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Clutch And Pressure Plate


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hi, my cluctch is on the way out, im driving along and about 3-4 grand it starts slipping and rises to a sudden redline.

So im in need of a clucth and pressure plate, anyone have any like new or a stock one, and is it worth buying a HD clutch : also does anyone have any..what do you's recommend,

I know this should be in wanted to buy but its a problem that maybe you guys could assist me with



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There are various posts about clutches.

This should probably be in the driveline section as far as recomendations go.

As for clutches for sale, check out the group buys section there is a clutch you can buy there from C & B, and before anyone else says it, because someone will: Jim Berry.

Oh and check out the sticky in the driveline section.


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