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My First Skyline

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hey guys i am basiclly a first time writer but long time onliner if you get my flow.....

im in the market for a r32gtr and tonite i went and had a look at one, now ive been searching for a while and the one that i took a look at is fairly standard and looks pritty legite.......

what do u guys think????? "i took my skyline manual with me and it pritty well checks off every thing in the list?


one thing, he claimed it makes 239 kws at the rears with the 4wd disingaged cause of the fact he was on a two wheel dyno but is still runing standard boost wat do u think modds are as followed on the link

also the frount mount didnt look standard

cheers in advance


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I think he's pulling himself with 238kw with very little power mods. Well, unless he can prove it.

Yeah +1.

Ask him for a Dyno sheet print out.

Seller says:

"Engine is mechanically sound and exterior is in great condition. Very clean and neat car that gets driven a maximum of twice a week.


Stainless steel 3" Greddy catback exhaust,

Exceedy heavy duty clutch,

Pod filters,

Alpine stereo speakers

7" Motorised LCD DVD/VCD/TV Player (USB and SD card compatible),

Remapped ECU

Turbo Timer.

All resonable offers will be considered"

Car looks pretty stock to me... Cat back exhaust, twin pod filters and a Remapped ECU = 239 Rear Wheel kW's..?

Don't think so.

Ask him what has he done to the ECU, stock or aftermarket?

Remapping an ECU means fine tuning the the Unit to get better performance out of your car by altering the Air/Fuel Ratios, settings...

In doing so to try and increase power and torque and making the car more responsive down low, mid range or top end and try to cancel out any flat spots in the power and torque curves.

After doing so I still can't see how he got 239 rw kW's unless having Dyno sheet to prove.

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cheers 00skyline00 ,

thats what i thought took it for a test drive and it felt pritty quick compared to stockers that ive been in but like you said i dont think its possible either,

great responsiveness i must say?

gonna call for a dyno sheet for proof.

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cheers 00skyline00 ,

thats what i thought took it for a test drive and it felt pritty quick compared to stockers that ive been in but like you said i dont think its possible either,

great responsiveness i must say?

gonna call for a dyno sheet for proof.

wopps didnt relise i was loged in to my lost acount that i didnt think was there any more,

as above

all comments are welcome>?

Yeah no worries!

But still take another look into the car, if it runs well and a tad quicker then standard, in a good condition...

Do a bit more research, ask a few more questions and even take you mechanic down with you next time to see the car.

The seller is negotiable on price so take a stab at it... He wants $18,499, then see if he will take anything in the $16K range.

If not then you both meet each other half way on the price, say $17,500 or whatever...

If he won't lower the price, meaning he still thinks his car has some good mods and can make 239kW's. (Trying to get some money back on the "Mods" he has done")

If he is willing to lower it then you know it's pretty much stock...

My point of view anyway and this is all in speculation, cuz I am not standing in front of the car and just judging from the Carsales add.

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