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hey guys,

i have a R33 GTS-T and i want to do it up. i have 17" rims and a 3.5 inch exhaust all the way through with a 4"inch tip and sports suspention and everything. WHat is the next thing i should do? SHould i put a frount mount in? Boost control? Can anone give me some ideas?

Thanks guys

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1. fmic get a kit trust one is good I hear. $450 - $2000

2. dump pipe from turbo to cat

3. high flow cat $3?? supplyed and fitted

4. safc2 / or remapped ecu anything from $200 to $600

5. boost control $22 to $600

try and find good second hand stuff, but get a new highflow cat (i have a magic 4")

Then after all that you can go onto things like

1. turbo $400 - $3000

2. injectors $400 - $1000

3. forgies and rebuild dont ask the price.

4. powerfc. $950 of here

Most stuff you can find on here for next to nothing or become friends with your local performace shop. Have fun.

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Upgraded brakes and discs might be a good investment to keep this power under control. I know that would be something id be looking at. either GTR brakes or even 300zx brakes i hear work nicely. this could make it that little bit cheaper aswell

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