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My Work Emotion CR-Kai

Skyline model = R33 GTS-T

Wheel diameter = 17"

Wheel width = 8" front, 9" rear

Wheel offset = +32 front, +38 rear

Tyre size = 225/45 front, 245/40 rear

Modifications to fit = none

Brakes = stock brakes

Suspension = lowered approx 1"

The offsets would be the same for the Meisters.

Enjoy your Works. They are a top of the range brand and you will be amazed at the build quality and attention to detail (more so if you are buying the wheels new.)

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how bout this, i just got quoted for some meisters........

18 x 8.5 front +35

18 x 9.0 rear +30

will that combo work for gtstr33, back gaurds rolled, how does offset affect performance??? and does +20 offset mean closer to guards(more dish), as opposed to +30 or other way round :P

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You won't need the back guards rolled.

Those wheels will stick out 8mm more than mine (at the rear) and mine don't fill the guards so you should be find without guard rolling.

Offset does not affect performance.

With that +20 offset question, you can't just say whether it'll stick out more because you also need to know the width of the wheel to make that conclusion.

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Assuming 18x9 wheels, the lowest you'd go is +30.


For that size wheel offsets usually go +42, +35, +30, +22.

It'd be difficult to find an offset in between +30 and +22.

You don't want +22 unless you have some well rolled guards as +22 is GTR offset.

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great im finally gettin all of this now, so basically if i was to go 18x9.5 its best to go something like +35 offset as the rim itself is already got a wider track then say 18x9

Yes 18x9.5, +35 offset would be perfect for the rears of a R33 GTS-T.

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thank mate, im just sorting out wheel size/offsets as im importing them im, im after that jdm//drift look im sure alot here know what i mean:)

anyway hows this sound?

18x8.5 + 30

18x9.5 + 35, would +30 work, or not worth the risk???

wheels im looking at: Work Meisters s1 3 peice, in black spoke

let me know what you guys think, and if its doable


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cheers, i'll try sourcing +30 for both, yeh im really after the black spoke rims, with big dish, any way to work out size of dish on these wheels?

also if it was a little stuck out will a lil camber help sort that issue out?

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Yes you could always camber it so that the top of the wheels are tucked into the guard.

Dish wise, unless you have a picture, you can't really work it out.

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