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Time to sell up cheap as I've just proposed to the mrs and need a couple of bucks to put towards a wedding.

I think i've done the turbo, it ran unlimited boost and started whirring a little on boost, it still drove but i garaged it in the hopes of fixing it up one day. On re-starting it again a year later it smoked a heap and didnt enjoy boosting.

I got a mechanic to compression test 1 cyl which came back fine.

I just really cant be bothered fixing it and am getting a new ute shortly so i'm clearing the shed out.

Would make a nice cheap fixer upper, track car or even an sr transplant candidate as the body and drive train are still in great shape.

3k ono



Metal head gasket

Shot piened rods and pistons

Performance rings

Balanced block

Head work

Billet crank

Kevlar timing belt

550cc injectors

HKS Cam gears

HKS Silicon hoses

HKS Duel dump pipe


Engine resprayed candy apple red



R33 radiator

Big cooler

Thermo fans

Stainless induction

Powder coated black cooler pipes


Lightened fly wheel

2 way mechanical LSD (Cusco I think)

Fully adjustable JIC Gold coilovers


3" stainless exhaust

Interior gadgets

HKS incab duel stage boost control

HKS Turbo timer

HKS Boost gauge

HKS Stainless shifter

Momo steering wheel

Recaro adjustable back race seat

HUD (speedo on windscreen)

Black wired alarm

Keyless entry

Electric windows

Origional 180sx floor mats


Dr Drift tuned ECU

Suspension etc

Strut brace

Nolathane bushes etc

P1 Buddy light weight race rims

Upgraded cross drilled disks

Upgraded callipers

Pads need a change


Car resprayed Polar White

C-West front bar

Buddy club side skirts (I think)

Vertex rear bar (I think)

Shaved rear wing

Type x tail light and centre

Vented bonnet

If you'd like any info just ask.

No reg no rwc






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