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  1. Big change. A radiator air guide thingamagig does wonders for cleaning up the front and hiding the thermos and stuff, I'm dubious if it actually helps with cooling though. Plus it's a good work station for tools and stuff.
  2. I have a habit of putting the car on stands, pulling stuff apart, then putting everything back together a day or so later, I also have big drain grates around, after working on the car I tend to walk around looking at stuff, typically drinking and tripping over shit, hell, it's not a sensible thing to do, but it's how I roll. Note to self: be more organised when working on the car. Meh, yeah nah. Organising shit is for chicks. EDIT: come to think of it, this lack of organisational skills could be the eeason I have no 1/4 or 3/8 sockets left, and I can never find a 10mm or 14mm socket, on a positive note my allen keys are pretty rusty.
  3. Give it time mate, it's not like I'm talking it easy on it. Although at only 200kw 270nm it's not like it's making huge power. From talking to a few people alot of cars grenaded due to people not knowing how to tune them properly. Maybe if it was being tracked the additional heat and lots of high rpm the longevity could be counted in hours, but for a street car, at the current power level, the thing just loves a bit of sensible thrashing and catches alot of people of guard. My only oil control is a Forester heat exchanger I put on, typical to the RB one that everyone removes, I love it because it brings up the oil temp quicker from cold, and the quicker my oil hits 90°c the quicker I can give it some beans, and it also works well at stabilizing the oil temp during spirited driving. It has zero effect on my coolant temps, which basically stabilize around 90°c. I'm currently wondering if and when a 2nd generation 86 hits, there has been alot of talk but nothing solid. In other news: my stock clutch isn't liking its life and will need to be looked at shortly. Maybe > https://vsport.com.au/product/86-brz-exedy-clutch-replacement-kits/
  4. I lost another wheel nut a while ago, decided to get a new set, I already had 2 different styles Went full consumer, Project Mu floating, made from Chromium-molybdenium steel, guaranteed extra 10hp at the wheel brace. Did get an epic deal from the boys at Just Jap. OCD go on 🤯
  5. Can I still remove attachments I'm sure there was an edit button years ago I mistakenly put 2 copyrighted documents and I want to remove them Both are in the Gym And Supplement Discussion Cheers
  6. Around the 6 to 8 week mark I take a week off, still do mobility stuff but no heavy or volume at all. At 54 I really need this time to rest my joints.
  7. Costco at the Crossroads NSW, 98 RON is $1.50/L Sweet ride mate, enjoy.
  8. Great beginner up program No fluff really, just strength and power
  9. Age is a big part with overtraining. Plus whether you are doing heavy low rep stuff that smashes your CNS, or high volume stuff that doesn't really have alot of effect on the CNS. For emample, I use to do the 531 program, on Tuesdays it was heavy deads followed by 5 x 10 squats, then on Friday, heavy Squats followed by 5 x 10 of deads. https://blackironbeast.com/5/3/1/calculator In all my time training the strongest I got, with the lesst amount of injuries was with this. I didn't deload ad much as what the first edition required, I would deload every 2 months maybe???
  10. Yeah it's a turbo muffler delete for the Vag, isn't it??? I was just asking if your gonna play with other bibs and bobs. Make the Tig all turbo noisy and obnoxious, like I like, yeah, you know what I like...... So is it fitted yet? If so picks and thoughts......
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