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Abs Has Stopped Working

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I have a series 2 R33 gtst, Brakes have been fine, But now the abs light has come on.The abs is definitely not working, as now I can get my wheels to lock up under hard braking. The fluids are fine.

Anyone have any idea why?



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Have you checked if the plug to the ABS unit is plugged in mate? Check if it's damaged at all.

Good luck sorting it out.

Yes, checked all plugs and they seem ok. got me stumped, working fine one day, then nothing.

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Me too! Have worked out with Nissan's consult test that the motor is not on, something is not switching it on. Some ppl talk about checking the unit in the boot to see if there are lights on it that flash away indicating an error code of some sort, but I don't think the units that are in the GTS's are the same as I cannot see any LEDs.

There has to be some sort of wiring issue, I've checked all the fuses and they are ok, thinking that maybe the sensors are stuft, but can't see how that would stop the ABS motor from switching on!

Be good to get a solution! :D

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