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Squeaky Engine Noise


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Hi all

I noticed lately my car has been squeaking in the engine bay.

Its only a soft squeak, and you can only hear it outside the car, even with the bonnet closed.

Its quite annoying and sometimes its there, sometimes its not.

I noticed that when I rubbed some wax on the main belt, it went away. But then it would come back again. I also sprayed some liquid on the belt, made it go away for a bit but then it came back.

It sounds like maybe a belt is rubbing against something ever so slightly.

Had a mechanic tighten the belt as much as recommended and check the belts. They are fine.

What could it be? A friend has recommended getting belt lubricant and spraying it.

Thanks all

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you put wax on ur belt?......

it could be a bearing in one of the pulleys more than likely. and by you spraying or waxing that stuff on it prob gets spun into the bearing giving it some extra lube but eventually gets spun back out because its not sealed thus noise comes back. Careful with putting stuff on your belt if it starts to slip from it to much it may wear out and snap..... jus try work out exactly where the sound is coming from and replace that part

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