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Vic Rego Proceedure For Stagea?


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Hi all,

Well my car is complied and will be shipped down from QLD in the next week. I was just wondering if anyone else from Vic could inform me of how they went with Vic rego once the car is here. The dealer seems to think its a pretty straight forward proceedure but knowing how haphazard Vic roads can be ( I worked as a driving instructor for the last 3 years and had to deal with them a lot) I thought that I would find out how others have gone about getting there Stagea on the road.



PS. The Vic plate GTRS is avalible is from Vic roads if anyone is interested..I was surprised that it wasnt already gone.

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SEVS compliance is a nationally accepted standard, so you shouldn't have any problems. As long as the car is roadworthy in VIC (ie you have a VIC roady cert), and passes the VicRoads inspection, and you take along the right documentation (import approval, purchase invoice etc) then you should be fine.

Depending on who serves you, if they're pedantic, they'll want to see shipping docs etc.

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Ive got some much better plates in mind, but plates are not my priority. Infact, I dont really care.

Someone take the plates WGNC34. At least id be happy if someone from here took them, as i could see them every now and then :P

I reckon they are killa plates. I want euro style, but at 800 bucks for some plates... FARK DAT!

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don't forget to get the VIN stamped in (not required in QLD) if your plate is not held on by 'security' rivets... (I was caught out by it..)



and plates are now stickers from what l've been told, no longer do they use plates & rivets.

I have custom no. plates already ... which l'm happy with!! :P:D

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I just showed up at the RTA with a roady and all the other papers, a fella come outside checked the engine no. and that was that, was there (the one in nunawading or whatever it's called) less than 45 mins

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hiya all

just joined the site today.


i had no trouble at all with the changeover from qld rego to vic reg as long as the car passed roadworthy in qld it is a straight swap to vic reg they issue new plates and hand in the qld ones and cancel the reg.

be sure to get a rego cancellation form filled out so you can send it back and get a percentage refund!!

post the form to the following address and they will send you a cheque.

QLD transport P.O Box 5096 Central QLD M.C 4702.

i had the cheque back within 10 working days, and also there was no inspection of the vehicle required but jus make sure you have every bit of paperwork on the car with you in case.

cheers oxford

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