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  1. Commonwhore SS 6.0 are cheap, throw in a big cam-springs-pushrods, a zorst and some tuning. Mad aircon lounge chair shopping trolley taxi NA skids. Just don't go around any corners, and plan your fuel stops. Or is this just floating around in my mind at the moment???? There's some deals to be had at the moment, prices are dropping everywhere. Disclaimer: Thongs and Flanno's are required at these power levels.
  2. 370Z? Upperclass bogan? Dinosaur = yes, but....... Maybe......
  3. Nah, been there, turbo'ed that. It's time for something a bit different me thinks. What exactly is anyones guess, I'm leaning towards a bogan direction, but, I am impulsive, so who knows.
  4. Car was totaled $32k payout agreed. Should be settled in 3-5 days. Mark has the sads....meh......what can you do NEXT
  5. I have had my fill of modified Skylines 🤯
  6. I actually have looked at the RS and the ST, decent performance for the money, but my god they are horrible to look at, and sit in for more than 30 minutes. In saying that, so far, at top of my list, and the Mrs, if they do write off the 86, is either a late Calais 6ltr or FG G6E turbo, so it seems, my taste is rubbish and my strength, when it comes to feminine wiles, is as weak as piss. As for fuel usage, meh, you gotta pay to play. I've already looked at headers, highflow cats and tuning for the 6ltr and turbo back exhausts and tunes for the Barra..... And no, I will never learn But for now, it's still a waiting game.....with lots of googling.
  7. God no I'm way to bogan for one of those things
  8. LOL Still waiting on the insurance company to get back to me. The insurance guy did his assessment on Friday, they have 5 days to get back to me with decision. I want it fixed, the Mrs wants it gone, her idea of a sporty car is a SSV or G6 turbo. I have been on the googles looking at some FG turbos...🤒 Waiting sucks
  9. Na, 2J is so 1999 It's "Barra time" images.mp4
  10. Assessed at $22k to fix by smash repairs, insurance guy inspects tomorrow. ffaaaaarrrrkkkkkk
  11. Not a chance, market is 25-30k, which means 25k at the most. Adding up all the mods is around 15k With the car costing me 32 + 15 = 47k I'm expecting a loss of around 22k if they write it off. Meh, next........
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