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Work Rezax Roar 17"x9" +22 Gtr Offset

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Gday crew i am selling the rims off my R32 GTR as i have put it back to stock to sell the car also. These wheels i bought from a fella who shipped them over from japan not sure if they were brand new then but the did not fit his soarer as well as he had hoped so i grabbed them with 4 new Bridgestone Potenza RE-30 tyres. Tyres are 8.5" wide but stretched over.

They are a rare older style wheel i have never seen on another car on the road and they set off an older model GTR loved them on my ride very suited to the model.

They look black as i thought when i first bought them with the red lip but i had them lying in the sun in my room one day and they are actually a very dark black cherry candy colour that in the sun gleam like buggery. Really an awesome colour.

More photos available if you would like them i will try and upload some with the candy showing through in a day or two.

one rim has slight gutter rash on very outer edge of lip dont let ya cousin drive ya car! can also get pics of this if you would like.

Tyres are in decent condition still pretty good tread and should pass any roadworthy not to mention last a while.

Rims have wheel nut covers and large centre genuine WORK centre caps with fastening tool look wicked.

Can meet in Geelong or Geelong side of melbourne for a test fit to see what they look like for keen buyers but please only serious buyers not keen on wasting time.

Wheels have been in shed for a week now and will stay there until sold so nothin can happen to them.


Condition: 3 wheels perfect one rim with slight gutter rash on edge can be touched up haven't done it so buyer can see. Tyres roadworthy and fair tread.

Cost: $1800 neg if someone wants to organise shipping as long as you pay before hand and organise it i can drop them somewhere to be shipped at your cost

Location: Geelong Victoria can get to most of melbourne or half way from other side of bay etc.

Contact: PM email on [email protected] or sms on 0408390010 please text wont hear call at work but can organise a time to call later on.

Cheers happy shopping





p.s. car also for sale post to come for that.

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is that still available mate ? hows the tyre condition ?

Nope, it's long gone as I bought it off Dion and put it on my previous R32 GTR.

Aaron of Importmonster is selling same set now - not sure if he've sold it already.

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