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Electric Window Motor


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hey guys anyone know where i can get my stupid electric window motor fixed. window wont go up and down and i know its the motor.

please help

where i wa can i get this fixed for cheap. anyone wanna do it for me and i will pay you. i need my window fixed

i have already got the motor and purchased everything from just jap to fix the window but dunno how to install the stupid thing.


skylines downunder had a post on removing it and fixing it but i still cannot work it out because its not a step by step thing for dummies lol :huh:

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Most of the hard work is already done & I'm glad that Just Jap were able to oblige.

Any local panelbeater will do it for you. They fix them all the time when windows get smashed.

Ask them for a #1 quote.

And then ask for a #2 quote as if you'd already removed door handle surround, arm rest, door panel etc = less labour.

Hope this helps.

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