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Events? What Do You Want


What type of events do you want  

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I think a sunday cruise to somewhere in the country could be a goer soon.. followed by a bbq lunch in a park or something.

Was thinking a cruise to Warwick ? 2 hour drive I think from goldcoast area, not bad area.. then back.. Some nice roads to there.

My vote is kind of for "all the above".

A purely skyline track day I'd be keen on, but a lot of people are a bit scared to get their car out there on the track it seems (hey if its going to break its going to break eventually :P). I think this was attempted before by Paul, but not too much interest to make it worthwhile ;)

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social events -non car related.

Not all of us are into going into the valley and getting sh!tfaced but I don't think many of us would say no to a pint or so on a nice sunday afternoon somewhere. Or a good dinner somewhere central (I know there's regular chilli nights in loganholme)

paintball, laserforce, bowling, ice skating,

Or we could try to raise money with a Car Wash (who's got a bikini :lol: )

Oh and don't be scared of track days people.

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we need another dyno day.

The last dyno day which was run by the club was also a very successfull Membership drive, but dont you think it is still a bit hot to run these durning the day? I know we could just find one to have at night, maybe a sausage sizzel for dinner and then do the runs once it gets cooler, like at 3am :(

I agree with slamm, there are heaps of things we could do, I like the idea of a bowling night....?

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dyno day!!

it would all be relative so if all the same cars go on in the same time.. on same conditions it wouldn't matter. Dyno if its in shootout mode will have temp correction on anyhow.

great way to check if your tune is "safe" during the summer month

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Only been on one organised cruise (not on this web site) to the sunshine coast since i got my car and have to say it was a complete dive. A solid "Group Drive" on some interesting road through the abbundance of dantree avalible to us ending up at some where like natural arch where you can swim and BBQ like Gordon suggested would be awsome. It would seem skyliners are a different breed and enjoy utilising all aspects of their car and not just dumping it, fitting it with the biggest set of rims that will fit the gaurds, driving on the boring free way for an hour to drive up and down the same strip all day. I love a good looking car but i got my car to drive it! which brings me to my choice: skid pan and test and tune events offer plenty of time to socailise as well as good clean fun in the drivers seat

Sorry, bit of a rant :P

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