johnny , but that's a laggy heap of shit :)
  18. Nismo 3.2ish

    HI Pete It is at Pacific palms shopping centre , it is a Metro station , actually call it Charlotte Bay. Coming from Sydney, turn right after Bulhadehlah down The Lakesway , it is on the left hand side. From Forster Keys heading towards Sydney it is 20Klms on the right Trouble is , no one knows they sell it , no advertising , not even a sign out the front saying they sell E85 and they are getting one more refill and if it doesn't go well over the Xmas break they will not stock it anymore. A bad time for me to be off the road as I was probably their best customer, lol
  19. Nismo 3.2ish

    Thanks mate , it's now back to the waiting game , that's the worst thing about stuffing around with cars, it was a shock when I first started , sadly I am getting used of it , LOL
  20. Nismo 3.2ish

    Thanks for your info, some of it went over my head , I have to rely on my tuner and motor builder to get it right, lol I thought the higher CR would help it spool a little earlier but as you explain it , maybe not. But it will make it sharper off boost , so that's a win The tuner wanted to put a 9180 on it but I wanted response and we went 8374 / 1.05. Have a speed sensor on the turbo and sure it will be looked after, doubt it will hit 6000rpm before it runs out of puff. I have crap loads of torque now and the 9180's extra grunt worries me, I know the Getrag is a strong box , BUT? Wouldn't have done this work except I have the E85 20klm away now
  21. Nismo 3.2ish

    It will be interesting to see if it does come on earlier , I thought the higher CR would get it going but it will sharpen it up to 3000 I would think I am just going to go with the setup as is, I really do not need anymore top end power. Cannot help myself and have to see how it runs on the street
  22. Nismo 3.2ish

    There will be new pistons, once motor is out and all measurements done , they will be ordered. Not sure if they have a program for the head P&P for my requirements. So between my tuner and motor builder, I think they will do whatever is needed. Tuner always said the 9180 with 3.2 would be better suited but I wanted the response and we went 8374 , don't need 500kw + , the car drives great for a street car, jut bitten by the modbug :) I struggle to make a decision about the 1.45 , so I will get it done and see how it goes.
  23. Nismo 3.2ish

    Got the bug 🤪 it is one of the mods I have wanted to do and it never happened, want to see what it does to my setup , running on E85 now and that makes the higher CR more desirable The only other change I would make would be a 9180 but I doubt that I will go there as the top end power would be wasted on me and possibly cause box problems, not the higher HP but the violent twist on the box from the extra torque
  24. Nismo 3.2ish

    I was wondering if anyone has increased the compression and or had a port and polish done "after" changing to the EFR or another turbo, if so do you have any back to back information on the result My CR is 8.1:1 atm , talking about increasing it up to 10.5 and having a P&P, depending on advice once the motor is down and measurements taken With the 3.2lt the 8374/1.05ar starts early but runs out of puff around 6000, might go to the 1.45ar but I will see how it runs on the road first The 9180 is not out of the question but I doubt I will go there , don't need that much power for the street and things might start braking over 800HP , like the Getrag and there is enough twist as it is.