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Custom Coil Pack Cover's! High Quality - Closed


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For RB20, RB25, CA18 and SR20

Hey everyone :D

This group buy is for custom made coil pack covers for RB20, RB25, CA18 and SR20 engines. These covers are custom made and produced by AM Performance.

Made out of aluminium with your choice of several laser cut design’s (pre-designed or you make your own) with either a professional polished or professional powder coated finish (with additional oil and heat resistant paint added so it wont be pealing off), with a variety of colours.

Colours include:

- Black

- silver

- gold

- blue

- white

- red

for more colours please ask.

As for the laser cut designs, Andrew (the owner of AM Performance) already has a range of pre-made designs on his computer,

Designs include:

- Nismo

- apexi

- greddy

- trust

- blitz

- hks

- tomei


Personal Custom Designs

as for your own personal custom designs, Andrew requests that you either have a picture or a CAD drawing of your preferred design. If you send the design/picture to me i will pass it on to Andrew, he will do a drawing on his computer of how it will come out on the final product, ill pass this final drawing onto you for your approval then it will be cut. If you decide to have your own custom design then make sure you keep in mind the limitations (for example, you cant have the centre of a “O†floating in the middle of no where :D )

the covers also come with new stainless steel screws (either in silver or black)

Product Examples


























Price + What’s Included

down to business, the total cost of your order will be $145 ($130 for the cover and $15 for Australia wide delivery). Just to be crystal clear this amount includes the aluminium cover with chosen finish (polished or powder coated + paint), chosen custom design (pre designed or preferred custom design, laser cut into the cover), new set of stainless screws for the cover and Australia wide postage

Group-Buy Guidelines

- The group buy will be open for 25 days ( starts Friday 20th July and will run until Monday 13th August, 7:00pm )

- Full payment will be needed before or on the finishing date

- Manufacturing time will be roughly 2 weeks, then allow another 2-3 days for postage

- if you have chosen to do your own personal design then this must be finalised at least 3 days before the finishing date so that Andrew can do some drawings of what the final product will look like, and so that your happy with how it will turn out

- if you expressed interest but did not pay, ill send you a PM roughly 3 days before the group-buy ends reminding you to make the deposit for the cover, but if you do not pay by the 13th of august then you will unfortunately be left out from the buy.. there will be no extended payment periods.


Either PM or email me at [email protected] to place your order, if you could copy & paste the following (delete the italic font and complete with your order) to keep things easy and so that i can pass all the orders on to Andrew in a easy format

Payment Name: This is so i can identify your payment, please use your SAU login name for your payment to keep it simple

Engine Type:Please specify if your wanting this cover made for a RB20, RB25, CA18 or SR20

Cover Finish:Either polished or powder coated

Cover Colour:Colour of choice. N/A for polished but for powder coated then either chose a listed colour or contact me before ordering to find out what additional colours are available. Ill post up more colours as they become available (via questions)

Cover Design:select what logo/design you want from the list/pictures, or if you have already spoken to me about your own design then just type what the story is here. As an example i will be making a custom design of the Stagea unicorn logo, so i have edited a picture i found from the internet, sent it to Andrew and he has sent me back a picture of what it will actually look like to make sure im happy. These custom designs can be absolutely anything from your motorsport team, motorsport company, brand, car etc. this can also be N/A if you only want grill's.

Design Position: FrontMiddleRear / Large- Small (front obviously being towards the front of the car, rear being towards the rear of the car, and middle being right in the centre of the cover) N/A if you don’t want one

Grill : Obviously can’t be in the same place as your chosen design. Please have a look at the Product Example pictures to see what these grills look like and either link or describe what one you want yours to be like :banana:. N/A if you dont want a grill, and contact me if you have your own grill idea as this is customisable aswell.

Screw Colour: black or silver

Postage Details:Please enter your details here including your Name and Address you would like the cover to be sent to.


For paymentplease PM / E-mail me and ill send you my bank details. At the end of the group buy all payments and order’s will be sent to Andrew at AM Performance so the production can begin

Hopefully that’s everything! Any question’s then please don’t hesitate to ask, Andrew has said that he can answer any question within 24 hours.

[email protected]

cheers! :)



Brycey - Ordered - Paid

Musky - Ordered -

sam5709 - Ordered -

DEJA VU - Ordered -Paid

joe26f - Ordered - Paid

beastine - Ordered - Paid

ELV-R33 - Ordered - Paid

PSI Parts - Ordered - Paid

clkngezz - Ordered -

ahh_33_s2 - Ordered - Paid


Natasha-ALLURE - Ordered - Paid


DEJA VU - Ordered - Paid


DEJA VU - Ordered - Paid

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Johnny - just sent him a email asking for a picture :) should have something tomorrow to show you

Sam - a few other people have asked the same question mate (about the polished finish and how shinny it is) and i just received these pictures, it’s a mirror finish I’m told :)





Also currently getting a few pictures made for some custom orders, they are in progress! :thumbsup:

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sorry mate :rofl:

just letting all the buyer’s know that the money was transferred today! (sorry for such a massive delay!) some of the payments took longer to clear then others..

also just sent AM Performance a email with all the orders and information, so give it a couple of weeks and you’ll have a nice rectangular package on your doorstep!


oh, also if anyone is actually interested in getting a coil pack cover then please PM me so i can see if there is enough interest for a second group buy, no promises but i have been receiving a few pm’s from people still keen, if the numbers are there id do a second one :). this company also makes front/dump pipes plus many more performance parts, so that might be something to look into for the future..

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