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Jpc Gtr Gets Willall Treatment

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Thanks to Willall Racing the JPC GTR has just had a few more upgrades.

We have changed out the standard Transmission Fluid for the Willall Racing fluid. Also installed the Willall Racing High Volume Sump. Now takes close on 8 litres of oil. My past experience with GTR's suggests that this will be one of the best improvements that I will make to the car.

I have attached a pic of the Cobb accessport that we will start playing with. Hopefully we will use it to lean out the safe tune that is in the Mines Type X ECU in the car now.

Loving the car







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Spot on Danny, nothing like some extra sump capacity....now you just need some of these -


What do they do?

- Roller Bearing Core for strong response (replace factory plain bearing)

- Larger compressor wheel (+100awhp better from test data)

- Larger turbine wheel for reduced back pressure

- Properly measured and machined factory turbine and compressor covers

- Use high quality factory lines

- Completely stealth apperance from the outside

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