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Id prefer to buy one then rent one as i may need it a lot. Id like to get some different prices, il get a price from super cheap, anywhere else anyone???

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My engine crane that i have at home is a Trade Quip TQ1001 purchased from Bursons about 18 months ago for about $400

We also use the same type at work (mechanics) and it has been going strong for about 3 years.

Due to its 3 sets of wheels, when folded it is still easy to move around and dosent take up too much room.




looks like the price has gone up a bit, but you can shop around to get it abit cheaper.

Try Alltools, Bursons, REPCO, Super Cheap, AutoBarn. Basicaly any tool or auto shop should be able to get one for you.




I just found this on Ebay, looks excatly the same as mine.


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the supercheap ones bend!

my brother use's one on 4 cyl's often but its a pain in the @$#% and the boom length is crap, to pull or fit the engine on my old vl turbo i had to remove the bumper just to get the length, yeh and i bent it pulling out a v8 so they are compact but your better off hiring.

what area are you in ? there is a guy in sommerville sell's top quality well built units, got mine for $340 and it has 6 wheels, with raisable legs, ive had it for a few years now and no prob's. gets used every month too :P

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i live in melton but it looks like 350+ sounds like about what im gunna end up paying. I just found out my bro in law should be able to get 1 cheapish for me. Ive seen the ebay ones and they're going for around 300 but i just dont trust the welding on them, the last thing i want is for the engine to fall on the ground after its been hoisted. Its for a 253 V8 pulling out with more then likely a 350 chev getting put on it later, not sure on the weight of one of them but it would be heavier then 400kg im guessing, would a 1 ton be enough being when its fully stretched out that it wouldnt be a 1 ton capacity? I hope people know what i mean.

1 ton capacity could mean it could hold the engine there for along time when the arms arent stretched out but when fully extended its capacity could only be 500kg.

Also, would it be better for me to get 1 with a engine stand rather then have the hoist holding the engine for a few months?

This is the first time ive pulled an engine out of a car so if its works the way i want it to ill pull the rb25det out of mine and see what i can do with it.

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i had my RB26 motor on the crane for 6 months

month it was ok,

then the jack slower went down

then i had to pump it up every couple of days

not sure of the weight of an RB26 guessing around 300 - 350kg anyone know ?

i have a 560kg engine stand for sale,

i never got around to using it, so its in new condition

pm if your interested

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