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  1. 33 is up for sale. Turbo time ;)

  2. 1994 R33 Nissan Skyline. 2-door coupe. 5 speed manual. rwd. - Rare RB20E (Single overhead cam, really good on petrol but still fun to drive) - Imported from Japan - Female owner. Previously registered in QLD ( 387MEW ) - High k's because it's done a few trips between NSW & QLD - Currently registered in NSW with 10 months rego. Recently bluesliped so everything's running well. - Just put in brand new high pressure power steering line because old one had a small leak. - Aftermarket body kit - Jun front bar - Spacesaver in boot - Clean interior - Tein springs in rear - Couple of rough patches of paintwork - Boot face needs respray ( quoted $150 ) - Good project car for P Plater - WHEELS: 4 x 114.3, 17s Selling because I bought a turbo car Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Asking for $4500 but open to reasonable offers. Come have a look/drive. No time wasters thanks. =) Located: Narara NSW Mobile: ( 0450975950 Call or txt. I don't answer private numbers ) Email: [email protected]
  3. From the album Kimmeh

    Personally, don't like the wheels or fitment but the car looks alot cleaner than with the silvia stockies
  4. From the album Kimmeh

  5. This could work I'll talk to the guy from thread master. Thanks ^_^
  6. This is the part number of the standard steering column for my car 4880515U01 Apparently if I can find a series 1 n.a. 33 it will fit. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi my name's Kim, I need some help/advice. Ok here's the situation. So I bought an r33 off some guy, took the stock steering wheel off to put my new aftermarket hub and steering wheel on to find that there was pretty much no thread left on the steering column and was being held in place with electrical tape. My 33 has an RB20E which is pretty rare I got a steering column out of an R33 with an RB25DET from the wreckers but found out that it is about 1cm shorter than my threadless steering column, which means that it won't reach the uni-joint joined to the steering rack =( So now I don't know what to do.. Cutting & welding anything on the steering column seems dodgy & dangerous, & I don't like my chances of finding another Rb20e steering column. Anyone have any REASONABLE ideas? Hit me up - comment, msg Any help would be appreciated.
  8. About 3 weeks away from registering my fun bucket =)

  9. From the album Kimmeh

    Did a cruise from the coast to Wiseman's Ferry the gourge

    © © Copyright and respective owner

  10. From the album Kimmeh

    Did a cruise from the coast to Wiseman's Ferry the gourge

    © © Copyright and respective owner

  11. New Jun front bar mounted =)
  12. From the album Kimmeh

    Did a cruise from the coast to Wiseman's Ferry the gourge

    © © Copyright and respective owner

  13. For sale: Set of 18" x 7.5" Scorpion wheels These are MULTISTUD: 4x114.3 & 4x100 Need money so am selling them really cheap =P I'm happy to deliver them if its not toooo far away. (Located in gosford) $160 =) mob: 0450975950 PM or email: [email protected] Also have a R33 black center garnish. $30 Pickup or $40 posted (NSW)
  14. Sorry wrong section! Pls delete
  15. Hey everyone, looking for a front reo for a r33 s1. If series 2 will fit then cool. I live in nsw so either postage or pick up in this state please =) PM or txt 0421975796