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  1. The front tow hook screws in behind the front rego plate. The L brackets and bolts are to remount the plate above (or below?) the tow hook. I guess you would set this up for when you know you will be driving through snow, so when you slide off the road you're ready to be pulled back on to the road. I'm missing the wheel chock as well and whatever goes in the spot beside the screwdriver/spanner. My 81 Celica RA40 has a better tool kit than this. Nissan seem a bit tight in this department .
  2. QJQ

    Replacing Battery

    Not sure if it matters how quick you do the change over, but I don't exactly work quick and I didn't have any issues when I replaced my battery a while ago. Everything worked fine afterwards. I have the smart key and the additional security system. I did replace the battery with a Bosch battery which looked identical to the unbranded Japanese battery it replaced, so the install was fairly straight forward.
  3. I actually like the first one (black on silver). I wanted this one myself but at the time I was ordering two sets and couldn' t afford the extra upfront cost ($115 extra) of the silver over the standard colour on white ones. Out of the two you like, I'd go with silver on black. The white on black reminds me of the NSW plates of ye olden days - looks great on classics. Just my opinion but. Interesting to see they now offer an international size called 'import'. But it's only available in black on white. When you have ordered them, let us know the numbers/letters you have picked. Cheers
  4. QJQ

    spot the stagea

    Just saw a white Series 2 C34 on Ten's The Living Room a few minutes ago. They were in a Bunnings somewhere (Canberra?). The Stag was parked in the inside timber yard drive through area. Prime-time TV.........top effort. 👍
  5. I guess you mean in Romanji which is the english alphabet sort-of-phonetic way of saying Japanese Hiragana or Katakana. Google translate should also show the Romanji and if you press the speaker icon will say it as well. stationwagon ステーションワゴンの Sutēshonwagon no wagon ワゴン Wagon (The Romanji for wagon looks the same but is said differently) Do the Japanese also use the term estate? I'm not sure of this translation though as I don't think Google translate is in the context of a vehicle. Happy to be corrected on any of the above as I am only just starting (trying) to learn Japanese and it sure is hard. Although they reckon it's harder for the Japanese to learn our confusing language Cheers
  6. If you search for infiniti g35 navigation knob on eBay worldwide these come up. Including post they cost over $40. Maybe you could take the part number to your local Nissan and get them to order it from Japan for you. I'm ordering a heated windscreen from Nissan Japan through Lennock Nissan in Canberra, I could ask them to add a knob (if available) to the order as well.
  7. Your question has already been asked........10 days ago............by you. Installing The Oem Pop Up Screen In A Non-Sat-Nav M35? You could try a wreckers (V35 Skyline should be the same), that way you can ensure you get all the necessary mounting brackets, etc. You will need to fabricate a filler panel where the nav buttons go or you could just put the buttons in (not connected) to give your passengers something to fiddle with . I'm interested in how you go with this. As I indicated in your other thread, I am thinking about doing a similar thing except mine is a Series 2. Cheers
  8. I'm looking at doing something similar. Although I have a double din fascia to go in, I already have a single din Pioneer PRS99 to install and will probably fill the gap with the Defi Din Gauge. For the monitor I am considering the Mimics X2 or a simple touchscreen and mini PC. As the navi buttons won't be needed I was just going to fill the space with a trim piece or something. Someone in the States has already installed a touch screen in place of the OEM nav screen a few years ago in their Infiniti G35 (essentially the same interior). Dracov's CarPC. Stock Navi replacement DIY. The process would be similar for a Series 1 M35. As for installing the pop-up mechanism in a non-navi Stag, I can't see why (I hope) it can't be done so long as you get all the parts required and can get the little button on top to trigger the monitor to go up and down. As soon as I can get a navi monitor and trim I will be giving this a go anyway. Just be aware that in Series 2 M35s, the stereo fascia (integrated or double din) is slightly taller (a few mms) on non-navi models. So if you get a navi pop-up screen the trim will overlap. This picture shows the difference - the non-navi is on the right. This photo shows another idea for installing a screen (I think this is an SAU member's Stagea). If you're handy with fibreglass, this shouldn't be too hard to make. Unless someone knows where to source this item.
  9. QJQ

    spot the stagea

    Spotted in the ACT on Oaks Estate Road near Queanbeyan a neat silver M35 Axis. It didn't look quite like your average silver Axis. Very nice.
  10. Around midday today I spotted a nice looking silver M35 Stagea Axis on Oaks Estate Road. A few minutes later I was following a neat black 4dr R33 on Canberra Ave heading from Qbn to Fyshwick. You probably didn't notice me, but you would've seen the numpty in the Chrysler 300 speeding past in the right lane only to get stuck behind a little white Yaris (my brother) .
  11. That first gold AR-X looks good. I'm guessing the first owner in Japan must've ticked almost every option box. The only factory options I don't see are dual climate control and rear hatch spoiler. It even has the safety pack. All M35s have dual front airbags but only a few have curtain and side airbags and rear seat centre lap-sash seat belt. It looks to have the Bose stereo, HICAS (4 wheel steer - love it or hate it), auto tilt/fold mirrors and reverse camera. Someone has even installed reverse sensors. Going by the rear fog light, I'd say it has the cold pack which also includes heated mirrors and windscreen. But you would also need to check for underbody corrosion (salted roads in the snow). The tan colour if I recall correctly (it has been a while since I sat in one) is the darker of the pictures almost like a Crunchie (honeycomb). I haven't seen that rear number plate trim before - looks OK but would probably look better colour coded. As Ryan says, the white M35 is not an AR-X, but it does appear to have the rare safety pack as well. IMO on face value, the gold AR-X looks to be better value of the two, but I would check out a lot more M35s before settling on one. Cheers
  12. Thanks Alex for the advice and pictures. You actually told me your tyre sizes when we spoke at the Skyline Nats in Goulburn in September but by the time I got home I had forgotten it. Your car looks great by the way - but I guess you don't need people to tell you that. Shame Craig (Jetwreck) and Scotty's wagons weren't there, but it was good chatting to you and Craig. The tyres I am looking at are either 245/40R20 or 275/35R20. This gets me closer to the original factory diameter than the current tyres I have on (235/50R18). One thing I have noticed is it appears the AR-X has larger rolling diameter wheels than the RS/RX. According to the handbook the 17 inch wheels wear 215/55 (668mm) and the 18 inch wheels wear 225/55 (705mm). I think the Axis is the same as RS/RX for rolling diameter. Could the larger diameter wheel on the AR-X be more forgiving to the larger 20" wheel? I think the wheels I am looking at also come in 19 x 8.5 with either a +15 or +32 offset but I need to confirm this with the Australian distributer. Tyres to suit would be 245/45R19. I am still worried that after all the expense 19s won't feel the guards nicely - yes, I'll admit this is mostly about looks but at the same time I don't want to compromise comfort and handling. I take your point about the large lip on the AR-X/Axis. So long as the wheels come out a bit further than standard I'll be happy even if it's not totally flush. For anyone with an iPhone, TireLab and Rim Offset are two good apps for working out clearances. TireLab includes the tyre in its calculation.
  13. That looks great Cam. What size tyres are you running and how much clearance to the front strut do you have? Did you have to do any guard lipping/rolling? I am looking at getting 20 x 9s very soon for my ARX. The wheels I am looking at come in +38, +32 and +20. I am leaning towards the +20 due to the flares, however, the +32 may allow me to fit slightly wider tyres so I have some rim protection. Although the flares on the ARX/AXIS sit out a little bit, as far as I understand the guards are essentially the same as the RS/RX just with holes in them. Ideally what I am after is the edge of the tyre sitting flush with the flare. If any ARX/AXIS owners have fitted 9 inch wheels, what offset did you go with and what tyre size did you fit? Cheers
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