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Dyno First Run


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Hi everybody,

I am planning to take my R32 to its first run on dyno this coming thusrday, and i am seeking your advices and any tip that helps...like should I raise boost when on dyno or jsut stick to 1 bar?>(tuner's advice)

here are the major mods:

RB25DET Series 2

Garret T04E turbo


Custom 3" air intake piping


Turbonetics Evolution wastegate

custom 3" downpipe

Tomie cams (270/8.8 both)

HKS metal head gasket 1.2mm

Walbro 255 in-tank fuel pump

HKS 555cc injectors

SARD standard fuel pressure regulator

Centerforce single plate clutch

HKS N1 muffler with custom 3" exhaust pipes

Greddy Profec-B Spec II

Apexi Power FC

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your tuner will tune the car to its potential. so if he thinks it can take more than 1 bar then he'll turn it up.

from the sounds of your setup, it will depend on the maximum allowable flow of your turbo.

also, you havent listed an AFM in your list. is it still standard? if so, you might be restricted with the power you make.

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Don't stress mate.

You should expect any were from 230-250rwkw depending on what boost you run

as 250 give or take is maxing out your stock inectors.

As long as it doesn't lean out badly or run too rich you should be safe.

However, this depends on the tuner's experience.

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Just pump boost into it until you either get valve float, no gain, or run out of fuel.

I think the limiting factor in your setup is the walbro intank pump. You may find that your injectors are maxing out earlier than expected if it isn't up to the task.

Stock valve springs and lifters will likely stop the fun at about 20psi anyway.

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around 5000rpm before yo'll really see much of a song start

you are absolutely right R31Nismoid, the song starts :) at around 5000rpm and this is the lag that makes me think of going to a better turbo even before i dyno it. thanks mate

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looking at your mods and the condition of your engine

with cams, it should see full boost earlier then it would, with just standard ones.

And i have just a r33 plain bearing hiflow on mine set on 15psi pretty much doin 230rwkw. with pretty much the same mods as you except for cams. My turbo is set on 18psi, but i have been restricted to 15psi because of the standard actuator bleedin off to early.

Having a t04e turbo, ( i haven't had one before, but have seen specs.)

i would be hoping to equal 270rwkw and or higher sittin on 1bar boost.

Just depends how good your tuner is, and what condition all your mods and turbo is in.

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on an RB20, there is no way its going to make 270rwkw @ 1bar

I had the old GTS-R turbo on the RB25 which was a t04e front and a hybrid T3 int gated rear... and it came on 13psi @ 4200rpm/220rwkw on the RB25

Check FATGTS-R's results with his version, its taking a bit more than 1 bar to mash out 270rwkw

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I recon do yourself a favour and get a better fuelpump, no mention is the walbro direct connection to battery loop or using the standard fuel power source, your setbacks are the pump and turbo choice, let alone its all been said above, ove noticed lowered compression ratio with the head gasket so you should be able to pump in a bit pending on what your turbo allows you to do im guessing? Goodluck on your endevours and keep us posted

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well thats fair enough on a rb20, but he has stated its a rb25det series 2

with cams and all the fuel supporting mods.

As i dont have a t04e, i wouldnt know, but looking at my car and he has a bigger turbo, ball bearing??

Maybe not at 1 bar but hopefully it shouldnt be too far off

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no it is not ball bearing.. well to tell the truth I was looking at 450rwhp/335rwkw but it seems that am way far form that and shouldnt expect that much.. maybe i was emotional a little bit :laugh:

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whops, RB25, didnt read that line :happy:

But yeah, i made 220rwkw @ 13psi with a t04e/hybrid T3 rear... so i doubt its going to be much more different, maybe 20rwkw higher with a different rear. But no more.

If you make 335rwkw, i'll be surprised mate.

The turbo will be working its guts out, and my guess @ somewhere above 24psi will be needed to get there

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so mates do you suggest setting the boost on 20psi all the time and that will be safe with no harm to engine at all? Anybody got settings for greddy profec-B spec II for 20psi (gain, set gain, warning...etc) i find it confusing sometimes

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Look, its your tuners call.

Some people run into valve float issues when boost gets higher etc.

IMO, ask the tuner to run as much boost as possible.

If the tune is decent and there are no issues. Then really there should be no issue.

If knock doesnt go about 25-30, then it should be fine.

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