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Garage For My Car Needed Help

Travis Trayhern

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Hi everyone,

I moved to melb at the start of the year and living over in yarraville and dont have a garage :mrt:

i plan to bring my car up from Penola where i use to live and where my family still lives but have nowhere to put it or work on it up here, and it cant sit in the front yard or on the steet as it is a full decked out r33 gtr with sponsor stickers all over it.

just wondering dose anyone know of great self storage place where i can have it locked up and can go work on it whenever i want? at a decent price, and i dnt mind havng to travel abit to get to her.

have to get it up here so i can hit the tracks here!


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Theres a storage place on Slough Rd in Altona, I asked ages ago, and I think it was around $200pm, but that was a couple years ago now, and my memory isn't too crash hot :banana:

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