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I called into ATP today for a highflow after removing my turbo, what a job. There are a few bolts that were obviously never meant to be accessed without the engine out, took me around 3 hours.

Kip the owner of ATP is a top bloke, easy to talk to. He helped me choose the right combination of wheels for the power I wanted and showed me how they go together with another one he was doing at the time.(thanks Jason) I would love to go back in when the assembly is done on mine just to say "I rebuilt it" :)

Suspension is next, I have a shiny new set of BC racing coilovers to go in, from just jap. I tried to upload a pic but no go.

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So where are the details and pics of your turbo?

Secret mens buisness apparently, no cameras allowed. :( I did ask for you.

I was going to get some pics of the car too, but theres not much of it left.

Heres a pic of the coilovers tho.


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10/8? thats gonna be VERY firm you know?

Yes, but no.

Most M35 suspension is over 8 for both.

I know the Nismo's have over 9 at the rear.

The only suspension I can think of (off the top of my head) that is under 8 for front and rear are the Kenstyle which are lowered and around the 5 mark - which is waay too soft imho.

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i guess its a heavier car, and you might be able to adjust the dampers to 'soften' the ride a little.......

i still think its gonna be a teeth rattler and a boob hurter. my yellow s15 had effing hard suspension and no girl would get in it as it really hurt their boobs. you dont wanna risk that in your shagin wagon :(

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I went back to kewish today just to stop you buggers whinging. The box is empty. :P and so is under the car. I will get some secret pics from Kip's workshop if possible. He rang me today and talked me into a larger again turbine wheel, bugger, I hope theres not too much lag. should be good for 250 or more, if I want to go that high. The box will handle it at least.



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    • Because it's rubbish, it got progressively better with each generation but still rubbish when you're pushing the car on the track. Some like it, most hate it.
    • Yeah, I presumed that the pic was of some other car, because of the F. Ikeya arms.
    • Did a little bit this afternoon and pulled the dump and turbo off so I could take the mani off to clean it up and give it a few coats of paint. Wire wheeled what I could get to and then got the sand paper out to get the tight spots. Gave it one coat so far, will do another two tomorrow and see if I can fit it in the oven to bake it for an hour along with the adapter and dbw.  Hoping the exhaust wrap I ordered turns up soon so I can wrap the dump and screamer. Ordered 30M so I'll wrap back as far as I can to help a little with temp next to the box and also the floorpan. 
    • Yeah I think overall I’m running the expected power I should be running for now and I’ll just enjoy it for the time being until I get some other parts. Thanks for the advice mate I appreciate it!
    • That's fair enough.  Might be time to just enjoy what you have until you sort the ecu/flex sensor situation. You can pretty much guarantee that you are knock limited and e85 is going to be the solution to more power. 
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