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Compliance Failure

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New member here,

My GT-R just went through compliance and they picked up on a few things,

Drivers side CV boot worn (no big deal)

Needs another brake light on the parcel shelf

Brakes are undersized (does this mean the rotors are worn? or the size of the rotor isnt up to spec)

Headlights need adjusting and also needs 3 new wiper blades....

They said its not that bad and that most of the money will be going to the actual certs.

They also said that the rear diff is a bit tight, is this a big problem or even something that is looked over in the compliance? or are they just trying to get more money out of me.. :3some:

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The money you paid for compliance should be covering those things (cv boot, brake light, headlight adjustment, wiper blades etc) as far as I remember. Only tyres aren't covered in compliance (only if the jap tyres won't pass)

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Car should be ready this week, is there any section on the forums where members cars can be displayed along with mods etc...?

Still not sure if I should grab 2x HKS 2860-5's or a t04z (single should be cheaper even with manifold) 044 pump, high capacity sump, N1 oil pump, ID850 injectors, and a Link G4 Storm along with other supporting mods. car is also on a jap tune, so that needs to get sorted asap

Any ideas where I should go from here?

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Just an update on the car, I got the plates alright but when i took the car from the shop, it ran really badly, had to keep a revving it a small bit just to stop it from stalling. the car was misfiring pretty badly driving down the road at 2k rpm. but after a while it went away. I thought it was just the plugs fouling as this has happened with the previous owner. I gave the car a good run (50km's) but just before home the car started to slow and it stalled on the intersection as i was turning, would have gone off the road if i didnt start it in time! when idling I give the car a small rev and it drops down to nearly stalling then picks it up again...?

Should I get new plugs for it? the afms look alright, but I'm going to convert to MAP sensors soon so would it be worth my time? the tuning place is about 4 hours drive

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