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[Qld] Wtb R32 Gts-T


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Hi guys, I'm look at upgrading my car and I think an R32 is the right choice for me.


Gold Coast, QLD. Will travel as far as brisbane, possibly sunshine coast.


Manual transmission



A roadworthy certificate

Registered in QLD

Preferred [but not needed]:

Factory bodykit

Aftermarket wheels

Factory interior

Not too fussed on colour [within reason], but would prefer either black, blue or silver/grey


Up to $7000 depending on condition.

Thanks :)

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Hey Sifty32, I check out yours 32, love it man. Unfortunately I believe 7 grand is all I have to work with.

Although I'm not 100% sure as I am waiting for my current car to sell and need to see how much money I can borrow.

Hopefully if I can get a bit more I can buy yours.

I'll keep you posted

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