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HI Guys,

I'm sick of seeing my skyline sitting in my yard and want to see if anyone is interested in buying it.

I bought this car back in 2004 for about $16gz. I drove it around for a couple of years stock with just a trust 3inch exhaust.

It has some aftermarket 16in rims on it, not special but better then the stockies.



89 model M SPEC

GTR Headlights

aftermarket side skirts and pods.

bilstein suspension (awesome suspension)

Interior is immaculate, no stereo though.

Straight body.

This car was like new when I bought it, everything was immaculate. Drove better then a new car with the suspension.

Now the bad-

-It has bent valves in the head. I have spare valves and a head. Everything needed to fix it bar a head gasket, it also has a good timing belt on it (new a few years ago, never used).

REASON for bent valves, timing belt snapped while driving.

-The car was egged sitting out the front of my old mans house and the egg wasn't cleaned off straight away. So the paint is not the best. You might get away with a cut and polish. Roof is not the best either.

-The window seal rubber thing on the back window needs replacing.

There's probably heaps more info, but I cant think or remember atm. Its best to come inspect the car and see for yourself.

Total to fix the car I estimate at -

Valves + Head = free come with car

Head Gasket = $100 (i think)

Cut and polish = Free if you know someone with an electric buffer

Then blue slip $50

Green Slip for 6months $173

then rego $150 (i think)

Please feel free to ask me any questions

price is $4000ono this is really an EOI as I might end up fixing the head, giving it a cut n polish then putting rego on it.

I have included pics of what it looked like when I first bought the car, and I will post up pics soon of what it looks like now.

Email me if interested then we can go from there [email protected]

Located in Sydneys West






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    • Agree about euros.  Pulling apart is so much quicker than putting back together. Made worse when it's been a while and you can't remember everything. Any modified part seems to always be a pain to reinstall too and complicates things. There's not too many mods on my car but those that are caused difficulties. Simple things like the radiator that should just drop in, needed some finesse and additional time to manoeuvre in, same with oil cooler plumbing, head drain etc. Simple things seemed to want to fight me the whole way. Stupid standard intake plenum didn't help either. After nearly finishing everything, I saw the 2 knock sensor plugs and cold start valve plug hanging there. Was able to contort my hand enough and looking at an internet pic of valve, was able to just get the plug on and seated. Front knock sensor was similar, the rear however I can't even see. Going to have to remove starter motor to create access. FML. I've consumed that many cans of V in the last few work sessions that I should get a sponsorship. edit, I did the same with the mic and bore gauges. Spent many hours, it's one of those things that you get better at and more confident the more you use them. 
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