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Interesting Read Future Gtr Development

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good read - ive been following the ring 24hr car during its race debut

vid summary

though i can't really see them making any signifcant leaps beyond what we currently have on this platform, and if anything it almost seems a waste of time and money imo, and getting a bit old to read a few minor tweaks this year have resulted in yet again, "the gtr mizuno always wanted to build". it reaks of marketing gimmick to push continual sales - perhaps they have learnt more from porsche than simply product development

eg; the track pack is a woeful, for 10K GBP (a 15% increase on RRP) id have expected a properly stripped out interior/cf replacement parts to reduce weight, a half cage at least, possibly even carbon ceramics, and some more noticeable aero tweaks which they already have in the full nordring catalogue

r&d would be better spent developing the R36 platform now

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