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Took The Car To Wsid Last Night...

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Froze my balls off at WSID last night!

Did 3 runs, best I got was [email protected]/H

Car is 350GT Sedan with CVT gearbox.

Only a ztube and air filter for mods.

I did 2 runs in manual-mode and 1 in the auto. VDC was off on all. The auto mode was a little slower, but the slip light kept coming on until half way through that run? Can't have been slipping that much could it?

I pretty much nailed the launch all 3 times, but the track was freezing cold and I had some major slippage through 1st gear. Best I could do with stock tires.

Slips are coming.

A little disappointed not being able to crack 14's but I know this car is made for cruising instead.

What are you you guys getting? Please list mods and gearbox type!

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