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Cat From Non Turbo Cat On Turbo R33


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Hi Guys,

I was recently changing the exhaust on my car and I realised that the CAT was actually from a r34 non turbo, it actually said it on the CAT itself because it must have been a second hand unit from the wreckers or something. The CAT was changed last year for compliance when the car came to Aust.

Is the CAT in a non turbo different to the CAT in a turbo skyline ? if so will it have any effects on performance and/or fuel consumption etc...


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Cats that are the same part number as the R33 RB25DET Series 2. You can see the RB20E has the same cat.

Oh thanks for that mate! it doesn't actually show the r34 CAT model number though ?

But judging from the r33 part numbers i think its safe to say that the r34 one would probably be the same.

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