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  1. I build stupid cars to daily Life is to short for a boring daily I ❤ all go fast builds
  2. I'm talking about the exhaust/turbine housing and dump/screamer pipe That's looks like bonnet and firewall paint melting stuff I had a highmounted old TO4ZE years ago, the heat coming off that was intense, even ceramic coating didn't keep it in check I recommend some form of beanie for the exhaust housing and some form of lagging/wrapping for the dump and screamer at least
  3. What are you doing for thermal protection mate, shits gonna get real hot
  4. Did the cooling system flush with Rislone flush, although the system seemed clean and nice and red, and was flushed 12 months ago with the SCA flush, after the flush the red turned brown and lots of crud drained out, then flushed the engine and core with clean water for a while before the water cleared up, then fitted the new OEM rubber coolant hoses and jubilee clamps, filled with Penrite red coolant and demineralised water Also swapped out the diff oil with some Penrite pro gear 80w 140, I used Nulon 80w 140 last time, 12 months and 15k km ago, but the diff was a bit slappy with it, the Penrite has worked well in keeping it quite 20 minute test drive and miraculously no leaks Hopefully I can put all the undertrays back on tomorrow
  5. Found a minor coolant leak, the coolant hose from the overflow to the engine, the clamp has seen better days, and I'm hesitant to just get a new clamp in case it is actually the hose on its way out so, as I tend to do.....I'm replacing all radiator hoses and clamps Lets hope the weather stays good till the parts arrive, riding the bike is the rain sucks balls
  6. I found the power issue You seem to have a dog jammed in your exhaust pipe That would cause a mad restriction
  7. Just strip out the interior.....................and go camping in it
  8. Yeap, my fuel system needed the Ford green top 42lb- 440cc injectors to get it up near 360-400kw The stock 28lb - 300cc only got me 260kw at around 90% Dommegabudget
  9. I'm also looking at these things Costco have them for $1900 https://www.costco.com.au/Automotive/Car-Accessories/QuickJack-Car-Lift/p/8513217
  10. Isn't "fat cruise ship" a gender nowadays
  11. The old window tint was a bit worse for wear and I was umming and arring about replacing it, or at least, removing it After ringing around to see how much it would cost for a tint joint to remove it........I went onto ebay and got overnight parts from....China With the $100 steamer it took about 1.5hrs from the start to the finish No glue, no residue, after pealing it of all it needed was some windex 100x easier and cleaner than using a heat gun
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