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1985 Mr30 Ti For Sale.


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Hey guys! I've been lurking around these pages for a few years now, never made myself known though!

Dad says its time to clear out the back yard, so my toys have to go. Car hasn't been driven in about 8 months. I will describe the car as best I can.

1985 mr30 skyline.


Motor seems very strong, never had an issue.

Aircon needs a regas

5 speed manual very smooth.

Has a welded diff which will be unbreakable

S13 tien coilovers all round, not sure of the condition now, fronts are very stiff, rears may be leaking. Rear left collars were stuck at the current height when I last tried to lower it again, will probably come loose with a bit of effort.

Sr20 brakes and hubs up front

Standard exhaust with a strategic half cut in the middle, sounds good! Easy weld to take back to standard.

I'm pretty sure they're 18x8.5 fronts and 18x9.5 rears, +30ish offset. Multi 4 and 5 stud. Rear right outer lip may be bent due to a slight gutter tap. Not sure if it is the wheel or the control arm. These wheels are a 3 piece wheel so the outer lip can be replaced, or wheels can be widened to achieve a more aggressive set.

Front tyres are good, rears have some camber wear, they have been sitting for a while so might not be any good.

Deep dish GK tech steering wheel with very rare mr30 boss kit, these are not a standard Nissan boss kit. Has a little bit of wear.

Genuine red RECARO drivers seat in nearly immaculate condition, no signs of wear. This is a passenger seat which I  have bolted straight up to the original drivers side rails. Perfect fit.

installed a headunit with two 6x9s in the rear parcel shelf, pumps very well.

From what I can see there is no rust in the wheel arches, but It is damp and there's some dirt.

I've lost all the keys to the car unfortunately. Brand new replacement locks and keys can be bought on eBay for 120. I can probably try and start it with a screwdriver, but I might see If I can get a locksmith out to cut a key from the barrel.

The car is not registered and will be sold as is, I wouldn't recommend driving it away, as there is some wobble in the rear due to the wheel or control arm.

This is an honest sale, and I've done my best to disclose everything I know about the car. Any questions, just ask! Ive also added a photo of the damaged wheel so you can see how it sits out on an angle. Probably best to come and have a look for yourself.

This Was an extremely fun car to drive!

Feel free to call or MSG any time with questions or for an inspection. 0421883034 Rob.

Not sure how to add photos from my iPhone? If someone could help, that would be greatly appreciated! Or just send me a MSG and I'll send them through :)

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I suppose it would help eh?! Looking for 1500 but throw me an offer. Also, car is located in Carnegie, Melbourne. If i dont get much interest, ill sell of the seat and other goodies, then if anyone needs parts, feel free to come and help yourself to what is left. As I said, no idea how to put pics up from my iPhone? Some help would be great :) cheers, Rob.

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