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Autech And Rb26


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Howdy guys,

/yeah I've searched for the answer but nothing useful or related popped up..

What's the difference between the Autech version and the ordinary Stagea's besides the obvious? What I mean is, was there any mechanical or structural differences between the two? How different is the engine wiring between the?

Also, will the brakes (I mean the rotors and calipers together) from a R33 GTR bolt straight on for both front and rear? Is the exhaust off a Stagea anywhere close to what a R33 Skyline might be?

Yeah mate got a smashed up GTR being pulled apart at the moment and thought maybe it is a feasible conversion. If not then no worries.

Thanks ^_^

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here is some answers...and a question.

RS4 VS Autech is like GTST vs GTR, but in wagon form.

33GTR brakes will bolt up, but need bigger wheels.

Exhaust, no chance. Ive tried, stagea is much longer

Got GTR manual box for sale, i need one relativly urgently.

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The Autech has strengthened chassis at various points, also an updated interior.

completely different driveline(axels, driveshafts, brakes are all improved), suspension and a different engine completely.

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The Autech runs an R33 GTR driveline, bilstein sus, big brembos and rotors. They have extensive body bracing. Is manual only, and are fantastic to drive. They are a basically an RS4 bought brand new from Nissan (hence RB25 build plate) and modified by Autech and still came with Nissan warranty from new. Around $110000 AUD new. Very rare car, still waiting on build numbers from Nissan. If anyone has the build numbers I would love to know.

The interior is much nicer as Terminal pointed out. Great seats and a sportier trim.

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Will be expensive though... rare as Autech Stagea



Rare 1997 Model

Black Bodywork

Factory RB26DETT

5 Speed Manual

Factory Autech Bodykit

R34 GTR OEM Wheels

38,000 Km's

Truly Unique Vehicle





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I have now seen two different base models that these were produced off. From what I understand most of them originated from the 25X, as this was the cheapest 4wd to come from the Nissan factory, but I have also seen one made from an RS4. 3 of my friends have 260's, and the ones that came from the 25X were the newer model that had the Xenon lights etc, and also didn't still have the AT dash with the gear indicator up the centre like you can see on the above one.

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I went and "test" drove the black 260RS at street Machines, they want like $51k (EDIT: $49,990) for it, anyway it shat all over my RSfourV+S, but for all the good reasons mentioned above!!

I want one :P




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This is what I understand:

The rear axle (since the front end is essentially a R33 GTR) might snap

There are structural reinforcement with the Autech's


What axles are the Autech running? I am guessing it's GTR ones as well and what are the structural reinforcement to be exact? Just couple of braces here and there or are there additional welds to the chassis/body?

My plan is, bring a Stagea in and comply it then slap all the parts over from that wreck including the manual box then engineer it. If the 'ordinary' Stagea is too soft (in terms of suspension/chassis strength) then I'll scrap this idea and forget it...lol.

Thanks for the information so far :w00t:

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