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Problem With Auto Headlights In C33


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ok so ever since I got the laurel Ive been curious about the auto head light function.

its on the stalk and theres what i assume is a light sensor on the passenger side of the top of the dash.

how ever when i put it onto auto only the drivers side head light comes on.

thought it might of been the stalk and since I had another one in better condition laying around I swapped it in on the weekend.

but it hasnt made any difference.

anyone know if there is some sort of control box or anythin for the auto lights? or what could be the problem?

its not a big problem as the headlights still work as normal, its just nice to be able to have the factory functions workin properly.



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the sensor for the auto lights is on the drivers side, if you put your had over it in the day while on auto it should light up( dash and what ever is working).

sounds like bad wiring, maybe even at the sensor plug, could even be the sensor.

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The auto headlights should slicker on and off as you driver under bridges, tunnels, etc. That's normal.

If its flickering on and off at night time driving under street lights, then your sensor is a dud.

The main sensor is the one on the driver's/right hand side, under the smoked lens. It MAY use the sensor on the left as well.

In theory it shouldn't in any way affect one headlight, it's just a 3-stage switch for the headlight circuit (off/running lights/headlights).

It'll just a bad plug or relay. Mine has a similar little glitch.

Cover the sensor on the dash with something (wallet/phone) (or do nothing at night time)

Turn ignition on, door closed, turn ignition off.

Your auto headlights should stay on until you open the door.

Turn the switch real slow, just in between off and auto, you'll notice one headlight (left) lights up. Also pull the stalk back for high beams, there's a sweet spot just in the middle, lights up left side only, pull the stalk back any further and it lights up both.

Also on super cold mornings, turning indicators on will sometimes make one or both headlights quickly turn off then back on again (bad earth on the steering column?)

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I had the same issue (one light working in auto) with cefiro no.2. Didn't end up fixing.

There is a brown box plugged into loom behind drivers headlight, think this has something to do with auto headlights and foggies ( maybe) current cef is missing this and foggies and auto headlights no worky.

It's ghey

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my left light doesnt work at all tho on auto.

and no matter how light/dark it is outside, when on auto the drivers light only works.

ill have a sus to see if i can find anythin.

i know there is a random box in the engine bay near the drivers head light that ive nfi what it does. i assume it somethin with the lights.

any ideas? i think its green?

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scratch that, they do turn off with the ignition :)

if its the tiny green box near the rad thats not it, should be a brown box bolted near the drivers side headlight support mounting.

if that brown box does do some thing with the auto lights it seems you dont have it ?

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ill have a look tomorrow. the box im talkin about may very well be brown now that you mention it. its quite a decent sized box if i remember correctly, bout the size of a ciggie pack.

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