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  1. The HKS R32 GTR reminds me of the horse, it worked out well for Boxer didn't it?????
  2. Whiteline bush inserts are in, NVH has been greatly reduced compared to the brace.
  3. Looks clean, nice pick up.
  4. mlr

    Good examples are hard to find unmolested. Most have been flat cap drift spec'd into a 13 year old kids dream car. If it's good I wouldn't f**k it with a kit unless you need massive rubber because of the 800hp your trying to put to the back wheels. Me, if it was mine, I would just clean it up and not chop it up.
  5. Yeap, it's pretty f**ked up, it looks like a couple of different style body kits got mixed up and installed.
  6. MemoriesLight the corners of my mindMisty watercolor memoriesOf the way we were LOL
  7. Tell me about it So much money, so much time off the road. To the family it was known as the sometimes car, as in, sometimes it wasn't broken. Granted it was the fastest "car" I have ever owned, that don't mean shit now. In the end I sold the car for about what was spent on the engine... the second time........ If there was ever a car I wish I never had, the 33 would be it. For favorite car, it's the 86, closely followed by the MX5. The STI was a weird purchase, I wanted to see what AWD was like, turns out I dislike AWD, alot. I would love a Lotus Elise Sport 220, unfortunately I don't have $100k to throw on it.
  8. The problem with the "rev zone" of the FA20 (boxer) is it takes forever to get there, 5.5 - 7.5 is the only place were stuff happens. Don't get me wrong, in the big picture the FA20 makes OK power for what it is, but, it's not a Black Top BEAMS or a Honda F22C1 reving to 8k rpm Vtec Yo. But, what other "new" small sporty cars are available in manual and RWD. I love everything about my little 86, apart from the engine. But then they are the cheapest new sporty RWD car on the market, so compromises are made. Maybe if they release a 2.4 in the future it might be better, I wouldn't count on it though, by the time they up spec the driveline, gearbox is rated to 250nm, the added cost will drop it closer to the new Supra 4 cyl turbo that is being threatened to be released by BMW, I mean Toyota. I believe the Toyota and Subaru twins will fade away over the next few years, sales world wide are way down. If I didn't want a new car a S15 was on top of my list, which brings it's own problems. The only "non-munted" low km S15's around when I was looking were between $25-30k, I only paid $32k for the 86 new, 95% of the S15's I looked at were average to say the least, and the money they wanted for them was stupid. I was so close to grabbing a real low km ADM S15 for $30k, it was like new, well that was 3 years ago. There is a Yellow one for sale now in QLD with under 5k km, BUT, $50k. The only issue is with some minor mods 200kwatw is easily achievable and pretty reliable in the S15, for a reliable 200 atw, 200 for the 86....well, thats a very different story. But then the S15 is turbo(SR20DE is worse than the FA20). Which brings me to a used S2000, talk about thrashed out and crap body kits, finding a clean, low km, non-munted car, with hopefully a hardtop, is like finding a f**king Unicorn STUPID CARS
  9. Yeah, she is a good kid, nothing like her dad. I keep telling her, well her mum keeps telling her, "your dad is a good role model, of what not to do in your youth.. ". Polite, no school issues, no police issues, always done jobs around the house, and now, she has just finished high school, straight into part time work while see waits for the RAAF intake in March. She has come along way from Bat Girl and Wonder Dog. Next photo like this should have a bite dog not a Jack Russell, sadly no Bat Girl suit though.
  10. Yeap, they are as slow as f**k in a straight line, around 100ish killerwasps at 7600 rpm I believe, and maybe 13 torques at 3000 rpm. Super fun on tight corners though, just like my old MX5, you really need to avoid using the brakes and always keep it on the boil. I've been chopped a few times when I've dropped into the left lane to get a jump on traffic. I still find it excellent fun reving the bejebus out of the thing and throwing it around some corners. Plus the thing is so cheap to run and maintain. My daughter has been learning to drive manual in it, she has stated "I love you dad, can I have this", I am a sucker she might end up with it, so at this stage there is no FI in sight. I've been thinking of what I would get next, not alot of small RWD cars out there.
  11. Unless there is a texi soon there isn't much chance of skid vid. And the pavement needs to be wet, other wise it justs chirps and near on stalls. I still need to get the thing tuned as well. I'm gonna do it, it's just I keep spending car budget money on other stuff.
  12. No louvre for the 86 (at this stage). A TRD one costs about $1300 (the OEM ones look sweet). New Karbonetic TRD knock offs cost $500, but would need alot of work and paint, which would bring it up to the cost of a OEM item. The finish of the knock offs is really bad, bumpy bubbling clear coat that would take ages ($$$$) to fix. Maybe a OEM one is something to think about later. $1300 is hard to justify just for some shade.
  13. Awaiting delivery, shouldn't be as noisy as the solid brace.
  14. Nice Not many clean shells around I went looking a while ago when I didn't know what car to get next, lots of rusty GTR's out there. Time spent in the cold areas of J are really starting to take their toll.
  15. When is this beastie getting finished? As for the rust, better the headlight bracket than the strut towers.