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  1. The transmission tune is all sorted I think I want to put a gilmer rear drive on the back of the blower to make it even more whiney and annoying, speaking of annoying...... Funny story, I was waiting for the Mrs to pick up some takeaway, she overheard a couple outside the shop complaining to their friends about the noisy car in the carpark, she heard the friends say,"WTF, that thing sounds hot, not everyone wants a POS car like yours" It's the little things that make you smile, and annoying people, I always smile when I annoy people Sorry, no skid vids
  2. If you use a steamer window tint just peels off easy The hot steam just melts the glue and off the tint comes I removed 20 year old tint recently and with the steamer it took me no longer than 1 hour Good quality window tint would be a no brainer, the tint doesn't even need to be dark Are you really going to climb in and out of the back seat everytime you park the car?
  3. Yeah, 20 year old cars suck Hey, wait.......
  4. The most important thing when working on cars is safety Have a plan Have a budget Remember to enjoy yourself, stuff will not always go as planned Start a build thread, it helps to keep track of things, and gives me something to read
  5. Is that on an 'merican dyno? And yes, every engine bay needs a sewing machine, I mean a LS1
  6. Is it smokey Turbo seals?, blocked PCV? What does your intake pipe and IC look like I accidentally kinked a PCV hose once and it pushed ALOT of oil, was really smokey though
  7. As all the cool kids apparently say "SEND IT" ...."it's not mine" My bag of donuts is on a bearing spinning at high rpm from oil loss, or, the rod going at low rpm from torque Take video either way
  8. Bloody rain, you cannot really road tune a transmission when there is an inch of water on the road... Next week
  9. The market is good for selling the 33
  10. Because posting random mad skids on the interwebs has never ended badly for said skidder..... When I hit the drags I'll attempt to get one of the kids to take a vid
  11. LOL, sorry, for the confusion I have added all my vehicular Bogan news into this thread The slammer kit drops the whole bike about 1.5" and firms up the suspension Plus the OEM stuff is shite, this is "apparently" a little better
  12. Im not a fan of slammed cars So.....
  13. Booked in at Craigs to get the transmission tuned to suit the new powahs. From talking to a few different people, and the googles of course, not adjusting the transmission tune after power mods can be a sure-fire way to reduce transmission life. As it only costs around $500 for the transmission retune it is a no brainer to have it tuned to suit.
  14. After a quick squirt with brake clean and some flat black rattle can action, I present......stealth mode It's still wet but you get the gist With no actual hands on prep, the fisheyes on the hoee clamps, and a few missed spots behind a bracket or hose, it is just like a Holden quality paint job...poor quality IMO it does look better than before though
  15. And a LS Nanna would want it that way
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