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  1. Currently at a stable 20 in.-Hg at idle.....🐢
  2. UNIGROUP built it for me years ago, made a lazy 500hp. It did have its issues, eating OEM manual gearboxes was one of them
  3. Get some black krinkle HTP on that airbox, it will look less "fabbed". Well, in my mind anyway. Hell, my old girl looked stock.....
  4. Yep, except an s15 can make 200rwkw tuned and around 220rwkw on e85. As stated, I don't want to talk about it. Sadly I missed a ultra low km one owner ADM when I was looking. The thing was like new, stored, it had 5000km on it if I recall right, it sold for $28k I believe, which I would have paid. It was red, a yellow one, exact same condition, owned by the same guy sold about 2 months prior. I doubt I will ever see one in that condition again. Bugger
  5. My stock NA 86 makes more @fw than the ADM S15. I don't want to talk anymore about this though...... I like my 86, but I lay awake at night thinking of what could have been.......
  6. mlr

    Nice classic
  7. I wouldn't use a spay on wipe off stuff if you like your paint, hell, I foam and pressure wash my car before I use my microfiber wash cloth. I've done alot of work with soils, in construction, with that alot of soil testing and research. Alot of that fine dust you see is fine sand and silt, both are bulky materials, whilst it is small it does scratch shit up good. But, don't let that get in the way of good marketing
  8. This looks ok? Maybe?
  9. I like power washers, not paint stopper power held close though. I use a little Karcher that has a foam attachment and hose that sucks u p car wash. 1st, I foam the car and let it sit I then Karcher the foam of to remove all dirt and grit that a hose wo u ld leave, I get in nice and deep like.... I then hand wash and dry with bath towels.
  10. mlr

    Sad day really
  11. Actually, I would be ecstatic if SAUNSW did another Texi so I could do mad skids and run over some cones. As for chopping shit, I'm always up to chop someone, well someone who doesn't know it's a race anyway, I find it easier to win that way.
  12. mlr

    Cyber bully, you didn't like the replys and started calling people names. Keep up the rage
  13. mlr

    Ohhhh, sorry for upsetting your feeling. Were my comments close to home?