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  1. Like a noisy one mate, like a noisy one. Honestly, I really like it, it's just verging on being a bit too loud. Maybe get some unwanted attention type of loud. I'm going to head into the local exhaust shop and see what they can do, a big arse resonator, louvered not perforated, in the front pipe might knock the tone/noise down enough to make me happy. A 12" louvered hotdog knocked a heap of noise out of my MX5, I'm hoping it does the same for the 86.
  2. Anyone use this with E85? Lucas upper cylinder lubricant, NOT Lucas Safeguard "Apparently" it aids in lubricating injectors and fuel pumps, I've seen simular stuff advertised specifically for E85, VP racing M2, which (again) "apparently" is the same stuff as this or the safeguard (safeguard isn't compatible with diesel though). Anyone use this with 98? Anyone use this with diesel? I used it years ago in a old Torana I had, as no leaded fuel was available, seemed to work just fine, I think it was 2ml per 1ltr of fuel. It also "apparently" boosts octane, by how much?????? 0.0001 RON, but, it at least doesn't knock it down, "apparently". Why am I asking, a mate was having issues with his fuel pump, "apparently" the E85 he was using ate it, from there we started talking about fuel injectors and the requirement or advantage to lubricant the plunger, yada yada yada, just add beer..... This post has been brought to you today by curiosity and the word "apparently".
  3. Cold start is now as loud as balls. Cold start is for heating the cats up faster and can be tuned out, hopefully soon. Went for a hour drive to cook off the heat wrap. I might need a resonator in the front pipe, maybe, maybe not. Stone guard thingie will go back on after I have heat cycled it a few times and re-torqued it all up. Sounds hektik, LOL
  4. Big budget (Consumables and breakages) = turbo 32 or 33 Smaller budget (Consumables and breakages)= NA 350/370 Opinions may vary
  5. I'm stockpiling 14mm deep sockets, somewhere, everytime I look for one I cannot find any, so I buy another, it's a mobius loop of fail.
  6. Yes, but yesterday I was teaching the boy to do hektic dowies in a local cul de sac. BTW, what is happening with your beastie?
  7. Flip before end of warranty, easy. I'm not saying a GTR is a bad buy, I'm saying buying from the bottom of the barrel could be a expensive endevour. Expensive cars that are being sold at the lower end of the price scale makes my spidey senses tingle. Opinions may vary
  8. Which one is which?? The Infiniti cost $60k, even adding another $10k that's only $70k to spend, what does that money buy. A 10 year old GTR for around $75k, but would you, I personally wouldn't touch a cheap 10 year old GTR with a 10 foot barge pole. Those things cost your kidneys when they break.
  9. So, sitting at home bored looking at supporting stuff required if I do boost. Next minute. I pick them up tomorrow. And yes, they are unequal lenght I've dropped a coil/plug/cylinder design. FULLY HEKTIC Disclaimer: eBay and pain medication strikes again. All I need now is a supercharger........
  10. Mate, I try and do my best, sadly my best doesn't really cut it. I have been "sort of" lucky, born in 1965, I had my first car at 15, I have burnt my fair share of fossil fuels with every conceivable infernal combustion engine there is, but now, as I'm getting older, the YOLO has a few issues, namely, my children. What will the world be like when my kids are my age, 2050 at this stage looks like it's going to be a shit show. If you "get in there real deep like" and look at some of the predictions IRT fresh water supply, drought, food supply it don't look good at all. Meanwhile, I'm contemplating boosting my 86. I told you I'm one of the stupid ones. Warning: don't get me started on my views of population growth and how we have come so far past the tipping point it isn't funny This is an interesting, even though it is outdated. The Population Bomb is a best-selling book written by Stanford University Professor Paul R. Ehrlich and his wife, Anne Ehrlich, in 1968
  11. Because the majority people are inherently stupid as well as short sighted. As long as we are happy now we will use plastic, burn fossil fuels, smoke cigarettes, pump raw sewage into the oceans and rivers. Whilst we are doing this we will happily import goods from third world countries, use their land to grow our crops, their factories to manufacture our goods, and then bash burn and bury their environment and people. We export fossil fuels/uranium to the third world so they can manufacturer our goods, all whislt at the same time shaming them. Me, I'm one of the stupid ones, I'm a consumer
  12. https://images.app.goo.gl/qsCgGU76bWziREs46 Fastback looks shit. Actually......its a 4 door sedan, where did this "fastback" term come from? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fastback Marketing at its best, or worse, one of the 2. Anyways, I really like the i30 N Hatch, it certainly is cheap vs the GTI and Renault Megane RS, but how will the resale be. At least reliability and aftersales service is better than VW and Renault. You buy, do skids, post pics.
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