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Front Torque Meter

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i have recently purchased a gtr 34 vspec and just wondering how the torque meter gets its reading? my seem to break traction a bit too easy with cat back and abit more boost and some shitty brand new tyres. Car has gone in today and get it back on fri getting a new heavy duty clutch and lighter flywheel installed and just wondering if the transfer case gives the reading wen it pushes the front wheel or if the transfer case was not working will it give a reading at all ?

i just want to make sure my transfer case is working... i am new to gtr 1st gtr i have owned!!

Front guards do get some black marks like the rear marks when it feels like its wheel spinning so ne info would be great thanks guys

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Didn't you PM me recently? :)

I think your been too paranoid, the GTR traction system isn't perfect, its designed to lose the rear a little before the front kicks in on a corner.

The front torque gauge shows that the transfer case is engaging the front wheels from memory...

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umm ok 23 views and not one reply thanks for the help ppl :banana:
There are numerous threads detailing how the ATTESSA AWD system works. Try reading them to determine if yours behaves the same or not.
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