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  1. Yeah, only old commodore owner do that because the oversized tyre cannot make a commodore handle any worse than it does originally.
  2. Quite run down to Goulburn to see my daughter Country life shits on the burbs
  3. I've used a GC lock on my MX5, that worked quite well, which whilst it is a major compromise compared to a proper fixed seat, harness and bar, it did hold my lower body in place. I did need to pull it apart once and use some blue locktite as the allen screws came undone, once I had done that I never had an issue with it. Opinions do vary on them though
  4. http://www.sydneydragway.com.au/events/race-4-real-dec-02-20201/ Donuts on the line
  5. Cheers mate, I'm currently using Penrite 10w40 but am going to try Castrol edge 10w60 Oils for the LS, chop and change I've found, OEM are 0w30 to 10w40, dependant on country of release and what variants they were used in I was talking to a fellow bogan at work who has a few cars with LS1's in them, he runs and recommends 10w60 in all of them Further googling for the LS has seen 10w60 Maineline or Castrol edge recommended, alot Anyways, Supercheap has 5ltrs of Edge 10w60 for $60 so I grabbed 2 bottles and a filter to see how she runs with it over summer Cheers
  6. Aircon is all regased and it's fracking freezing. Bring on the summer time cruises.
  7. Wire wheel and converter, then throw on some paint and bondo, finish with a nice rattle can finish. Don't worry about the exterior, just give it a cut and polish. That patina look is in, just need some wide steel rims painted black to finish the look.
  8. Fark she is a vlean old girl Nice score
  9. Are we talking about RB's?....
  10. That photo was where it was peeling out of second into third The pic was more of a reference of how much "face" of the tyre was making contact with the road, as it is, with the current camber, I'm missing a heap of tyre on the outside edges, yes it's a street tyre but it is still sacrificing grip I wore out the inside edge out of a set of M/T ET steet drag radials on my old skyline from running to much camber, when I zero'd the rear camber the skyline hooked up much better, wore flat, and improved my 60' time by a fair whack, that did go from around -2.0° to 0° though A rough guestimation is if I can zero the camber I can get maybe 30mm more contact patch per tyre, that has got to help my 60' Plus the cruise ship doesn't really need any camber at the back, the big fat Bessie isn't ever going to be a car to take fast corners, more a big fat comfortable cruise ship that eats highway miles and lays maaaaad skids For what I want the car to do, my plan is to just give it a good set up for hard launches on drag radials but still have it compliant and safe for street tyres In saying this I'm not even sure if my adjustable camber bushings are going to give me any more adjustment than the "camber correction" bushings that are in it now, fingers crossed AND........GO
  11. Private road testing....gave it a little pedal to see how it hooked with the 245/45 17 RE003 and with the aid of 75 litres of fuel in the tank From a dead stop, in D, trac off, "not" in sports mode (because I forgot to hit the button) it just "spun" up through the gears, definitely needs more positive camber, I'm missing a big chunk of traction. I have adjustable camber bushings all ready to go, which are a PITA to install, not sure if it will give me what I want though, which is 0° camber, currently I think I'm at -1.0° IIRC. Meh, fingers crossed I need to get this sorted before I kill a set of drag radials In other news it shifts real nice and doesn't change direction much during the shifts So far so good
  12. Got the car back, the car is even more LOL Did cut drive around short because it looks like the mother of all storms is just about to unleash hell
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