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Can Someone Tell Me The Differences?

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I was wondering if anyone can tell me how the master and/ or clutch slave cylinders are different between R32, R33 as well as between GTRs & GTS.

The scenario behind this is that I have a GTS non-turbo R32 that has had an engine conversion. The current engine is an RB26 that initially came out of an R33. My current master cylinder is leaking a tiny bit and I am looking at purchasing another but have been told of the variety for each model but not the differences.



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Hi Erin, This is probably a bit late but the only difference you need to look at is the bore size of the master/slave cyl.

I find nissan really good for using the same parts on all models.

Ive converted a 260Z (that had the same slave cyl as my old 1600) with a RB20DET engine, the cyl worked fine...

Ive also converted a R31 (that had the same slave cyl as my old 1600, What i need the computer for) with A RB20DET, Same story.

I from memory think the slave cyl bore is 7/8in, If this is the same and the travel works without popping out of the bore then it will work.

I haven't taken much notice of the Master/slave cyl on my R33 but the slave look's the same as the others...

I would say the differences with the master cyl might be how the bolt to the firewall even though i find this to be the same as well.

If this is still a vaild question for you i will find out... (I think i will anyway...)

I hope this may be of some help, Cris...

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