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  1. I had to google, that's only 0.5mm, wow How much boost you running? What coils you got?
  2. Still not broken Fuel pump, injectors, Flexfuel and clutch Fuel pump, injectors, Flexfuel and clutch Fuel pump, injectors, Flexfuel and clutch Fuel pump, injectors, Flexfuel and clutch
  3. I has Pssshh for the LOLS Only opened a bit currently so only minor LOLS, I tried it everywhere from 100% which brought all the bangs to the exhaust and PSSSHHH to the extreme, right down to closed with nil psshh's Spring is wound down pretty tight, so only really vents at max boostage, under that its very minor dosage LOLS are pretty good
  4. In You will most likely find me already at the pie shop
  5. A picture tells a thousand words Post a picture
  6. Only really 2 options 1. Easy cheap fix Stututututu 2. More expensive fix with the added benifit of reliability = LS swap Seriously, if you have maaaaad pipe work and "stuff" post a pick of what you have so people know what you are dealing with Go option 1
  7. SAU needs a Toyota 86 App...... And a Tiguan App....... Sorry, I'll leave now 🔔🔚
  8. Because nothing breeds motivation more than breaking your car at the track. For my sake, start slow Or, go balls to the wall and post video
  9. You don't really have a lot more to do, do you Just fire that puppy up and go for a cruise in the mountains or something The sound of a RB, on boost, reverberating off walls should bring your boys back to the yard, if that doesn't stir the loins then all hope is lost.
  10. I feel that alot, and I mean all, WRX and STI's cruise around chopping every 86 they see, for fun. LOL, that has bit them on the arse today, the little 86 is pumping Not that I went out hunting this morning or anything I did get punished by a branch falling off a tree infront of me, no time to really do anything but cringe, a few more battle scars but nothing major. My little 86 is perfect No more mods needed Well..........it could do with more .....tutututu LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  11. WOW, what a difference Dyno is saved file from pre-tune in March to 8 psi boost now, WOW Car is as responsive as farrrrk, pulls hard, WOW Most importantly is that cold start is not as loud, the turbo has done its main job at muffling the exhaust..........😜 Shiny clamps is the only giveaway Down there somewhere Pretty black So far the rods are still in one piece
  12. Sitting at bus stop On the way to Menai I have all of the excitements Car is ready at 1600
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