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  1. $100 for 1 rim and tyre$175 for 2 rims and 2 tyres$225 for 3 rims and 3 tyresCash and pickup onlyBARGAIN you buy now
  2. My little car gets a bath weekly, it does sound a bit expensive. I just use Meguiar's Ultimate Wash n Wax on my wheels, seems good at keeping the dust from sticking to bad and the finish is good. Sadly the kids are to old now for me to con them into cleaning the wheels. Small child labor hands are good for cleaning rims.
  3. How does it clean up, as in, just a hose gets most of it off, or, you still need a gernie and cloth to get in all the nicks and crannies? My pads make dust like it's going out of fashion, if it saves time cleaning and lasts for a while it may be useful. Is it like a wax or something?
  4. The difference between the OEM shocks and the MCA ones are chalk and cheese, I'm totally happy with the cars handling now. As for what's next, nothing really, unless I find $20k under the lounge cushions that is.
  5. $250 Replace your worn old OEM rubbish for these super duper OEM performance package items Chicks will want you Men will want to be you All for the low price of $250 BARGAIN Disclaimer: Chicks and mens views may vary
  6. $125 for 1 rim and tyre$225 for 2 rims and 2 tyres$300 for 3 rims and 3 tyresCash and pickup only BARGAIN
  7. mlr

    Polypropylene How good is googles, I wish this was around when I was a kid, you can find everything if you know what your looking for.
  8. mlr

    You may be able to use some of the original bumper material. I'm sure you find the material used in the bumper with some looking around on the Interwebs, I would hazard to guess it's a pretty commonly used plastic.
  9. Alignment done, $55 at JAX Liverpool. I ended up asking for -2° at the front and trying for 0 toe everywhere. Turns out there was enough adjustability in the rear toe wise after the drop, so no issues there. The rear was a surprise, with the non-adjustable camber, with the OEM shocks, my rear camber was -1.2° L and -1.75° R, now with the new coils and drop it ended up -2.2 L & R, winning. I'm going to see how that feels and try and see how the tyre sits with it, just need to wait for some good weather and then hit some twisties. In the end I may not need rear LCA after all, I was initially wanting them to even out the camber and was thinking around -1.5° for the rear, maybe, the proof will be in the pudding. Although, with my limited driving "skills" and the car really only seeing street duties, I'm not sure I would notice a change of 0.5° either way.
  10. mlr

    I did alot of plastic welding in my youth building plastic ducting for fume cupboards. It's perfect for bumpers. As long as you prep the material and have typical material for the filler rod it is easy as.
  11. 2017 PP Sachs suspension Also comes with OEM swaybar links and top camber bolts for the front. 6k km Excellent condition $300 Cash and pickup only Holsworthy 2173 PM me
  12. And there in. Front needs to go down 5mm and the bum up 10mm to get the suggested 350 all round. Even with my rough attempt at an even alignment at the front the car is already feeling much better, compliance is as good as OEM, I'll get the heights sorted tomorrow maybe, I'll then get an alignment and see what's what.
  13. So the MCA traction mod is in. Took the car for a spin around the local circuit, arse seems to stay more planted, you can hear the tyres struggling for purchase on tight corners when I'm up it, but the car is less prone to snap oversteer, when I thow it in hard on the gas, LOL, "throw it hard"... to get the arse out a bit, it's much more smoother it seems. Anyways, it's nothing magical, but it is better than what it was. Hearing the tyres wheel spin a bit bitting for traction is much better than the quite "86's on ice", feeling it was previously. Only took 1 whiskey to do it to. Coils in and alignment next.