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  1. mlr

    I was told the torque was chewing the face off the gear. A brand new OEM gearbox lasted 3 passes on Mickey T,s, till it started growling like a dog that is.
  2. mlr

    My old boat would do this, 900ish nm and sticky tyres would chew up the stock boxes real quick. I even had a good shop (award) rebuild it twice. The poor old boxes are well past their OEM torque specs when the power goes up. Flooging the hell out of them doesn't help the situation, but then why make the power and not use it in anger.
  3. mlr

    Looks clean, nice.
  4. mlr

    Does that take the gearbox into consideration?
  5. mlr

    If I pick up up a car with no, or questionable service history I do everything up and including the service required at the current odo reading or date. For a car with 190k on it I would, without looking at the owners manual because I don't have one... Flush every oil and fluid and replace every oil and coolant, engine, gearbox, diff, coolant, brakes Every filter Timing belt Water pump Idler Spark plugs I would inspect and change if required: All heater hoses Rubber brake lines Brake pads/discs Wheel bearings Serpentine belts Dampers Bushings. There is most likely alot of stuff I've missed. Find a owners manual or post with required services at intervals Once I have serviced the car to the best of my ability I will take it to a "good" workshop and get them to run it up on a dyno for a health check, and inspection, a good mechanic can diagnose and maybe pick some things missed by me. As for parts, only change the things that require changing, it's gonna cost you a heap, don't waste cash on things that may not be required. Once it's serviced the next vital step, which is most important, is to do a skid....
  6. 15 years That's gotta be a record of some sort.
  7. Rear OEM muffler delete and knock out cat. Muffler delete costs about $100, made at your local exhaust shop Or cut it of yourself A drill, a big long drill bit, a hammer and big screwdriver for "fixing" the cat. If it sounds loud and shit add a small box on the rear. Done, you car is now like mine, noisy, and slow.......
  8. mlr

    I wouldn't do it to a clean car, but I would take a grinder to a hack in a minute. If you do do it, do it right, don't just cut and rivet like some drift pig
  9. 98 is $1.64 at Cross Roads Costco, $1.60 BP Villawood ATM Get the "petrol spy" app or simular In the end owning a car is expensive, sell car and pick something within your budget. My 86 uses 9L of 98 per 100km, I thrash it everywhere, and yes it is as slow as 10 slow things, but it is as fun as 10 fun things, and it's cheap to run.
  10. mlr

    More like the computer is so old it takes 15 minutes to do anything after clicking on something. My phone makes phone calls and does the googles, but sometimes I take a pic and they are too big for some forum pages. The computer has that editor thingie that makes the pics "smaller". I would rather spend money on car parts and alcohol than get a new computer, which will sit in the bottom draw and only get used when I rip discs or want to resize a pic. I've never really been a computer person, I was hoping for a easy fix using my phone. And if I ask the missus or kid to use their one they would be all like "see, I told you you need a new computer", which would make me walk outside and yell at clouds....
  11. mlr

    LOL, my newest laptop computer is about 8 years old and mainly lives in the bottom draw. It comes out every so often to resize pictures and rip new music cd's so I can throw them on a hard drive. No GIMPS for me then. Cheers
  12. mlr

    Does it resize images? Can I use it on a android phone? Plus horse needs a horn and a poo rainbow like a unicorn..
  13. Have a few spare gearboxes handy Or get yours built The OEM box isn't a big fan of alot of torque My 25/30 loved to eat the gears of the OEM box when on sticky tyres
  14. I'll just get the tune at this point. From the experience I got with the tuned car with only a header and exhaust is it is still worth the outlay. Even without a tune, the car as it stands now seems much better, it seems to rev much more freely in the midrange, proof of if I'm imagining it or not will be pre dyno results. Stock, the torque drops its show bags badly, from 210nm down to 185nm (25nm or about 9%) from around 3-4.5 rpm, it might not seem much, but as the car has F all to start with it is noticeable daily driving. Cold start is now quite loud though, it does settles down once the cold start has done its thing, or if I blip the throttle. I'm sure the neighbors are aware of my new and improved exhaust modifications now. The tune will remove the cold start issue now that that particular function is redundant, and hopefully, the tune flattens the curve out. The cat in the midpipe seems to be doing its thing well, I'll get them to check my emissions when it's tuned to ensure compliance.....
  15. OEM gearbox is rated to 250nm. No wonder all the base supercharger and turbo kits are designed around 160-170 kw-200nm Small supercharger (sprintex) with its smoother, and lower torque delivery (cool blower noise, which is mucho importanto)? Small turbo to hit my limited power goal and still be efficient (cool pigeons and sneezing noises, again with the mucho importanto)? Still, lots of money to make a maximum addition of 50 torques and around 160-170 kwatw The weakness of the drivetrain has now become the sticking point, and thus, the limiting factor IRT end power goals My initial budget calcs were well flawed, I would need to factor in built box and some axles, maybe some other sh i t.....arrrrgggggg Power is no fun when the car breaks all the time, I still have a eye twitch from the R33 I had Shit f**k