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  1. Colin Powell said it in some speech years ago, well, he said "hope is not a strategy" anyways It's been plagiarised and slightly changed ever since and can be found in the parliaments, boardrooms and war rooms across the world I'm not sure if old Colin plagiarised it, but it's a good little quip to throw out when people planning seem to rely on hopes and dreams, instead of actual real management tools In other news, I'm not dead, I did go blind for a little bit, which was a worry, so ended up in hospital a week or so ago It was a little scary for a bit, basically a Claytons stroke, (the stoke you're having when you're not having a stroke)but doctors, meds and pretty nurses came to my rescue and they let me out last Friday Who would have thunk that you dont need all of your internal carotid arteries working..... My left is fully blocked and out of the game for good, my right one was about 50% blocked My ticker on the other hand is as strong as a ox, which help me to, ummm, not die Apparently high cholesterol was the culprit Needless to say I will never drink (alot), smoke or exist on a gluttonous fatty delicious diet again And apart from needing to take a few pills every day, and wearing a cool monitor (heart bug) for another 24 days, not that I'm counting, I'm good to go again, to a point Doc has said a big no to heavy weight training, but I can still do light cardio and circuits, which is noice, and definitely better for my old joints And whilst I though that cutting down on eating copious amouts of red meat would end me, I'm actually enjoying eating sensible and healthy, and even at only a week out, I'm actually feeling better than I was before I dropped my showbags Cool story......LOL
  2. Harrop has had the blower for a while and after strip and inspect it found a issue with a rear bearing It should be all fixed up and back together today and picked up by the courier Pity that express delivery at the moment from Melbourne to Sydney could be anywhere from 1 day, to 1 week I'm hoping for the car back early next week, I'm planning on heading down to Goulburn after the 01 Nov to see my daughter for a while, I haven't seen my little "financial burden" for what seems like an eternity LOL, I always tell the young officers to never ever say the word "hope" in any orders or briefs as "Hope is not a planning tool"
  3. Watch some of this for super JDM V8 goodness Whilst a Barra would be "quirky", it would be logistically troublesome for parts, local knowledge, spare parts Your going to need engine and gearbox to test fit for fab, even before you know if it's going to fit Barra engines and transmissions are at a premium even her in AU Enjoy
  4. If I was in 'merica I would get this new goodness delivered in a crate and bash it in the hole
  5. I found their services poor 1. on a few occasions they were unable to locate my work address, unlike every other courier service 2. they had some items listed for delivery that day, but item was not delivered for weeks 3. I had to head into their distribution center on 2 occasions and pick them up from there 4. items have been returned to sender a. Couldn't find address b. They never called to contact number supplied c. Claimed item was delivered, only for me to find that the item was returned to sender d. Claimed the item was delivered when it wasn't, claimed courier had the item signed for, but when questioned and we asked for evidence of this, it turned out, after a day or two, they found the item, to which I had to head into their distribution center Opinions may vary
  6. LOL, that's perfect world senario What's going to happen is that I will help her pay for it as she has only been working part time for the last few months She's a good kid And yes, I'm a sucker for my little "bunny rabbit", she has me firmly wrapped around her little finger As a father should be
  7. ? Are you saying I need a Skyline, or, more boost, or, less boost, or, more timing, or, E85, or, a turbo, or a built motor? Or, obviously, skid vids?
  8. Needs limiter, flames and 1000hp for insta car looks super sweet in the SAU though
  9. Dropped car off at Autotech on Monday, and.....the supercharger has developed a rattle that increases with revs Autotech and Harrop have stated that it's covered by warranty, which is awesome, I cannot rate Autotech high enough, Spiro is a great and honest guy to deal with So far Autotech and Harrop have been diagnosing the issue and the blower is going back to Harrop (in Victoria 😭) to get pulled apart, inspected, rebuilt or replaced Once Harrop get it, it's about a 3 day turn around Bit of a PITA, especially with the shipping in and out of Victoria, but what do you do Strangely I cannot think of anything else that could be done to the old girl while it's sitting forlorn at Autotech, could I be content with it's current modifications????? 🤯, well apart from adding the 80mm pulley and getting the retune that is In saying all this, and not having the car to drive around, it's probably going to rain for the next couple of weeks and I'm going to be on the bike with a wet arse until the car comes back
  10. The kind that does what he is told, I wanted to get her a Forester because AWD and the access road is dirt, she said the Forester looked like a box and didn't want one, she wanted a Yaris because cute and low running costs Now she wants big 4wd thing with a bullbar to plow the road with
  11. She has already tested the guilt trip waters with "a 4wd with a big bull bar would be alot safer than the little Yaris you got me, wouldn't it dad" Meh, as she says, she's my favourite financial burdon...
  12. Daughter's Yaris vs Skippy The daughter is fine and the Yaris came off unexpectedly well for hitting a good sized buck. The Yaris is already at the smash repairs She dragged Skippy off the road and it expired shortly after, without any help... The daughter now wants a bigger car... Stupid Kangaroo
  13. Finally got to installing the "carbuilders" under boonet liner https://www.carbuilders.com.au/premium-under-bonnet Luckly I got 2 rolls for less than the price of 1 a few months ago Still need to trim out the vent holes and fit the pinch weld to the holes, (need to get to clarkes rubber to pick what I want) but you get the picture Next up will be lining the boot lid with the stuff Oh, and as I got the new bigger headers I'm going to get the tune checked, so, as you do, I'm getting a 5mm smaller pulley ($150?) for the supercharger, should add around 2 or 3 psi and is the smallest available that does not overspeed the rotors, so blower warranty is still good
  14. Boring day at work so took long lunch break to fit the tail tidy Like all simple bolt on parts, it wasn't a simple bolt on, I'm going to trim up the sides a bit but I need some new blades for the jigsaw No real rush anyway as it looks way better than the original big plastic thing that was there before
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