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Work Emotions Cr 18 X9.5 Wheels

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hey, a bit off topic, but have you got any more pics of those on the gts-t?

considered going this offset with slightly pumped guards but chickened out and got the standard offset...

9.5 wide +20 will not fit gts-t front without gtr guards,these have 225 tyres on front which are underguards but rim is about 10-15 mm out to far ..8.5 /same offset would be ok i think but 9.5 is to big

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cheers mate, yeah i got staggered sizes front to rear and would have gone stretched tyre on 8.5 fronts anyways. really just interested to see how far out the rim would be from the guard, 10-15mm isn't too bad.

awesome rims btw, should sell easily

some more pics ,as you can see ..front wheels were screaming for gutter rash..

have replaced with 8 inch +20 offset avs wheels which sit perfect in guards



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anyone want save a few hundred and a 8-10 week wait ,these wheels are as new. $2K ONLY....can supply any size tyre at discount as well


I have an R34 GTT. Going by the pics provided I assume these are on a r34 GTT? if so they do appear to sit very close to the guard/lip as I believe you have stated by offset?

Nice looking wheels indeed..



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