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  1. Armor all wheel cleaner is quite good for the price. That would be where I would start. From looking at it, the clear coat is gone and there is pitting. If they are good rims they might justify the cost, maybe at least a couple of hundred each rim to refurb.
  2. Is your Mrs my Mrs? The minister of war and finances
  3. Was that the question? If so, I'll ask my Mrs, she has an answer to everything and she is never wrong...
  4. Cheers, but I'm more of a hookers and coke kind of guy
  5. Just went for a quote, a place I've used before who do top work. $1500, ouch. The cost is due to the amount of prep and processes required to guaranty a quality finish that will last. So, the TRD knockoff (requires paint) costs $500ish, then $1500 to paint. The original TRD one cost about $1500 shipped to my door (no painting required). Looks like the genuine item is the only way to go
  6. Any pro painters out there I'm curious how much this will cost to paint It has a gel coat finish Will require some spray filler Looking at Matte black I'll be looking at getting it painted locally, just need a idea so I don't get ripped off Cheers
  7. Better than the eBay classic of selling something for a typical price, but, having the shipping at $3k dollars https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ROCKET-RB-VER-2-STYLE-FRONT-DIFFUSER-FRP-FOR-TOYOTA-FT86-GT86-FRS-SUBARU-BRZ-/262811183965
  8. Got the SME 2.5" resonated front pipe on. The cabin is a much nicer place to be, exhaust isn't tinny at higher RPM. Shit photo is shit, but it aint going up again for a better pic
  9. It needs a coat of VHT krinkle paint Way to shiny for my liking
  10. Where I can buy tickets, linky me Paypal? Also need SAU sticker to put on my Toyota that is made by Subaru
  11. Don't be scared, don't let fear stop you Put your money where your mouth is, there will be enough clear air for everyone
  12. Yes, as stated previously, good ums need to get out more. Problem is they cost alot now and people are wary of walls. Still........costs me nothing to watch 'n' listen
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