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Hey Guys

Just wondering if anyone would be able to help me out?. I am thinking of putting a Greddy Intake Plenum on and was wondering about the piping on my intercooler and if i would need a whole new cooler together i currently have a blitz front mount but is has an elbow on the drivers side bringing the piping back under the cooler and up next to the other pipe. If i put a new plenum on should i get a new cooler??

Cheers Brad

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I would sell the cooler and get something more appropriate in the piping, as it will start to get ugly under there

Yea thats what I was thought about it. If i got another one with piping coming up both sides is the much modification to fit??

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you need to cut a hole under your washer bottle to runt the pipeing. its not that hard, just use a 3 inch holesaw or an angle grinder, then get measurements for the intake pipe leading to the plenum and get your local exhaust shop to knock something up for you

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