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Hypergear Turbochargers and High flow Services Development thread

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If the page links doesn't work, please manually enter the page number into URL for the corresponding page. 


This post was updated on: 01/06/2017:

This thread is here providing information on our high flowed or built turbos as well as installation and trouble shooting. I'm happy to help or assist with every one who is currently using or looking to purchase our products or services.

Brief Introduction about our selves: We are Australian based turbocharger manufacture in Melbourne, We worked with experienced and skilled local engineers to produce our goods and we've been doing that since Oct 2007. We constantly update our production turbochargers and will do our best deliver value to our customers.

My name is Stao you can PM or contact 0413457185 if any assistance is required.

For our High flowed RB25 Turbos, they comes in 21U or OP6 from factory. The 21U rear housings are smaller can capable of 430HP after high flowing, and larger OP6 are capable of doing around 460HP.

PU high flow option is available for any one chasing for 450 to 500HP. They are built with a larger .82 internally gated turbine housing with Nissan OEM bolton pattern, braided oil feeding line and a high pressure actuator.

Below is the Rb25det Hitach turbo high flow catalog with few dyno sheets.


ATR43SS is a OEM replacement powered up turbocharger built for RB20/25DET R32, R33 and R34 GTST and Stegea models. They are T3x based with OEM dump pipe pattern. This series is specifically engineered for speed with smooth street driving ability.


ATR43 is a OEM replacement powered up turbocharger built for RB20/25DET R32, R33 and R34 GTST and Stegea models. They are T3x based comes in .63 and .82 turbine housing with OEM dump pipe pattern. Power is rated from 450HP to 600HP depends on profile chosen.

Initial release date: 24/08/2009:

We also carry out turbocharger repairs, housing/CHRA modifications and high flow services for All Garrett, HKS, Mitsubishi, Toyota, KKK and Made in China turbochargers. Do feel free to PM / contact us for free assistance. Check (if you live in usa): Costco Weekly Ad, or Supercheap Auto Catalogue.


Important Installation Notes for RB2xdet Highflowed and PU units:

Sleeve bearing turbochargers requires higher volume of oil flow, are sold with 50cm long braided oil feeding line line that replaces the standard oil restrictor in side factory oil lines, 12mm benjo bolt, and a M12x1.25mm speed flow adaptor. The adaptor goes onto the engine block, benjo bolts goes into the bearing housing with hollow screw supplied. 3x copper washers are required during installation, Which we can supply them for $9 additional or can be purchased at local auto stores.

Factory water lines: T3x bearing housing used are 3mms shorter then OEM Hitachi's bearing housings. Means water lines needs to be very slightly bent / forced backwards.

Stock actuator: We normally modify the factory actuator's fitting bracket allowing it for a bit of preloading. The actuator bracket bolt wholes has to be filed 5mms towards the turbine housing if not received with the turbo or getting fitted by others. Once done it can be adjust and pre-load ensuring the waste gate is 100% shut.

For PU high flowed and ATR43 units with larger Diameter turbine housings, the engine side water line needs to be slightly bent / altered around the housing area.

Installing ATR43 turbocharger:

ATR43 units generally runs on a round 3inches inlet and round 2 inches out let. It is highly recommended to run a metal intake pipe. How ever if you wish to bolton to stock gears you need: 1x 3inch straight hose, 1x 2.5inch metal sleeve, 1x 2inches 90 degrees hose, 1x 2inches metal sleeve. We can supply all those parts for $100 extra.

Tip for a easy installation would be removing the actuator with bracket pre-installation, that would allow lot more room for your tools to reach the manifold studs, and install the actuator and bracket back on after the rest of the installation is complete. Make sure the actuator is preloaded by roughly 3mms.

Since larger turbine housings are used, due to larger physical size most of them would be taller then stock pushing the exhaust back by roughly 15mms. Most cars would be running an aftermarket exhausts, depending on the angle of the pre-made dump / front pipe, check the clearance between that to the Air-con water drain pipe. If fouls, simply by pulling it back with zip ties and secure it on the chassis.

ATR43Gx/SS2 DIY with photos

ATR43SS1xx DIY with photos and video

Easy Induction pipes:



Couple of extremely important factors:

1. After turbo installation do check pressure leaks ( I can make you a simple plug with a hose nipple for $50). Turbo will not perform if there are leaks.

2. Most of our turbos are installed with a 18psi high pressure actuator. by pass all boost controlling devices on test run, Boost gain from EBC based on stock actuator will cause massive boost creep.

3. Make sure the car's got a at least 3inch metal induction pipe with pod filter. Do not run those metal stuffed stock intake pipe.

4. An good exhaust system should restrict no more then 10KWs (My HKS silent power made 3KWs restrictions on a 316rwkws application). So Dyno tune with cat and exhaust dropped, (front pipe only). Do a touch up run with exhaust on after tuning, Get a better exhaust if you see a massive power drop with exhaust.

If above procedures are followed you will definitely get the desired power goal.

Also people with RB25det R33s. pay attention to those 20 years old valve springs and valves. Mine were all chewed out and worped possibly from valve float. That will act as boost leak, causing lose in power and response. Recommend stronger valve springs.

Order, dispatch and mechanic services:

All turbochargers are specifically built to suit customer's orders. We need in average 3 to 5 working days to have the order complete. We normally send with Australian post registered post with insurance, which generally takes 3 working days for delivery.

We have 2x clients workshops in Melbourne which can carry out the installation service for $200, or onsite service for $250.

For tuning, I personally use and recommend Status, and Dr.drift.



For R33 RB25det I've personally used Adaptronic Plugin ECU and highly recommend it. The RRP price on this mode is $1499, We offer $400 discount of total if it is purchased with any of our turbochargers or high flow / rebuild service. Discount also apply for any customers whom is currently owning one of our built or high flowed turbochargers. Please check ECU features, results and discussion in page 113~116.

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Hi Stao,

Just thought I would add to this thread for all the people out there thinking of getting one of your highflows.

These are a great option for upgrading you turbo and the workmanship and support from Stoa is absolutely fabulous.

Although I have not yet had my Highflow(G3 Profile) tuned I can honestly say that the response is very similar to the stock turbo and you can feel the power increase across the bandwith.

Awesome Turbo mate.

Stao, on your dyno sheet above you cannot quite see the R33 results clearly, What kw's did you get on the readout with the PFC?? (14 & 17psi)

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Here's the R33's hiflow result based on a small stock R33's rear turbine housing. It had a exhaust leak through the Turbo to manifold gasket and running a Bleed valve controller. Boost peaked to about 17psi and droped to 15psi.

This is a runin tune and a final tune.



and yes we can high flow GTR turbos to 300HP each using 360 degrees thrust bearing T28CHRA. or a Garrett GT2860Rs ball bearing CHRA depends on your bugget.

brief index:

Page 1: high flow discussion including some dynosheets.

Page 2: OP6 turbine housing discussion, Photos of high flow units with Garrett BB CHRA

Page 3: Dyno sheet with standard high flowed OP6 housing.

Page 4: TR28kai CA dynosheet, R33 Highflowed / Stock turbo dynosheets.

Page 5: Photos Toyota CT15B high flowed unit.

page 6: HKS turbo repaired photos, R33 standard high flow dynosheet

Page 7: ATR43 initial dynosheet

Page 8: ATR28G4 CA dynosheet, OP6 standard high flowed E86 dynosheet

Page 9: Photos Different ATR43 CHRAs and initial housings.

page 10: standard Highflowed vs stock R33 turbo dynosheet

Page 11: Photos RB26dett T25 high flowed units, More R33 standard highflowed dynosheets, Dyno discussion

Page 12: GTR high flowed T25 turbos discussion. photos of commerical released ATR43 unit. BB CHRA trouble shooting.

Page 13: Dynosheets and video footage of ATR28G4 plus Winton drifting.

Page 14: Photos of ATR43 installation, Dynosheet and Video footage of 10Sec by pass from our sponsored vehicle. Dynosheets of ATR25s on 300zx. Winton drift footage.

Page 15: More winton drifting footages. General discussion.

Page 16: More winton drifting footage, ATR43G2 .63 vs stock turbo dynosheets.

Page 17: General discussion

Page 18: Photo of initial ATR43G4 600HP bolton turbo. Philp island tracking feed back for high flowed R33 turbo.

Page 19: Photo of high flowed TD06 Turbo. Dynosheet of PU highflowed R33 turbo and ATR25 powered 300zx.

Page 20: videos of making 2mm washers and general discussion.

Page 21: Photos of high flowed KKR480.

Page 22: Photos of R33 turbine housing modifications. ATR43G2 vs Stock R33 turbo.

Page 23: Feedbacks on ATR43G2. Introduction to Viva turbine housing.

Page 24: General discussion.

Page 25: Photos of R33 SS high flowed unit. Engine bay photos, High pressure actautor photos.

page 26: information on PU high flows.

Paee 27: General discussion.

Page 28: ATR43G4 dynosheet

Page 29: Photos ATR43G3 with built in external gate and ATR43 SS.

Page 30: Dynosheet of high flowed TD06, Photos of updated .63 ATR43 turbine housing

Page 31: Photos of updated ATR43 .82 turbine housing with waste gate adjustment. Stock actuator bracket adjustments. Max power dyno sheet from PU high flow.

Page 32: Photos of external gate integrated ATR43G3 on RB20det.

Page 33: Discussion on hard intake pipes

Page 34: Internal wastegate control discussion

Page 35: Feed back on ATR43G3 from RB20det engine

Page 36: Internal wastegate control discussion, Theories behind wastegate controller.

Page 37: ATR43G4 .82 dyno result, Wastegate controller for standard housing. BOV on cooler piping installation.

Page 38: PU max power high flow photos.

Page 39: SS-2 prototype result. PU .63 high flow result. ATR43G3 .70 comp with installation guide.

Page 40: Ebay's Split dump discussion and reasons to not buy it.

Page 41: Some discussion about wastegate diagrams. Dyno sheet of ATR43G2 .82 rear. Toyota Turbo high flow discussion.

Page 42: ATR43 G3 .63 result on RB20det. Rb20det modification discussion.

Page 43: ATR43 G3 .82 with .70 Comp Dyno Video. Commencing forged RB25det engine rebuild. CT12a turbo high flow details.

Page 44: Rb25det engine rebuild continued. Modification recommendations for standard R33 RB25det. Dyno sheet compare on induction restriction

Page 45: Photos of Ford XR6 GT3582 overhual. ATR43G3 dyno run (303rwkws) *

Page 46: Video of ATR43G3 dyno run. GT3076R vs Atr43G3 power curve compare. PU high flow dyno run (305rwkws)

Page 47: OP6 highflow dynosheets more results comparison

Page 48: Air box no air box general discussion

Page 49: Actuator adjustment instructions, and discussions

Page 50: High boost discussions, RHF high flowed images, Dyno sheet of twiked ATR43G3 290rwkws with 200rwkws by 4000RPMS.

Page 51: Dynosheet and footage of of PU high flow on R34 (280rwkws) and updated high flow profile for 21U Stock R33 housings (297rwkws peak, 273rwkws consistent). 2x new high flow profiles available, Photos of ceramic ball bearing prototype.

Page 52: General discussion

Page 53: General discussion

Page 54: external gate legitimacy.

Page 55: Intake pipe discussion. Our fist OP6 duel ceramic ball bearing high flow built and installed.

Page 56: More intake pipe and discussion

Page 57: Dynosheet and Video footage of the OP6 Duel ceramic ball bearing high flowed turbo (321rwkws). information on ceramic ball bearing updates and dyno comparison of 3inch metal intake pipe vs stock sleeved rubber intake pipe.

Page 58: Discussion on AFR, Hard intake pipe, Developments with ceramic ball bearing turbo.

Page 59: Dynosheets comparison, discussion about stock BOV.

Page 60: Intake and vacuum leak discussion and advise.

Page 61: Intake and vacuum leak discussion

Page 62: Anti surge holes experiments, Ceramic ball bearing developments.

Page 63: Anti surge holes discussion, ATR43G3 291rwkws dynosheet.

Page 64: General discussion, ATR43G3 ceramic ball bearing result 300rwkws. ATR43G3 Vipec results 298rwkws VCT off and 285 VCT on.

Page 65: Discussion about exhaust restriction. CT15b High flowed turbo result 280rwkws.

Page 66: further discussion on exhaust restrictions and results.

Page 67: Discussion about valve springs.

Page 68: Discussion on cat and exhaust.

Page 69: introduction to billet machined comp wheels, information on valve floating and valve issues.

Page 70: Discussion relating to engine torque, objectives for year 2011.

Page 71: Introduction to ATR43SS-2 and DIY insturctios.

Page 72:Introduction to ATR43SS-1, FNT turbine housing, general discussion on Rb20det turbo options.

Page 73 : Result of ATR43SS-2 320rwkws at 20psi, discussion on dyno ramp timing, and some theory behind this turbo.

Page 74: General discussion

Page 75: Information on ATR43G3 with FNT turbine housing and affects of FNT setup on road.

Page 76: Result of ATR43SS-1 responsive 256rwkws @ 20psi. General discussions.

Page 77: Updates with FNT Penta Nozzled turbine housing with ATR43G3 Alfa ceramic ball bearing CHRA.

Page 78:General discssion, assistance and installation on ATR43G2.

Page 79: turbocharger installation discussion

Page 80:Discussion on setup air boxes and intake systems.

Page 81: 267rwkws dyno result from ATR43G2 .63 rear, discussion on dyno ramp and exhaust restrictions

Page 82: Dyno result of ATR43SS-2 custom profile at 290rwkws @ 17psi. .82 Turbine Geometry update. Discussion on some common seen installation issues.

Page 83: Initial experience with updated .82 rear housing, discussion on fnt turbine, ATR43SS-1 result at 244rwkws vs stock turbo. Intercooler restriction.

Page 84: Discussion on intercooler restriction, 265rwkws ATR43SS-1 dyno run vs 2530

Page 85: Video footage from Ceramic Ball bearing ATR43Alfa turbo. 334rwkws @ 22psi. Turbo related discussion

Page 86: General discussions on high mount setups, feedback on fnt, Engine rebuilding round 2,XR6 turbo high flowing photos.

Page 87: 260rwkws result from 21U High flowed turbo, photos of rebuit engine block, New illustration car for ATR43SS-1 purchased.

Page 88: Discussion regarding to mail tunning

Page 89: Photos of SS-1 turbo on factory setup, Photos of high flowed M35 Stegea turbo.

Page 90: Diy installation guid for ATR43SS-1, [email protected] result from SS-2 and feedback discussions, Photos of custom SS-1 turbocharger.

Page 91: Tuning related discussions.

Page 92: Feedbacks on FNT turbined ATR43G2 units.

Page 93: Customer Feedbacks on ATR43SS1. New SS1PU prototype developed.

Page 94: Discussion from GeneEses developments, BOV discussion.

Page 95: Discussion from GeneEses developments, SS2 and traction discussion.

Page 96: ATR43SS2 power and torque delivery discussion.

Page 97: Torque delivery discussion

Page 98: 1JZ VS RB25 discussion. Initial feedback on SS1PU prototype turbocharger.

Page 99: RB25 det VS NA discussion.

Page 100: Result and discussion from SS1PU prototype turbo, 264rwkws with 20psi by 2900RPMs.

Page 101:General discussion on SS1, G3 and FNT turbine setups.

Page 102:General discussion on SS1, G3 and prototype turbo.

Page 103: Turbo performance vs drivability chart

Page 104: Skyline vs Evo discussion

Page 105: Skyline vs Evo discussion continued, ATR43G1 initial photos and feed back.

Page 106: ATR43SS1PU Turbine housing progress, ATR43G1 dyno reading 232rwkws @ 15psi. ATR43SS1PU final result of 280rwkws @ 20psi, Tuner's feedback on ATR43SS1PU.

Page 107: Discussion based on ATR43SS1 , G1 and SS1PU models.

Page 108: Actuator and boost control discussion.

Page 109: Nistune ECU + Z32 ECU board for R33 discussion, Photos of High flowed GTR turbochargers.

Page 110: Nistune ECU + Z32 ECU board for R33 discussion.

Page 111: Nistune ECU + Z32 ECU board for R33 discussion, ATR43SS1.5 initial result of 248rwkws with prototype turbine housing, ATR43SS1 result with E85 making 280rwkws.

Page 112: SS1.5 Tune maps, G3 Turbine housing discussion.

Page 113: Dynosheet form ATR43SS2 with a newer prototype turbine housing, final result of 286rwkws @ 20psi. Video footage from Switzerland, ATR28G3 powered S13 CA18det hill clamb competition. Photos of Adaptronic ECU, MAP and AFM discussion.

Page 114: Further MAP VS AFM discussion, Test result from Adaptronic working with ATR43SS1, 247rwkws @ 17psi. Halando's Feedback on ATR28G2 (issue sorted tune related).

Page 115: Dyno reading from ATR28G3 making 315rwkws, SS1PU feedbacks, Ford XR6 NA+T E85 result (297rwkws @ 11psi) form our rebuild GT3540. Photo of our dynosheet pile.

Page 116: Value to price discussion on Adaptronic ecu, nistune and Power FC.

Page 117: Intake pipe discussion, Dynosheet from final release version of ATR43SS1PU 287rwkws @ 20psi, photos of prototype ATR43SS-3 with manifold.

Page 118: Discussion on exhaust manifold, external gate, and externally gated turbine housing.

Page 119: Discussion on SS1PU's compressor profile and dyno reading comparison.

Page 120: Photos of our 44mm external wastegate, Result from prototype SS3 and video footage. [email protected]

Page 121: Discussion on tyres

Page 122: Discussion on Genesses electric turbocharger.

Page 123: Dynosheet from SS1PU on a Worked Auto R33. Making 259rwkws @ 18psi. Auto gear box related discussion.

Page 124: Discussion based on SS1.

Page 125: Boost control discussion. ATR43G3 FNT E85 result. 347rwkws @ 20psi.

Page 126: Intake discussion. Photo of modified air box.

Page 127: General discussion.

Page 128: General discussion.

Page 129: Discussion based on Turbine housing, external gate and exhaust manifold setups.

Page 130: Discussion relating to heat, Photo of dual gated SS2 prototype. Video footage of 10.72 quarters Crowna.

Page 131: Discussion relating to auto and manual boxes, results of prototype SS2, 293rwkws @ 20psi.

Page 132: Winton Video footage and photos from Abe's 290rwkws ATR43G3 powered R33.

Page 133: Discussion relating to Auto converters, dynosheet from old TR44 on 1JZ.

Page 134: Bov diaphragm discussion, .

Page 135: Updates on Electric turbocharger, and Dyno result from ATR43G3 with .82 rear housing. [email protected]@23PSI

Page 136: ATR43G3 E85 345rwkws and 98 330rwkws comparison, discussion on electric turbo.

Page 137: Discussion on E turbo

Page 138: Dyno reading form SS1PU older prototype [email protected]@19psi. Feed backs from tuner and customer.

Page 139: Discussion and comparison on boost control, ATR43G3 track footage.

Page 140: Video footages from Winton track day, Discussion on workshops.

Page 141: Discussion in boost control and tuning.

Page 142: Discussion in boost control and tuning.

Page 143: Discussion in actuator connection

Page 144: ATR43SS2 result 307rwkws. Prototype SS3 result of 316rwkws

Page 145: Discussion relating to SS2 and 2835

Page 146: Dyno related discussions

Page 147: Dyno and tuning related discussions

Page 148: Tuning and injecting related disucssions, 260rwkws std r33 high flowed turbo result.

Page 149: discussion on different types of high flow profiles: Kai, PU, STD

Page 150: Video of new BB CHRA. New comp wheel wheel developments.

Page 151: Intake and cooler piping discussions

Page 152: Turbo fittings, R&D and turbine housing discussions.

Page 153: Philip island tracking footage. installation related discussions.

Page 154: ATR43SS1PU installation related discussions.

Page 155: Dump pipe discussion, Result comparison between 71mm standard comp wheel, SS comp wheel, and 11 GTX style comp wheel. Feed backs from SS1PU, more dump pipe discussions.

Page 156: Installation and dump pipe related discussion.

Page 157: Engine rebuilding and parts cost discussion.

Page 158: Some 2nd hand engine discussions, K03 turbo high flow information.

Page 159: Some ATR43G3 externally gated installation photos, Plazaman cooler piping discussion.

Page 160: Installation discussion.

Page 161: intake pipe related discussions.

Page 162: intake pipe related discussion.

Page 163: Nistune Ecu related discussions.

Page 164: Nistune ECu related discussions. ATR43G3 feed back 260rwkws @ 15psi,

Page 165: ATR43G3 result 390HP @ 18psi None VCT. Tuning related discussions.

Page 166: R34de+t ECU issues related discussions. ATR43G3 Timing table.

Page 167: Tuning related discussions. SS1 Timing table. ATR43SS3 prototype 325rwkws @ 21psi and photos.

Page 168: Pressure related discussion and tuning discussion.

Page 169: General discussion.

Page 170: E85 and G3 related discussions.

Page 171: Internal and external gate and boost control related discussions.

Page 172: EBC related discussion.

Page 173: General discussions.

Page 174: Bolts and nuts on installation related discussions.

Page 175: General discussion.

Page 176: Discussion based on a small and larger turbo.

Page 177: SS1 vs G3 and VCT related discussions.

Page 178: G3's FNT and standard turbine housing comparison.

Page 179: Cooler and general discussion.

Page 180: NA vs Turbo dyno reading. Turbo selection discussion.

Page 181: Engine reliability and power related discussion, K03 high flow feed backs.

Page 182: Back to Back comparsion in tuner skills. Tuner related discussion.

Page 183: Tuner related discussion, general discussion.

Page 184: Turbo related discussions.

Page 185: Turbocharger and gate discussion.

Page 186: SS1 on Rb20det. 227rwkws on 18psi.

Page 187: Feedback on Rb20det high flow 201rwkws on 18psi.

Page 188: metal intake discussion.

Page 189: intake pipe discussion.

Page 190: intake pipe discussion. Winner of vic hill climb championship.

Page 191: Result of ceramic roller bearing G3. 300rwkws @ 20psi

Page 192: Torque related discussion.

Page 193: Torque related discussion.

Page 194: SS3 high flow into factory 21U housings. Ext Gated to power discussion.

Page 195: SS3 high flow installation photos and related discussions.

Page 196: ATR43G3 adapator update

Page 197: G3 vs SS discussion. SS1PU feed backs.

Page 198: General discussion. Timing map for G3.

Page 199: Feed back for SS1PU, ATR28G1 SR20det result [email protected]@19psi.

Page 200: General discussion.

Page 201: Feedbacks on SS1PU.

Page 202: Road drivability discussions.

Page 203: Setup trouble shooting and parts advisory.

Page 204: Setup trouble shooting and parts advisory.

Page 205: Dump pipe discussion.

page 206: Intercooler and 300kws setup related discussion.

Page 207: Parts advisory.

Page 208: Parts advisory.

Page 209: Intercooler related discussions. Fuel pump discussions. ATR43G3 alternative turbine housing trail, [email protected] and video footage, ATR43G3 .82 feed back.

Page 210: Installation related chat.

Page 211: Tuning related chat, 21U stock high flow result. 263rwkws at 15psi.

Page 212: Tuning and boost related chat, emission related chat.

Page 213: Wastegate and dyno related discussion.

Page 214: Installation and injectors chat.

Page 215: Installation related discussions. ATR43G3 result of 280rwkws

Page 216: Setups and power related discussion.

Page 217: SS1PU related discussion.

Page 218: SS1Pu result. 250rwkws @ 17psi, related discussions.

Page 219: Power related delivery discussions.

Page 220: Turbo and development related discussions.

Page 221: Turbo development and setup discussions.

Page 222: Introduction of Billet wheeled version of TD06SL2.

Page 223: Result from High flowed CT12A turbocharger from a 1JZGTE soarer. 270rwkws @ 17psi.

Page 224: ATR43SS1PU Result, 258rwkws @ 15psi.

Page 225: Feedback on SS1PU.

Page 226: Mod setups and VCT discussion.

Page 227: Turbo developing chat, EBC discussions.

Page 228: More feedbacks on SS1PU.

Page 229: General chat.

Page 230: New turbo wastegate development for the SS1PU. [email protected]

Page 231: Clutch related discussion. Wastegate moding part, Billet 21U high flow installation photos.

Page 232: Clutch and flywheel related discussion.

Page 233: Clutch related discussion. ATR43G3 282rwkws @ 18psi

Page 234: VCT, RPM / KM discussion, clutch discussion.

Page 235: Clutch related discussion. Issues on Taiwans Greedy copies

Page 236: Clutch and diff related discussions. Actuator related discussion.

Page 237: Clutch related discussion.

Page 238: Clutch related discussion. Electric supercharger developments.

Page 239: Discussion on ATR43SS3 prototype.

Page 240: General discussion.

Page 241: ATR43SS2 Auto Result of 269rwkws, SS1PU alternative turbine housing 265rwkws.

Page 242: Ecu related and general discussion.

page 243: Ecu related discussion, general discussion.

Page 244: Discussion on Toshi's remaps.

Page 245: Discussion on Toshi's remaps.

Page 246: M35 Stegea high flow result 300rwkws E85

Page 247: SS1PU alternative turbine housing 275rwkws, Electric turbocharger prototype.

Page 248: Electric turbocharger related discussion. SS3 related discussion.

Page 249: Electric turbo and supercharger discussion.

Page 250: Electric turbo discussion

Page 251: SS1 result of 230rwkws @ 14psi, 248rwkws OP6 high flow.

Page 252: General discussion.

Page 253: Member's clutch and suspension discussion.

Page 254: 21U high flow result of 247rwkws.

Page 255: ATR43G2.5 E85 result of 350rwkws, and 98 of 298rwkws. Electric turbo test result.

Page 256: General discussion

Page 257: G3 type A, B and .63 rear housing comparison

Page 258: General discussion.

Page 259: General discussion.

Page 260: General discussion.

Page 261: New .82 turbine housing update.

Page 262: Manifold discussion.

Page 263: OP6 high flow result of 257rwkws @ 14psi, Photo comparison of updated .82 rear housing, Philip island track footage. Turbo actuator pre-loading instruction.

Page 264: Toyota Supra CT20A Billet high flow photos. Abe's metal intake pipe.

Page 265: E85 discussion, intake pipe discussion.

Page 266: E85 and carbon tax discussion.

Page 267: E85 discussion.

Page 268: Newer SS2 prototype evaluation result of 345rwkws @ 20psi E85 with video footage.

Page 269: General discussion.

Page 270: E85 related discussion.

Page 271: High flow discussion.

Page 272: E85 related discussion.

Page 273: Photos of ss3eg setup.

Page 274: Powder coating and injector related discussion.

Page 275: SS2 Prototype Pump 98 result of 302rwkws.

Page 276: General discussion.

Page 277: Newer SS2 Prototype(290612) result of 348rwkws on e85 and 312rwkws on 98.

Page 278: E85 and power discussion.

Page 279: E85 related discussion.

Page 280: E85 related discussion. Clutch discussion.

Page 281: Clutch discussion, photos of ss2 externally gated.

Page 282: Clutch discussions, photos of SS2 externally gated installed.

Page 283: Twin pulse discussion, initial ss1pu and ss2 feedback.

Page 284: Twin pulse discussion, ADR dicussion.

Page 285: Fuel pump and wiring discussions.

Page 286: Ss1PU result of 261rwkws @ 16psi.

Page 287: Ss1Pu result of 255rwkws @ 16psi

Page 288: SS2 installation photo and engine bay, Havoc's intake pipe, photos of Brae's bolton manifold with external gate port.

Page 289: Photos of smaller 380hp version of M35 Stagea high flowed turbocharger.

Page 290: Discussion on intake pipes and Abe's cooler piping and intake pipes. Photo of manifold, external gate and SS3 prototype.

Page 291: Manifold discussions.

Page 292: Manifold discussions, Ss2 result of 276rwkws @ 17psi.

Page 293: SS2 feedbacks, newer version (current upto date) ss2 comparison.

Page 294: Photos of new budget high mount manifold. SS3 prototype result of 387rwkws @ 23psi

Page 295: SS2 External gate result of 337rwkws @ 18psi V internally gated. Stock manifold fabrication photos.

Page 296: SS1PU on SR20det 260rwkws @ 18psi, Stock cams v 270 Tomei cams.

Page 297: Stock manifold fabrication, Ready and complete.

Page 298: Modified stock manifold V Aftermarket Brae manifold. Result 20kws less, with 2 extra psi.

Page 299: SS2 V T67 E85 Externally gated result. Manifold discussion.

Page 300: Discussion relating to billet TDxx turbochargers.

Page 301: Billet TD06SL2 SR20det discussion. SS2 discussion.

Page 302: SS2 and G2.5 discussion.

Page 303: Std high flow result of 210rwkws.

Page 304: General discussion.

Page 305: Discussion relating to twin actuator setup.

Page 306: 338rwkws with Ceramic roller bearing SS2 using twin actuator setup.

Page 307: Twin actuator boost control behavior.

Page 308: Wastegate and boost control discussion.

Page 309: 270rwkws WIP, from ATR43G3, Photos of SS1PU for SR20det.

Page 310: Billet TD06 photos, Hypergears 50mm External gate, prototype bolton manifold.

Page 311: Cheap dump pipe discussion, Photo of CBB version of SS2.

Page 312: General discussion.

Page 313: Turbine housing discussion.

Page 314: Surge related discussion. STD high flowed Rb20det turbocharger made 243rwkws on E85

Page 315: Rb20det high flowed turbo making 217rwkws on pump 98. Comparison between different types of manifolds. (brae, Ebay, stock modified) as in response and power.

Page 316: Discussion relating to dump pipes.

Page 317: Photos of machined Vband dump pipe with 38mm internal gate.

Page 318: Internal wastegate discussion, Modified JJR dump pipe.

Page 319: WMI, General discussion

Page 320: Result of Roller bearing PU high flowed turbocharger of [email protected] E85. Introduction of customized billet T518z series of turbochargers.

Page 321: Dump pipe, exhaust and actuator preload discussion.

Page 322: Photos of CNC machined Vband internal gate assembly. Photos of Drift Havoc's 3.5inches front pipe.

Page 323: Photos .70 comp housinged ATR43SS2 on externally gated CNC Vband assembly. Customer's SS3 engine bay.

Page 324: Photo of new Brae high mount exhaust manifold and dump pipe setup with our 50mm external gate. Billet 25G comp wheel.

Page 325: Photo of SS1PU customer's engine bay.

Page 326: Discussion on small and responsive turbocharger for a stagea.

Page 327: ATR43G4 result on a R33 auto of 391rwhp. SS3 discussion.

Page 328: Tuning related discussion.

Page 329: General discussion

Page 330: Std high flowed turbocharger result of 270rwkws @ 18psi Pump 98. Photos of customer engine setup.

Page 331: ATR43SS2 result of 283rwkws on pump 98 @18psi

page 332: Inlet manifold gasket discussion

Page 333: SS3 Drift footage, ATR43SS2 .70 High mount ext gate result of 360rwkws @ 22psi E85, introducing Drift Havoc R33 modification blog, using ATR43SS2 high mount ext gate final result of 350rwkws @ 20psi E85.

Page 334: High mount Ext gate v Std manifold comparison graph. Photo of KAI Billet 21U high flowed turbocharger.

Page 335: PU high flow result 274rwkws 98 and 329rwkws E85. Photo of completed Billet T67.

Page 336: New 60 and 64mm billet comp wheel for SS1 and SS1.5, R&R discussion.

Page 337: Photo of Fnt turbined and oem bolton T67, ATR28G4 (ATR43G2.5) 290rwkws Sr20det E85 result.

Page 338: latest SS2 result V std T67. Latest photo of the billet SS1 and SS1.5

Page 339: Sr20det SS1PU feedback, New balancing machine, photo of billet high flowed OP6 turbo, photos of new Bearings.

Page 340: Billet SS1 result of 276rwkws E85 Ex gate, new SS15 result of 298rwkws E85 Ex gate. 370rwkws from G3 and SS3. Cam discussion.

Page 341: Cam shaft discussion. Photo of latest anti surging housing for SS2. Feedback on SS1PU on SR20det

Page 342: SS1PU 234rwkws on SR20det (45 degrees day), related discussions.

Page 343: Heat and power discussion. updated Roller bearing G3 video

Page 344: Drag time related discussion.

Page 345: ATRSL220.5G result of 346rwkws, ATRSL25.5G result of 390rwkws. Std SL2 comparison.

Page 346: General discussion.

Page 347: Drag time related discussion.

Page 348: Comp wheel related discussion.

Page 349: TD06 turbine related discussion. SS2 BB video.

Page 350: Drag time related discussion.

Page 351: SS1PU Ext gated result of 322rwkws E85, SS2BB Ext gated result of 374rwkws E85. Bush bearing V Ball bearing result, SS2, SS1PU, ATRSL20.5, ATRSL25.5, STDSL220G overlayed results.

Page 352: ATR43G3 roller bearing result of 365rwkws, Billet ATRSL25.5 result of 399rwkws.

Page 353: Photo of high flowed twin scroll IHI turbocharger. Bearing discussion, 2535 equivalent discussions.

Page 354: Drag time related discussion.

Page 355: Release of a newer ATR43G3 turbocharger, Dyno result of 376rwkws @ 23psi.

Page 356: SS1PU feed backs, ATR43G3 dyno run footage, ATR45 431rwkws @ 26psi and dyno footage.

Page 357: Clutch related discussion.

Page 358: Clutch related discussion.

Page 359: Drag related discussion

Page 360: ATR43SS2 dyno result 310rwkws @ 14psi. Drift car footage. Release of a newer billet R33 high flow. Dyno reading of the latest SS2 prototype. 374rwkws @ 21psi.

Page 361: SS2 prototype V SL20.5G dyno result. Drag related discussion.

Page 362: More drag related discussion. Object damaged turbine wheel.

Page 363: G3 feedbacks relating to exhaust and induction modifications. SS2.5 high flow profiling.

Page 364: SS2.5 21U R33 turbocharger high flow profile. final result of 341rwkws at 21.5psi

Page 365: SS3.5 21U r33 turbocharger profile. Actuator preloading instructions.

Page 366: SS3.5 high flow result of 355rwkws at 21psi. and video footages of 21U high flowed turbocharger on tracks.

Page 367: ATR43G3 Result of 366rwkws @ 17psi

Page 368: discussion on speed and manifold setups.

Page 369 Vic drag location chat, drag time related chat, Reading of 307rwkws from ATR43G3

Page 370: High mount setup and tuning related discussion.

Page 371: Drag race footage, related discussion.

Page 372: Drag race gear shifting related discussion.

Page 373: Bov and compressor surge related discussion.

Page 374: Compressor and surge related discussion.

Page 375: 300zx turbocharger high flowing related dicussion.

page 376: ATR43G3 drag time and mileage (125m/h).

Page 377: Drag time related discussion.

Page 378: 121m/h 125m/h drag race footage, 21U high flowed turbo Winton fastest lap footage. ATR28SS1 street footage.

Page 379: High flowed VL turbo on R34. drag car setup discussion.

page 380: Billet R33 high flowed turbocharger. Drag car tyres discussions.

Page 381: Cam adjustment discussion.

Page 382: Turbo discussions.

page 383: Cams and cam gear adjustments.

Page 384: Cams and cam gear adjustments

Page 385: G3 in car photo. More cams and cam gear adjustments

Page 386: Cams and cam gear adjustments

Page 387: Cams and cam gear adjustments, new TD06L2 turbo. SLSS2

Page 388: SLSS2 dyno result of 385rwkws at 23psi. Cams and Tries discussion.

Page 389: Drag and tires discussion.

Page 390: Introducing VNT SS2 ball bearing turbo, 355rwkws / 477rwhp G3 result.

Page 391: Diff discussions. Videos of drag strip heathcote drag way. 12.2 / 125mh

page 392: General discussion

page 393: General discussions

Page 394: VNT discussions.

Page 395: Ball bearing SS2 VNT turbocharger result of 385rwkws @ 22psi @ 3500RPMs

Page 396: VNT results explained.

Page 397: VNT turbo discussion. PU high flow 256rwkws P98 Auto result.

Page 398: VNT discussion, actuator preloading discussion, 300rwkws E85 SS2 Auto R34 result.

Page 399: SS2 266rwkws Auto R33 P98 result. 300zx turbocharger discussion. David Stankowski drift competition video.

Page 400: 327rwkws ATR43G3 P98 result. VNT discussion. ATR43G3 BB feedbacks.

Page 401: 258Awkws ATR43G3 Stagea Auto result. Timing and tune discussion.

Page 402: Tuning related discussion.

Page 403: T25 turbocharger highflow discussion

Page 404: High flow profile update for RB25det engines with photos. GTR turbocharger high flow photos. SS3 VNT Prototype. Turbocharger name and Identifications.

Page 405: SS3 VNT initial result of 394rwkw @ 23psi.

Page 406: Vnt related discussion

Page 407: Dyno related discussion.

Page 408: Video of Ceramic roller bearing SS3 turbocharger shutting down.

Page 409: SS3 CBB VNT turbocharger result of 407rwkws @ 24psi @ 3700RPMs.

Page 410: Wake Field top 4 time attach video footage with 21U highflowed turbocharger.

Page 411: EVO turbocharger high flow photos and discussions.

Page 412: General discussions.

Page 413: Evo7 turbocharger high flowing discussions. ATR43SS4 photo

Page 414: VW modifications, photos of prototype SS1PU Alpha

Page 415: TD05 16G high flow into Schwitzer turbo

page 416: SS2 Alpha turbocharger discussion. ATR28G2 V TD05 comparison

Page 417: ATR28SS1PU feedbacks.

Page 418: ATR43SS2 internal gate result of 297rwkws @ 20psi.

Page 419: Trouble shooting relating to boost drop.

Page 420: ATR28SS1PU and ATR28G2 feed backs.

Page 421: Boost level discussion.

Page 422: Some effects and discussion of ported engine head.

Page 423: Discussion about effects of ported engine head.

Page 424: Discussion about effects of ported engine head.

Page 425: Compressor and ported engine combination discussion.

Page 426: Effects of over flowed compressor, photos of high flowed kando TD05.

Page 427: SS1PU on SR and RB related discussion.

Page 428: General discussion.

Page 429: General discussion.

Page 430: CT20 high flow photos. R33 tomei cams installation.

Page 431: ATR43SS4 Alpha photos, and videos. 270rwkws OP6 high flow.

Page 432: General discussion, CT12a high flow discussion. Photo of ATR28 SS1.5 turbocharger.

Page 433: ATR43SS4 Alpha prototype photo and video

Page 434: PHoto of rebuilt T04Z turbo. Ext gate plumb back bolton turbine housing

Page 435: S14 drag tire discussion

Page 436: Stadium drift competition footage. New SS4 exhaust wheel, Protoype ATR45 Turbocharger 445rwkws @ 25psi.

Page 437: GT3582 related discussion. Rb25det R33 high flowed turbocharger 240rwkws.

Page 438: SLSS2 Result of 257rwkws on FJ20 P98 fuel. SS4 turbocharger prototype 465rwkws @ 24psi maxing out injectors.

Page 439: Photos of Externally gated SS2 installation. E85 and injector related discussion.

Page 440: SS2 result of 312rwkws @ 19psi, P98 fuel internally gated. SS2 result of 321rwkws @ 20psi on E85. Another SS2 result of 307rwkws @ 18psi, P98 fuel. Photo of the 5O 1200cc injectors.

Page 441: Dyno reading of 271rwkws from SS1PU @ 16psi and related discussion.

Page 442: General discussion.

Page 443: 257rwkws out of a stock Auto R34 Skyline on P98 fuel.

Page 444: Result of the latest 21U R33 high flowed turbocharger 320rwkws @ 22psi, E85 fuel. Result of latest ATR43SS4 Alpha turbocharger, 490rwkws @ 27psi, E85 fuel.

Page 445: 1200cc injectors related discussion. Injector discussion.

Page 446: TR43i 341rwkws @ 21psi E85 fuel dyno result.

Page 447: 271rwkws @ 17psi high flowed R33 21u turbocharger result. New turbocharger high flow profile

Page 448: 250rwkws @ 18psi from ATR43SS1PU turbocharger, 293rwkws @ 17psi from ATR43SS2 turbocharger.

Page 449: 258.6rwkws @ 16.5psi from high flowed R33 21U turbocharger.

Page 450: 294rwkws @ 20psi E85 from high flowed R33 21U turbocharger. World Time Attach in car video footage. Photo of new ATR43SS1PU prototype

Page 451: 547.9HP From ATR43SS4 turbocharger from a Ford XR6 BA. Photo of R33 engine bay with SS2BB

Page 452: 267rwkws from R34 OP6 high flowed turbocharger. Dyno comparison from ATR43SS2 Alpha turbocharger based on stock and Tomei 264/9mm cams.

Page 453: Tune related discussion.

Page 454: Tune related discussion.

Page 455: 21U Standard highflow profiled turbocharger. 300rwkws on E85 fuel, Atr43SS4 Alpha, 435rwkws @ 25psi, Power curve comparison with 3582 equivalent turbocharger.

Page 456: Announcing SR20det turbocharger developments. Introduction to new test rig: Forced motor worx built S14.5.

Page 457: Based result of the S14.5 making 251rwkws @ 22psi with a GT3071 turbocharger in .64 rear. Sr20det power n response related discussion.

Page 458: Fabricating factory Rb25det exhaust manifold.

Thread index continued from reply # 8

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Ahhh, Its Geraus's 33. He has told me about the boost leak.

So do you think that 250rwkw is achievable with the G3?

I have almost identical mods to Geraus

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Ahhh, Its Geraus's 33. He has told me about the boost leak.

So do you think that 250rwkw is achievable with the G3?

I have almost identical mods to Geraus

With R33 stock housing its very close to its limit, maybe another 5~10 kws once leak fixed.

With RB20 turbo's high flow I'm not too sure as I haven't had one dynoed yet. I guess its probably archive close to 230rwkws.

Wheel size wise this is using the a 71mm comp with 65mm turbine. With Garrett GT2871Rs its running the same size comp wheel but 53mm turbine.

Thread Index continued:

Page 458: Fabricating factory Rb25det exhaust manifold, fitting external gate. Introducing new S14 SR20det test car.

Page 459: Prototype ATR28SS15 photos, ATR28SS15 S14 evaluation result of 258rwkws V Gt3071. ATR43SS2 externally gated Vband with external gate port photos.

Page 460: Photos of ATR43SS2 turbine housing external gated installation photos. GT3071 .64 photos

Page 461: New Profile high flowed R34 turbocharger making 376rwkws externally gated of exhaust manifold and 340rwkws internally gated. Power gain between external gating from exhaust manifold and turbine housing.

Page 462: Compound turbocharging discussion.

Page 463: ATR28SS15 Alpha prototype. ATR43SS2 result of [email protected] 16psi.

Page 464: Rb25det Neo rebuilding discussion.

Page 465: Manifold bolts discussion.

Page 466: ATR28SS15 discussion. ATR43SLSS2 result of 356rwkws @ 20psi, 21U high flow result of 266rwkws @ 18psi, ATR43SS2 result of 328rwkws @ 21psi.

Page 467: ATR28SS15 turbochargre in .64 rear, 270rwkws @ 25psi, ATR43SS1PU result of 325rwkws @ 22psi. Comp housing discussion. ATR43SS2 result of 293rwkws @ 28psi

Page 468:SS2 installation photo with Havoc'ss external gate screamer pipe welded. 285AWKWs from high flowed EVO8 turbocharger.

Page 469: ATR43SS2 result of 328rwkws internally gated bolton on E85 fuel, 265rwkws from 21U high flowed turbocharger.

Page 470: New atr43g3 prototype photos.

Page 471: Drifting videos from Boostn099 using ATR43SS2 externally gated turbo. SS2 result of 273rwkws on pump 98 fuel. ATR28SS15 photos, announce of our new website.

Page 472: New ATR28 rear turbine assembly. and SR related discussions.

Page 473: ATR43G3 prototype result of 352rwkws @24psi on E85 fuel. Externally gated turbo discussion.

Page 474: OP6 high flowed result of 268rwkws @19psi on a R33 skyline

Page 475: 271rwkws result from OP6 high flow based on a R34 skyline,ATR43G4 385rwkws R34 GTST. ATR28SS15 development.

Page 476: ATR28Ss15 Prototype result of 280rwkws @ 25psi P98 fuel.

Page 477: SS2 stock injector fuel map, Photo of high flowed Evo 9 turbocharger.

Page 478: 285awkws from EVO9 high flowed turbocharger.

Page 479: Exhaust manifold discussion.

Page 480: Release the updated version of ATR43SS2, Photo of SS15 high flowed R32 turbocharger.

Page 481: Result of ATR28SS2, 306rwkws @ 24psi P98 fuel. ATR43SS2 INT gate 271rwkws Auto.

Page 482: Video of 1KM acceleration run of R34 using Atr43SS2 turbo. 301rwkws @ 17psi, ATR43SS1PU turbocharger E85 fuel.

Page 483: ATR43SS2 BB video and photos.

Page 484: ATR28 turbocharger discussions. Induction pipe discussions.

Page 485: OP6 high flow result, 277rwkws @ 17psi P98 fuel. Atr28SS15 result of 251rwkws @ 22psi P 98 fuel. Comparison of 3 and 2.5 inches induction pipes. CNC milling video.

Page 486: Announcement of new ATR43 SLSS2 turbocharger and photos. Engine bay photo of 1JZ with SL20.5G turbocharger.

Page 487: 1JZ and Sl20.5G engine bay photos. Exhaust manifold discussion.

Page 488: Photo of ATR43SS2.

Page 489: Result of OP6 high flowed turbocharger on Rb20det. 241rwkws @ 20psi P98 fuel. Skit video of SS2 powered R33.

Page 490: CT15B high flowed Turbocharger, 293rwkws 1JZGTE Manual P98 fuel.

Page 491: 21U High flowed Turbocharger 292rwkws @ 16psi E85 fuel, Photo of rebuild GT3582R turbocharger, M35 stagea high flow result of 275rwkws @ 19psi P98 fuel. 4.2L Diesle Patrol high flowed turbocharger result of 121awkws diesel. ATR28SS2 Dyno 306rwkws @ 24psi dyno tune video.

Page 492: 355rwkws E85 fuel from old G3 PU .82 turbocharger, 266rwkws P98 from OP6 high flowed turbocharger.

Page 493: EBC related discussion, Photos of R32 GTST factory turbocharger G1 profiled high flow.

Page 494: General discussion.

Page 495: Further SR20det evaluation using Rb25det version Ss1PU, Timing and fuel ECU map explained. 272rwkws P98 fuel from high flowed 1JZGTE CT15B turbocharger. 310rwkws from 21U high flowed turbocharger E85 fuel. Factory ECU compact able high flow profiles.

Page 496: 227rwkws P98 fuel SR20det ATR28G2 turbocharger, Drifting footages from Simon using our rebuilt GT3582R turbocharger.

Page 497: ATR28SS2 SR20det result of 273rwkws @ 22psi P98 fuel, Fuel and injector related discussion. Boostn0199 using ATR43SS2 Drifting footages, John Reco's WTA video footages of 1.05 Min best run.

Page 498: Injectors, E85 and Dyno ramp related discussion. ATR28SS2 S13 SR20det 283rwkws @ 21psi P98 fuel.

Page 499: E85 Fuel discussion, Greasy injector after using E85 fuel.

Page 500: E85 discussion, five o injectors idle issues.

Page 501: ATR43SS2 E85 tune map. five o injector issues.

Page 502: Injector discussion. SL20.5 V TD06SL2 358rwkws @ 18psi.

Page 503: CT15b High flow result 279rwkws @ 20psi. ATR28SS2 result 28rwkws @ 25psi and feed back. ATR28G2 result 267rwkws @ 24psi v GT2871. SLSS3 release and photos.

Page 504: Five o injectors failure. Walrbo 470L/H Pump wiring discussion.

Page 505: Injector and fuel pump discussion.

Page 506: Rb25det 21U highflowed turbocharger result, 263rwkws @ 17psi. VVTi tuning related discussion.

Page 507: ATR43G3 VL Turbo Replacement. Introducing N1 GTR evaluation car, ATR43G3 E85 result on Rb20det 297rwkws.

Page 508: R33 Air box and panel filter discussion.

Page 509: Compressor wheel discussion. Five O injector failure.

Page 510: Rb25det OP6 high flow result. 271rwkws @ 18psi, P100, Auto. GTR N1, dyno result of 269rwkws @ 15psi. ATR43SS2 result, 285rwkws @ 18psi.

Page 511: ATR43SS2 drifting videos, ATR45 on XR6 BA, final result of 400rwkws on 20psi P98 fuel. John Reco's R33 track footage. ATR28SS2 result of 302rwkws @ 24psi P98 fuel.

Page 512: P98 and E85 boost ramp behavior discussion. 312rwkws ATR43SS2 P98 result.

Page 513: E85 boost ramp behavior discussion, Brae high mount manifold for GTR.

Page 514: ATR43SS2 externally gated on turbine housing photos. GTR initial result of 307rwkws on SL20.5G turbocharger, 50mm external gate, P98 fuel, injector maxed out. ATR28G2 with upgraded 55mm turbine. Final result of 273rwkws @ 25psi P98 fuel.

Page 515: RB26dett adjustable cam gear discussion. Philips island track footage.

Page 516: Photos of GTR Rb26dett now fitted with SS2-alpha turbocharger, Rb20det turbo discussion.

Page 517: Chequrered tuning's LS1 V8 with twin SLSS3 turbocharger on board, Final result of 525rwkws on 4psi, ATR43SS-2 Track wet track footage, anti-surge discussion.

Page 518: Joh Reco's WTAC track footage. 1st of RWD class 2014, 308rwkws 1JZ Chaser using our CT15B high flow, E85 fuel. Photos of High flowed T518Z using our SL20.5 CHRA.

Page 519: ATR43SS2 Alpha result on GTR, final of 326rwkws @ 19psi P98 fuel, High flowed OP6 turbocharger result of 276rwkws on 19psi P98 fuel.

Page 520: Updated ATR28SS15 result of 281rwkws @ 22psi p98 fuel, holding boost flat. 320rwkws on ATR43SS-2 turbocharger E85 fuel. Photo of high flowed T517z turbocharger, ATR43SS4 Alpha prototype 320awkws P98 fuel, photos included.

Page 521: ATR43SS2 278rwkws P98 fuel, ATR43SS2 358rwkws Ex Gate E85 fuel, GTR intercooler change, dyno comparison. ATR43SS2 330rwkws @ 22psi P98 fuel.

Page 522: R32~R34 OEM GTR intercoolers discussion. Photos of rebuilding Kando T67, 21U High flow 270rwkws P93 fuel. ATR43SS2 result 410HP @19psi E85 fuel.

Page 523: ATR43SS2 367awkws GTR after cooler change, Intercooler restriction dyno comparison.

Page 524: High flowed and repaired T67 result, GTR 404awkws E85 fuel, Video included. ATR43SS2 GTR 367awkws E85 Fuel, Photo of ATR43SS3 Alpha prototype.

Page 525: ATR43SS2 315rwkws E85 fuel Ext gated. Intake temp discussion, tune discussion.

Page 526: 21U high flow, 311rwkws E85 fuel, perfect boost control. 263rwkws 21U high flow P98 fuel.

Page 527: Prototype ATR43SS3 Alpha result 395awkws GTR, compare to GT3582R on same boost. Injector related discussion.

Page 528: ATR43SS2 288rwkws P98 fuel. ATR43SS2 Feed backs.

Page 529: 21U high flow feed backs. ATR45 SAT prototype result of responsive 411awkws GTR E85 fuel, vs few other turbos.

Page 530: Photo of ATR43SS2 installation, SL20.5G dyno result of 290rwkws P98 fuel Ext gated.

Page 531: Injector related discussion. 21U high flow feed back 271rwkws @ 17psi P98 fuel.

Page 532: Intercooler and boost level discussion.

Page 533: ATR45 CBB 401awkws GTR E85 fuel compare to factory turbocharger.

Page 534: Start of Rb25det Neo bolton turbo development, R34. ATR45SAT on Rb25det Neo Stagea, 401awkws E85 fuel Ext Gate.

Page 535: ATR45SAT/ATR43G4SAT on Rb25det Neo engine making 400rwkws E85 fuel, Externally gated on stock manifold. Photo of new R34 test car. Turbo install, JJR dump front pipe modifications, installation photos

Page 536: ATR43SS15 high flow result of 297rwhp, 290rwkws ATR43SS2 on Rb30det, R34 303rwkws ATR43G3 (SRFC) P98 fuel, return flow cooler.

Page 537: 411rwkws ATR45SAT BB GTR RB26dett, 421rwkws ATR45SAT Rb25det Neo stagea E85.

Page 538: Blitz return flow intercooler restriction, pressure before and aftercooler. 309rwkws E85 21U (r33 turbo) high flow, Intercooler related discussions.

page 539: 276rwkws @ 17psi OP6 R34 turbo high flow result, R34 ATR43SS2 276rwkws @ 15psi return flow cooler restrictions. 299rwkws @14psi out of a Built S13 SR20det E85. 356rwkws @ 23psi E85 S13 SR20det TD06SL205 turbocharger vs Apexi RX6. ATR45SAT 297rwkws Blitz return flow restrictions 25psi before cooler and 18psi after. Photo of Ford XR6 turbo ATR45SS.

Page 540: ATR28SS15 dyno result of turbine wheel comparison. Photo of ATR45SAT externally gated version and internally gated version. Intercooled related discussion.

Page 541: Intercooler change 291 to 311rwkws, cooler restriction discussion. 21u high flow result, John reco, responsive 310rwkws E85 fuel.

Page 542: General discussion.

Page 543: New yellow R34 test car in the pipe. Price quotation and part list.

Page 544: High flow related discussions.

Page 545: Photos of WIP Rb turbos. 275rwkws R34 OP6 high flow P98 result. Video to Trents Twin turboed LS1 V8 Maxing out he's dyno.

Page 546: Photo of .82 Vband rear assembly. Actuator preloading discussion.

Page 547: 278rwkws @ 18psi P98 fuel R34 OP6 high flow result unique auto. Photo of ATR455 SAT photo. Biggest T3x ever made. Photo of R32 SS15 high flow.

Page 548: 292rwkws 1JZGTE TD06 SL205 turbocharger result P98. 321rwkws 1JZ GTE CT15B high flow E85 fuel, ATR43SS2 Rb25det Neo 267rwkws P98 intercooler restrictions pressure drop before and aftercooler. TD06SL205 CA18det 307rwkws E85 fuel video footage. Eastern Creek raceway footage, intercooler pressure drop and dyno result between. Generic ebay 600x300x75mm vs Takashi 600x300x68mm Vs Takashi 600x300x100mm.

Page 549: Rb20det race way footage using ATR43G3 making 300rwkws E85 fuel, R33 GTST 294rwkws ATR43SS2 P98 fuel, ATR43SS2 R33 race way footage, ATR28SS15 GTR twin turbo high flow photos, RAC speed event footage, R33 Rb25det using ATR43SS2 turbo.

Page 550: Photos of PWR intercooler Vs Takashi intercooler and dyno result of using both coolers.

Page 551: Intercooler discussion, Prototype ATR45SAT RB25 bolton turbo result of 365rwkws @ 23psi E85 and 330rwkws @ 23psi P98 fuel.

Page 552: ATR45SAT prototype RB25 bolton turbo result of 380rwkws @ 23psi E85 fuel, plus engine bay photo. 260rwkws 21U R33 GTST high flow Auto,

Page 553: Protype ATR43G3, 340rwkws E85 for 1JZ Jasons R31 wagon, Drift video footage. Photo of VL ATR43 bolton photos.

Page 554: R34 OP6 High flow 292rwkws P98 fuel, 292rwkws ATR43SS2 P98 fuel RB30det.

Page 555: R33 Drift videos using ATR43G3, 12Sec quarter run ATR43G2.5 R33 GTST.

Page 556: ATR45SAT 310rwkws exhaust on and 350rwkws exhaust off (exhaust restriction). ATR43SS2 280rwkws. 324rwkws @17psi E85, ATR43SS2 int Gated

Page 557: Johnilicate engine bay photos, atr43ss2 ext gated.

Page 558: ATR45SAT internally gated discussion and photo.

Page 559: ATR43SS2 tracking footage.

Page 560: 492rwkws on P98 fuel externally gated off turbine housing.

Page 561: wtac 2015 SAU nation Sandown track footage. Engineering services and photos, Internal wastegate upgrade for Rb25det high flows, dump pipe bleeder valve.

Page 562: New ATR43SS2 prototype photo, 287rwkws P98 fuel, 21U R33 high flow result. ATR45SAT 289rwkws P98 fuel R33 GTST.

Page 563: 21U high flow internal gate assembly operation, ATR43G3SAT ceramic ball bearing turbocharger result of 317rwkws @ 22psi P98 fuel.

Page 564: New ATR43ss2 discussion and timing map, cooler and front pipe tee ventilation,

Page 565: ATR45SAT road footage. exhaust gas flow discussion.

Page 566: ATR43SS2 NZ dyno photo, 331rwkws @ 18psi, Atr45sat installation photo. ATR43SS2 prototype 340rwkws @ 17psi ext gate.

Page 567: 21U high flowed result on E85 fuel, 312rwkws @ 19psi, ATR43SS2 ext gate result of 364rwkws @ 19psi. e85 fuel.

Page 568: ATR43SS2 incar photos. cooler and dyno discussion.

Page 569: General discussion

Page 570: Vacuum source to actuator and cooler pressure drop discussion

Page 571: Atr45 and SS3 discussion

Page 572: 21U high flow CBB discussion.

Page 573: Air box and flow discussion. Gate on manifold photos

Page 574: Team Lori's ATR45SAT powered SR20det track car footage. ATR43SS2 294rwkws dyno footage. ATR43G3SAT prototype 308rwkws @ 20psi P98 fuel.

Page 575: ATR43G3SAT CBB turbocharger shutting down video footage. BOV blown open on idle footage. 21U high flow VS G3SAT in boost response.

Page 576: CBB discussion

Page 577: Our High flowed T517Z 507awkws RB26dett E85 fuel. Jason F 1JZGTE ATR43G3SAT CBB Wagon drifting footage.

Page 578: General discussion.

Page 579: SS2 CBB turbocharger feed backs.

Page 580: ATR43G3SAT CBB 1JZGTE Wagon Hill climb video footage, ATR43SS2 powered R33 Calder drifting footage.

Page 581: General discussion.

Page 582: ATR43SS2 CBB ext gate result of 372rwkws @ 26psi E85 fuel.

Page 583: ATR43SS2 CBB E85 timing map and dyno result, ATR45SAT RB bolton 336rwkws @ 22psi P98 fuel exahsut dropped. High pressure actuator vs ebay actuator. 360rwkws TD06 Sl205 SR20det result.

Page 584: ATR43G3SAT 1JZ wagon drifting footage. Sl205 V TD06 results

Page 585: Jason F G3SAT CBB 1JZGTE Wagon Vs R33 GTST SS2 Calder drift footage. ATR43SS2 CBB dyno footage.

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i too can highly recommend stao and his highflow service. I have the g3 profile on my neo. Getting it tuned tommorow at status tuning so will be great to see what it can do.

Hey stao what rwkw do you think i should get maxing out the standard injectors? being an auto im hoping around 220rwkw...

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now seeing this I'm torn between high flowing my Neo turbo and getting an TR43 G2, they both appear to acheive the same kw.

Stao, which would have better response between a high flowed Neo 450Hp and TR43 G2 on a RB25. As if i remember correctly there is roughly a $300 difference between the 2 for the configuration that i wanted.

also which 1 would have more head room for future upgrades.



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Can you rebuild and/or high flow a CT20?, off a toyota 1JZ VVTI? (these are the 2.5L single turbo).


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heheh thats my highflow and my graph !!!:P yeh guys i recommend this if you guys wana save money! these turbos are great, i dont even put my foot down till 3,500 i get 17.6psi . seriously it spools up so quick. Tao is a very good guy , very good dealer. recommeneded!!!!

oh and sorry tao your wrong i wasnt using a bleed, im using a Profec Spec - B II . The reason why its dropping boost is because my cooler pipes are leaking! =)

i would also like to thank Tao and Trent @ Status tunning :) ! =)

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Stock injectors gets maxed around 230rwkws. Should see 220rwkws no problems.

The TR43G2 is some thing to get if you are targetting about 270rwkws. Its running off a .63 rear. It will be making more power then the high flow. Or you can go for the TR43i which is made to archeive 300rwkws if you have cams and injectors upgrade in mind.

For the CT20s we can also high flow them with ATR28G3 CHRA. which can produce about 260rwkws on a stock 1JZ.

The GTR high flows will be using the TR28KAI's CHRA. They produce about 550HP as a twin.

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what supporting mods are needed for the G2 to hit 450whp? do you have any rb25 high flows setups that can get around 550whp on the stock exhaust manifold?

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You are never going to find a hi-flow that will make 550rwhp/400rwkw... or 450rwhp for that matter... the exhaust housing is just too restrictive to flow anymore tan around 270rwkw (~360rwhp) fully machined. I think you need to do a bit more homework on turbos.

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Yeh thats right r31nismoid, trent said my turbo housing was maxing out... hey dont forget i also have my injectors flowed at 740cc trent recommended them... Also my knocking is really weird... does anyone here know much about knocking?? on my PFC the knocking goes up and down...

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i too can highly recommend stao and his highflow service. I have the g3 profile on my neo. Getting it tuned tommorow at status tuning so will be great to see what it can do.

Hey stao what rwkw do you think i should get maxing out the standard injectors? being an auto im hoping around 220rwkw...

very interested in this mate, let us know how you go

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