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33 Crashed


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o, today my mate and I decided to take the bus down to Grand Plaza to grab a bite to eat. It was raining rather heavily as we made our way to the bus stop with a couple of flimsy umbrellas. We continued along on our quest and saw the bus coming down the road so my mate waved it down, stopping it at the bottom of the street's 30 degree incline. We boarded the empty bus, and as we were searching through our wallets for the correct change to hand the middle-aged female driver, there was a loud thud and the bus lurched forward, sending my mate to the floor and me into the pole where the "next stop" button was mounted. It was clear to the driver and I that the bus had just been rear ended- at a fairly high speed. We were going to leave, but the bus driver ordered us to stay put and wait for a replacement bus, so I sat and listened to what the young driver of the R33 had to say in his condition of panic. Apparently he came over the crest and saw the bus so he put his foot on the brakes, pumped it and tried to regain control of the car, but nothing worked on the water slicked decline. I figure he must have been speeding but don't know by how much, because we weren't around when the police finally turned up (took them more than half an hour). He said he had bought the car only a month prior to this for 20k and was yet to insure it.

I couldn't say anything to the owner, there would've been nothing I could do or say to make him feel better; and I was also overcome by that feeling you get when you're involved in or witness a bad accident, so my mate and I remained silent.

When we were informed that another bus was on it's way to collect us: the only two passengers, I got off the bus and took a few pictures, incase anyone here might know the car, while we waited.

And if the owner of the car reads this, I send my condolences and I'm glad you walked away uninjured. With the conditions the way they were that afternoon, it could have ended up far worse. sad.gif



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hahahah I know what you mean Dave, 6 years of travelling on the school buses (death traps)

The amount of times those things have caught on fire isn't funny! At least this guy had a fair crack at taking one down :)

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