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  1. I though they were only really happy heat wise at around 200, BUT, on 98, BUT, yes, sugar cane juice is magic juice isn't it IRT the evils of heat and knock and "stuff". I really need to give E85 a go one day, maybe...if I ever get anything that warrants it again.
  2. Post up torque dyno plot thingie 265 should be fun in the little girl.
  3. Stage 4th gear results maybe? With the head that decimates all, it may have made don torque low in the rpm range and made 4th gear go bye bye. Bokey, tell them the price son....
  4. Pics that I tried to post but couldn't, now I don't remember where I was going to post them, so I'll leave them here
  5. His arse.... Still, from a outsider looking in, he talks the talk, but I haven't seen any slips or natsoft times. Not saying his builds aren't impressive, it's just they have massive holes that let the rest down. It's weird, his S15 is the most under engineered over engineered build I've seen for years. Meh, let me know when you hit the strip, I'll bet a bag of donuts my old $10k VX SS commodore smokes Bokemons S15. And it will do it all night long. Now, where do I put this dirty spoon....😁
  6. Read: "I don't know" Meh, I'm just here for the biscuits. I believe the stock gearbox is good till 250nm, I think it is the same Aisin AZ6 thats in the BRZ. So.....needs more T56
  7. From these, didn't like 19" ride quality To these, which fell out of favour when after multiple times to balance, from multiple shops they still vibrated over 100 kph. Long story short is they aren't built well. To these, kicking it OEM, 17 x 8 with 245/45 RE003's. Ride quality is awesomeballs, the 245 17", as opposed to the 275 19" do lack some grip when going from idle to WOT. Bonus is the 245/45 17 are cheap to replace... Actually finding clean, un-guttered 2002 VX SS OEM wheels was a PITA, and they ended up costing me....$700......yeap........$700.....LOLOLOLOLIMAIDIOTLOLOLOL I did find new ones to, they were only $1000 a rim.....WTFF At this stage the thing is basically 100% stock looking. LOLOLOLOLOL In other news, fitted some Vanes and Hines slip on pipes to the "Bogan luxury yacht". It now is possibly too loud, I knew I should have ordered the comp BD killers, meh, job for later. Until then it will just be another overly loud Harley.
  8. Polls are hard. If by new car you mean stock new sporty car for $40-80 k I would say yes, compared to anything from yore they are worlds ahead. But, if your budget is lower, than that, then maybe you might be better of with something old, but, what "good" car are people talking about, everything from the 90's that is good will cost a fortune, and the cheap ones, well, I don't drive around in drift pig type cars, I had cheap shit cars when I was a kid. That's when your lifestyle, the amount of compromise and risk you will accept, and expectations come in to it. Older cars may have more soul, but they are typically rubbish by todays standards. And then you go out and throw commonsense into the wind and purchase with your heart. Stupid cars and stuff.
  9. Nah, not a big enough fan to own one
  10. 🤪I will need to grow a goatee, but yes, that is the look I'm going for....🦄
  11. I've always owned bikes, my issue is my body was having a hard time with my prefered style of bike, the sports bike. I couldn't ride for more than 1/2 hour without my back, or wrists leaving the building. So I went looking at, god forbid, cruisers. M5 in peak hour, in a car, is a f**king carpark, I halve the time on a bike. And whilst the Jap bikes are cheap and reliable, and easy to service, and the "smart" choice, they are covered in cheap plastic bits, chrome, and fake chrome, and sound like balls, even with an aftermarket exhaust (I love exhaust noise ❤️) Euro bikes cost a fortune, and really look like a kids drawing. Which left the Harley's to look at, Sporters, bottom of the barrel and are limited to 1200cc, Softtails, the "fake" ridgid frame doesn't do it for me, Touring are 2 wheeled cars full of electrics and armchairs (plus my short legs cannot reach the controls). Dyna's, or what was the Dyna line, the Street Bob struck my fancy, it was minimalistic, had a low seat height, to match my low arse height, and 1690cc. It was also discontinued in 2017, the original owner of this brought it, then basically kept it his garage for 4 years. It is only just really run in. It will be alot more run in after I hit it with a stick this weekend. The thing has enough torque to pull stumps, and will be perfect for runs from Holsworthy to Randwick. In other news they have officially stopped production of the 86/BRZ, I was hoping Toyota would drop a in line 4 into it, but with the current zombie apocalypse that is very unlikely. There is lots of click bait with the new 400Z that I have been following, which could be an option if that ever happens. Meh, the zombie apocalypse has caused many changes, to many people, one of them is the balls to the wall, full on retard, ultra-bogan spec fad that I am going thru..... I am having heaps of fun, which is the main thing.
  12. Slow and noisy You cannot get more bogan
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