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Leniant Qld Cops?


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Went to BWCP tonight for the first time (I.hate.rain).

When we were leaving.. well some fu*kwit yelling out "your skylines shit" or something to me, but apart from that.. my mate who was in front of me in his silver R33 GTST, launched it onto the road breaking traction etc etc.. anyway I was a fair bit behind at this stage lol (250rwkw vs 100kwatw? lol) but after about 500m or so I see a cop car with its lights on come from nowhere behind me so I got into the left lane to let it past.

There was another car in front of me that was still in the right hand lane, it went to merge into the left hand lane but at the same time the cop decided to move into the left hand lane, almost cleaned it up lol.

Then he passed my mates WRX so I knew he was going after the GTST.

My mate is still changing lanes getting through traffic and at this stage I'm starting to think he's gonna do a runner! lol

Anyway we all turn left after the bridge and my mate pulls into some carpark near the water.

Both the cops get out of the car and approach my mates GTST.

Cops are taking aaaaaages and have the spotlight out and then get them out of the car and we see the cops talking to my mate and his passenger and writing shit in some book, we all thought they were writing them a ticket, driver for obvious reasons and passenger for drinking.

Anyway cops are there for at least 15mins and eventually they drive off and my mate comes over and starts saying he got a $1400 fine lol but he was just BS, apparently the cops were mad c*nts and let them both off, just took their details down. Cop also said he could've defected him for the BOV, exhaust and a few other things but that he couldn't be bothered lol.. Asked my mate where he was from and the cops like "i used to work there, its a f**king hole ay" and shit like that lol.. mate said the cop was swearing heaps and said "usually i cant f**kin swear cause the rich c**ts around here complain" or something like that.. haha

I think my mate said one of the cops has a 400hp or kw falcon or something? I dunno I cant remember.

Anyone been pulled over by these officers? Are they an exception to the norm?

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Just have to treat them like people, and make them think they are above god (very hard to do both) But Im always out of the car with my licence out ready to great them before they have got out and said 'hello hello hello' in their copper voice. They are normally pretty good then, as they know I understand I have stuffed up bad, just want to get it over and done with, so they are normally pretty good.

This is unless you get the 2 hawian shirt guys from back in the day. They are just arses.

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haha, when i was in victoria i was going for a bit of sideways action around a nice corner, really lighting it up, late at night i didnt think anybody else was around.. 2 streets later blue and red so I pulled over, the cop made me pop the hood and pointed out the bov, intercooler and pod (different victorian rules) then also pointed out that the exhaust was too loud, on top of dangerous driving and some other things.. then he went to check my license, and goes "ahh, brisbane boy hey.. shorncliffe.. i was from sandgate.. " then it turned out he went to the same highschool as me, and after he found out i was in the army he just told me to get the illigal mods sorted and not to get caught again.. haha, ahh well, i guess its true about it all depends on who you get ;)

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