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Catch Can

scotty nm35

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I bought an oil catch can from Autobarn today, stuffed it with stainless steel wool and fitted a drain. Just wondering which connections to make.

Can I disconnect the pcv valve and block it off? Which other connections, other than the passenger side breather, need to be made?


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From what I have read you would still need to keep the PCV valve in place, but you would now run the pipe from the PCV to the catch can, and run the other line back to the manifold where the hose from the PCV went in.

The catch can is just designed to filter any oil from the air before it goes back into the manifold.

I don't think you need to connect the passenger side pipe as that pipe comes from the air intake and should not have any contaminants. It's job is to allow air into the crank case so that a vacuum is not created in the crankcase.



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