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Just Fitted My New 400r Bodykit (r33 Gtst)

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Hi all!

Bought a Nismo 400R kit, along with a GTR-spoiler, a few weeks ago, fixed all mountingspots and go it painted.

This morning i went to the paintshop and picked it up and started mounting it.

Some friends came over (the white EVO3 with aftermarket front, fitting the rest tomorrow :), and a celica gt4 -96) and helped me get it done.

Well heres the result, just need to paint the lower part of the doors and behind the sideskirts and its all done!



All parts where in a really good condition, just needed to grind some extra fiberglass off and thats it! Im getting a new hood, 400R style, as soon as they arrive to the shop, then its the way i like it :) Well almost, wouldnt have hurt if it was a real 400R beast ;)

What do you think?



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Thanks for all your comments! Happy to hear :D

The decals are gonna go, taking them off when im repainting the lower part of the doors and behind the sideskirts! They look kind bad and takes away the clean look of it.

Im overall very happy with the result! The comments i get from people at the streets are really nice!

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U sure thats the 400R side skirt and rear bar?????

with that much flare on the side skirts i could've sworn it was the Jun's Side skirt, same goes for the rear bar.

got anymore photos?

I can say im sure... that its not :yes: You're right when you say its JUN skirts and rear bar! They're giving the car a sleeker look in my eyes :( And apperently the 400R skirts are a little harder to get hold of since most manufacturers just go for the JUN skirts since they look alike!

Im gonna upload some more pictures later, showing the rear :ninja:

It all sat me back, with the paint included, about 2,000 AU$ with a fair bit of discount from the shop ;) I fitted it myself, or that would have cost me about 500 AU$ extra.



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